Busan Day Tours & City Tour Bus (Join In Group/ Private Guide)

Busan Day Tours and City Tour Bus

Want to see Busan’s attractions without the fear of getting lost? Do you want to tick off your Busan bucket list of famous attractions and landmarks at the most convenient way? Then read on to know the different Busan Day Tours and City Tour Bus that’s available for you to sign up.

This article offers you information on the following day tours and portable 4G Pocket WiFi for Busan, namely:

BUTI Busan City Tour Bus

Busan Sightseeing Tour Bus

Busan City Tour Bus

Tour Name: BUTI Busan City Tour One Day Bus Pass
Authorized Seller: Klook
Total People Reviews: More than 183
Price & More Info: Check Here

Majority of visitors will always look for ways to see and visit more attractions within the shortest time possible. From distances to the risk of getting lost, these will add up to your travel time. Hence, city tour buses are quite popular in various destinations in the world with a curated list of attractions.

The same holds true for Busan, take the BUTI Busan City Tour Bus and see the city’s seaside as well as cultural attractions. A hop on & off bus, you can travel at your own pace and perfect for first time visitors.

Depending on the route and weather condition, visitors will love the ride itself, especially when touring onboard a double deck bus.

What can you see and visit with the BUTI City Tour Bus?

Busan City Tour Bus Route Map

There are four routes under the tour bus itinerary with free transfer from one line up to 24 hours upon using your ticket. The routes are grouped as:

1. Red Line (Busan Station-Haeundae)
2. Blue Line (Haeundae-Yonggungsa)
3. Green Line (Yonghoman-Oryukdo Islands)
4. Yellow Line (Yonggungsa-Gijang Market)

What are the stops and attractions to see along the Red Line?

This line starts and ends at Busan station, covering 12 attractions while passing the Busanhangdaegyo Bridge. The attractions included at the Red Line of BUTI City Tour Bus are:

1. UN Memorial Cemetery
2. Busan Museum
3. Yonghoman Sightseeing Boat Terminal
4. Gwangalli Beach
5. Busan Youth Hostel Arpina
6. Marine City
7. Haeundae Dongbaekseom Island
8. Haeundae Beach
9. Shinsegae Centum City
10. Busan Cinema Center
11. Busan Museum of Art
12. Peace Park

What are the stop and attractions along the Blue Line?

The Blue Line takes visitors to Busan’s seaside attractions, starting and ending at Haeundae Beach. One of the most popular attractions in the city, Haedong Yonggungsa Temple is part of this route. Below are the attractions waiting for you when you sign up for the BUTI Busan City Tour Bus:

1. Songjeong Beach
2. Fisheries Science Museum
3. Haedong Yonggungsa Temple
4. Osiria Tourism Complex
5. Busan National Science Museum
6. Busan Museum of Art
7. Haeundae Beach

What are the stops and attractions along the Green Line?

Want to see Busan’s offshore islands? Then book this route for BUTI Busan City Tour Bus. From the Yonghoman Sightseeing Boat Terminal, you will be off to Oryukdo Island, a group of five or six islands (depending on the tide) from southern Busan.

Why should I take the Yellow Line of the BUTI Busan City Tour Bus?

Those who want to visit Busan’s famous sea-facing temple, the Haedong Yonggungsa Temple and markets such as Gijang Market, then take this route for your city tour in Busan. This route passes by:

1. Fisheries Science Museum
2. Haedong Yonggungsa Temple
3. Ananti Cove
4. Jukdo Island
5. Anchovy Theme Park
6. Gijang Market

Things to consider before you join the Busan City Tour

BUTI Busan City Tour no doubt is cost-efficient, but like other city tour packages, it may not be for everyone. To maximize your time, here are some things to remember and consider before you book your ticket.

Though one transfer is allowed, carefully choose the route that you like the most.

  • Think about how much time you can allot for this time. BUTI Busan City Tour has routes that span for as quick as 38 minutes to a longer route of over 2 hours.
  • As much as riding a double-decked bus is itself exciting, take note that they can change the bus without prior notice.
  • If you don’t like touring with many people with you, this may not be your best option to see Busan.

