Tsutenkaku Tower: See It All in Our Full Guide and Photos

Tsutenkaku Tower

Tsutenkaku Tower, standing tall in the heart of Osaka, is not just an iconic landmark but also a gateway to Japan’s vibrant culture.

In this guide, I’ll share personal photos from our visit, giving you a unique glimpse into its charm.

Plus, I’ll show you the easiest way to get there by train. Keep reading to discover how to make your trip to Tsutenkaku as memorable and smooth as ours! 😊

Tsutenkaku Tower: Osaka’s Famous Landmark

Gorgeous views surrounding Tsutenkaku Tower
Gorgeous views surrounding Tsutenkaku Tower

1. A Must-See Tower in Osaka

Tsutenkaku Tower is no doubt a renowned tower in Osaka, Japan visited by tourists around the world.

This is such a wonderful spot to see some breathtaking city sights. More than that, you’ll be fascinated by its historical and cultural importance.

Head to the tower and marvel at the golden beauty of the place. You can also buy some Osaka-themed gifts here.

2. A Bit of History

Before its modern popularity, the very first model of the tower acted as the landmark of Luna Park.

The construction was completed around July 1912, featuring a design that mimics the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe.

Fascinatingly, its name means a “high tower reaching the skies”. This perfectly described its reputation as the tallest structure in the East at that time. It was 75 meters high.

Unfortunately, a huge fire damaged the tower in 1943. Because of the people’s love and adoration of the tower, the reconstruction was completed in 1956.

3. The Rebirth of Tsutenkaku

After the fire that destroyed the tower, the leaders planned the rebuilding of Tsutenkaku in 1954.

Locals helped in gathering money. By 1955, the reconstruction started and was finished by 1956. The new tower now stands at 108 meters tall.

4. Designed by a Famous Architect

The architect behind the new Tsutenkaku was Tanaka Naito, who also designed the Tokyo Tower.

This is the reason why many refer to the Tokyo Tower as the “younger brother” of Tsutenkaku. And if you look closely at the architectural design, the two structures are quite similar.

Visit the Golden Observatory on the 5th Floor

1. See Osaka from Above

The cityscape from Golden Observatory
The cityscape from Golden Observatory

Head to the 5th floor of Tsutenkaku Tower and there you’ll witness the beauty of the city from atop.

The observatory stands at 87.5 meters high, which makes it a wonderful spot to catch some breathtaking sights.

Apart from the lovely city views, the place offers some amazing attractions too. Enter the observatory and be dazzled by the amazing things to do there.

2. Meet the Eight Lucky Gods

Golden charms around the observation deck
Golden charms around the observation deck

As you step into the observatory, one of the first icons you’ll spot is the Billiken. This shiny, gold statue is known as a symbol of prosperity and protection.

Beside Billiken are some mini statues that represent the Seven Lucky Gods from Japanese folklore.

Walk around the statues that are set up along the windows. Each religious figure faces a different direction.

There are also stamps under the statue meant for collection. Pick one from each statue while marveling at the surrounding views.

3. Snap a Photo with Billiken

The eye-catching Billiken statue
The eye-catching Billiken statue

Stop by the Billiken statue and capture two pictures. The first photo is given for free on a card.

If you want to get the second one, purchase it for a minimal amount. Surely, a photo with the golden figure is a nice souvenir.

4. Who is Billiken?

Locals consider Billiken as a guardian angel who protects Tsutenkaku Tower and brings good luck to its visitors.

The statue was created by Florence Pretz, an American artist who envisioned the Billiken image in 1908.

From then, the statue became not just a symbol of luck and protection but also of happiness. Many people would rub the soles of Billiken to give them joy and good fortune.

The current Billiken statue is the third version, continuing a tradition that started over 100 years ago with the first tower.

Discover the Light Observatory on the 4th Floor

1. See the Lights on the 4th Floor

Some dazzling scenes at the Light Observatory
Some dazzling scenes at the Light Observatory

If you go down one floor, you’ll come across the Light Observatory. At 84 meters high, the spot is located on the 4th floor of Tsutenkaku Tower, where lights glimmer at night.

Enjoy the bright disco balls and glittering lights that offer a fun experience to every visitor. The glowing scenes beautifully represent the fun and lively vibes of Osaka.

As you revel in the sparkling lights, you’ll also love the surrounding views. Catch a glimpse of the cityscape from the observatory.

2. Step Up to a Dreamy Welcome

Another fascinating site to watch the cityscape
Another fascinating site to watch the cityscape

If you’re interested in visiting the observatory, just head to the indoor stairs from the 5th floor.

Upon entering the place, you’ll be in awe of another religious statue stationed at the entrance. The Ganesha is a renowned elephant deity believed to make dreams come true.

Its representation is very fitting to the observatory. It’s because visitors enter the place surrounded by breathtaking lights and some hopeful dreams.

Practical Information for Visitors

Opening Hours:
8:30 AM to 9:30 PM (Last admission 9:00 PM)

Admission Fees:
Until 31 March 2024
Adults (16 and above): 900 yen
Children (5 to 15 years old): 400 yen

From 1 April 2024

Adults (16 and above): 1,000 yen
Children (5 to 15 years old): 500 yen

Sharing Our Personal Experience at Tsutenkaku Tower

A peek at the Entrance to Tsutenkaku Tower
A peek at the Entrance to Tsutenkaku Tower

Without a doubt, visiting Tsutenkaku Tower with my wife was a highlight of our itinerary in Osaka.

One of the things we loved was the elevator ride up to the Golden Observatory. It was such a wonderful experience to reach the top effortlessly and be greeted by the breathtaking 360-degree view of the city.

In addition, the famous Billiken statue made our trip to the tower more memorable. Rubbing its feet for good luck added a charming touch to our day.

The atmosphere was also lively and the history behind the tower added depth to our visit. Truly, it’s a spot in Osaka you shouldn’t miss.

Fun Slide at Tsutenkaku: The Tower Slider

Experience the instant thrill at Tower Slider
Experience the instant thrill at Tower Slider – Photo Credit: Tsutenkaku

1. Climb and Slide

If you want to level up the fun during your visit, go to the spiral stairs from the 2nd floor to the 3rd floor. From there, you’ll come across the Tower Slider, which is a unique slide meant for thrill seekers.

2. What’s the Slide Like?

Ready yourself for a 60-meter-long slide nestled at 22 meters up. It is covered with sturdy steel tubes with a clear board for a seamless, comfortable glide.

The slide itself is very fast, just 10 seconds all the way down to the ground level. What makes this slide cooler even cooler is the steep angle.

3. See the Sky as You Slide

Aside from the thrill, you’ll surely love the views while riding the slide. Don’t blink and make sure to catch a glimpse of the sky within the 10-second duration.

4. Visit Details: Hours, Costs, and Rules

The Tower Slider is open daily from 10:00 AM to 7:30 PM.

For adults aged 16 and over, the ticket price is 1,000 yen, and for those under 16, it’s 500 yen.

To ensure everyone’s safety, riders need to be at least 120 cm tall, weigh under 100 kg, and be between the ages of 7 and 65.

How to Get to Tsutenkaku Tower

Ebisucho Station to Tsutenkaku Tower

1. Ebisucho Station (Hankai Tramway-Hankai Line / Sakaisuji Line): Take Exit 3 and walk approximately 3 minutes to get to Tsutenkaku Tower.

Dobutsuen-Mae Station to Tsutenkaku Tower

2. Dobutsuen-Mae Station (Midosuji Line / Sakaisuji Line): Use Exit 5 and follow the walking route for 7 minutes to reach Tsutenkaku Tower.

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