Don’t Come to Japan these Months!

Don't Come to Japan these Months

Planning a trip to Japan? To ensure your visit is as enjoyable as possible, it’s crucial to know when not to go.

I’ll guide you through the months that are less ideal for visiting, like the busy Golden Week or the rainy season in June.

Keep reading to learn which months to avoid for a more comfortable and enjoyable journey in Japan! 😊

1. Avoiding Late March: The Fiscal Year-End Rush

Spending your vacation during late March is not practical. By this time, it signals the end of the fiscal or school year. Families and students often go on an escapade at this time of the year.

As such, there’s a surge of people traveling domestically. This results in a throng of visitors to popular tourist sites, especially during weekdays.

With the crowded tourists, it means higher travel expenses. Expect higher accommodation rates and higher travel costs during this month.

If you want a more serene and cost-efficient experience, schedule your visit on other months.

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2. Early April: A Quieter Time to Visit

After the hectic fiscal year, the country becomes less busy. So, if you want to enjoy a quieter exploration, this is the best month to visit.

By early April, locals are busy with school preparations and work transitioning. For this reason, most tourist spots are no longer crowded.

Plus, the weather during this time is delightfully pleasant. It’s more convenient to explore different attractions and enjoy the outdoors.

The scenery of cherry blossoms makes early April a favorite among tourists. Navigate through Japan with ease and comfort during this period.

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3. Golden Week: Peak Tourist Season

Between late April and early May, Japan is at its busiest. During these months, the country commemorates numerous holidays.

As a result, there’s a spike in local tourism that leads to crowded destinations. Most hotels and transportation are also fully booked. In addition, the excellent weather during this period makes it suitable for traveling.

So, if you want a more tranquil vacation, it’s recommended to avoid this time of the year. Skip the bustling crowd and jam-packed accommodations and schedule your visit for other months instead.

4. The Rainy Season: Challenges of Travel in June and July

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The rainy season in Japan occurs between June to early July. By this time, the country experiences lengthy rains almost every day.

The daily rain showers affect your travel plans and restrict your outdoor activities.

On the other hand, Japan endures some extreme humidity due to rising temperatures by the end of June. This offers a more inconvenient trip, especially when exploring outdoor spots.

5. Hokkaido: A Rainy Season Exception

While June and July indicate Japan’s rainy season, there’s actually an exempted city.

Visit Hokkaido within these months for fewer daily downpours. Hokkaido is not significantly affected by the rain because of its location.

It’s part of the northern region that gets away with the rainy spells.

So, if you’re set to explore Japan between June and July, Hokkaido offers a more favorable condition. It allows you to journey through the outdoors comfortably.

6. The Heat of August: Japan’s Sweltering Summer

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Come August, Japan experiences hot and humid weather. By this time, the temperature may reach around 35 degrees Celsius, affecting your overall comfort. The intense temperature can easily drain your energy.

So, if you’re not accustomed to heat, this poses a significant challenge. Plus, there may be more locals during this period because of the school holidays.

7. Silver Week: Sporadic Crowds in Late September

During Silver Week which happens every late September, Japan experiences an irregular number of crowds.

It’s because of the national holidays that often create packed tourist spots. As a result, most travel services are fully booked.

If you want to skip the crowd, it’s best to schedule your trip by early October instead. Steer clear of the busy Silver Week for a better travel experience.

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8. Late December: The Holiday Rush

December has always been a touristy month in Japan. By the end of the year, many locals go to the country to celebrate the holidays.

Since this is a peak travel month, there are several local events and shopping sales in different cities.

The numerous activities combined with the chilly weather bring more tourists. For a more relaxed trip, visit Japan after the holidays.

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