Why BUTI Busan City Tour is for you

This city tour is best for:

  • First time visitors. You won’t get lost, saving time and your patience
  • Those with flexible time’ visitors can see Busan’s attractions at their own pace
  • Those who want to save money from public transportation or those who want a guided tour without paying a private guide or transportation
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East Coast Cultural Day Tour

Busan East Coast Group Tour

East Coast Cultural Day Tour

Tour Name: Busan East Coast Cultural Day Tour
Authorized Seller: Klook
Total People Reviews: More than 115
Price & More Info: Check Here

Culture lovers will love this itinerary as you enjoy a guided tour to Busan’s top attractions. The East Coast Cultural Day Tour let you see and visit 4 attractions in one day. With an English-speaking guide, the tour will not just be convenient, but you will learn more background information about each attraction.

What are included in the East Coast Cultural Day Tour?

Sign up and join this guided tour and see the following Busan top attractions:

  • Taejongdae
  • Gamcheon Village
  • Songdo Skywalk
  • Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

Famous for its 250-meter high cliffs, Taejongdae offers many activities and additional sites like its lighthouse, observation deck and the famed Taejongsa Temple. To reach these attractions, visitors will enjoy a quick train ride onboard the Taejongdae Danubi Train.

Gamcheon Culture Village serves as a success story of turning a slum area into one of the top attractions of Busan. This artistic village has plenty of Instagrammable spots as well as great views and public art installations.

A modern attraction, Songdo Skywalk is the longest bridge in Korea built above the sea. It can be nerve wracking for some, but it is an architectural wonder itself.

Not to be missed is Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, Busan’s top cultural attraction. Facing the sea and built along the cliff, wander around this temple complex during your tour.

Why should you join the Busan East Cultural Day Tour?

When deciding which guided tour to join when in Busan, here are some things that will help you decide to join the Busan East Cultural Day Tour:

  • You can visit four different attractions in a single day
  • All attractions are top cultural attractions in the city, specifically Haedong Yonggungsa Temple
  • A guide and transportation makes sightseeing in Busan more convenient
  • Cost-effective that doing DIY
  • Perfect for first-time visitors

Why the Busan East Cultural Day Tour might NOT be the best guided tour for you?

While this guided tour on Busan’s top cultural attractions looks promising, it may not be for everyone. The nature itself of the tour may not please all types of travelers.

Take the following into consideration before signing up for the Busan East Cultural Day Tour:

  • Are you comfortable traveling with other people, especially strangers?
  • Do you prefer a small group or a large tour group?
  • Guided tours such as these can be fast paced, can you keep up?
  • Are you interested in all the attractions covered by this guided tour?

Busan Private Customized Tour with Driver and Guide

Busan Private Car Tour

Busan Private Car Tour Guide

Tour Name: Busan Private Car Charter with Driver and Guide
Authorized Seller: Klook
Total People Reviews: More than 8
Price & More Info: Check Here

For the utmost comfort and convenience when it comes to sightseeing in Busan, think about booking a Busan Private Customized Tour. This tour includes not just private transfer with a highly reliable driver, but a tour guide as well.

Have your own transportation and a guide when in Busan to have a relaxing day tour in the city. You can choose to have your pick up and drop off at your hotel or any location of choice. You can also customize your itinerary that best fits your interests and preferences.

Busan Private Customized Tour includes:

  • An English or Chinese-speaking staff
  • Choice of vehicle of a private van for 8 pax or a mini bus for 20 pax
  • Professional driver

Why book Busan Private Customized Tour

Here’s why this customized tour is the most premier of its kind when in Busan:

  • No need to think about heavy luggages or stuff when touring around Busan
  • Reach beyond what public transportation can take you
  • Tour at your own pace and enjoy a highly personalized Busan tour
  • The most comfortable way in Busan sightseeing
  • Perfect for large family with little kids or with older members

Something to consider before booking Busan Private Customized Tour with Guide and Driver

Before you book and sign up for this customized tour, take into consideration the following:

  • It can be costly. With its nature, a customized private tour doesn’t come in cheap
  • You may lose the opportunity to interact with fellow travelers or locals

There are many ways to see Busan on a guided tour, from the affordable hop in-hop off tour bus to a private tour with your own personal driver and guide. All these might not your budget but your preference as well. All of these tours are great and to maximize each tour, take time in choosing the right guided tour for you.

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