10 Places I Regret Not Visiting in Osaka

Places I Regret Not Visiting in Osaka

When I visited Osaka, I missed out on some incredible places. From the vibrant Dotonbori to the historic Osaka Castle, each spot offers unique experiences.

Whether it’s shopping in Shinsaibashi or enjoying thrills at Universal Studios Japan, these are the 10 places I regret not visiting. Keep reading to discover what makes them special! 😊

1. Dotonbori

Flock of people exploring Dotonbori Street
Flock of people exploring Dotonbori Street

When planning a visit to Osaka, Dotonbori will always be part of the list.

This vibrant district brims with dazzling lights and animated buildings. Of course, there’s also the renowned Glico Running Man that allures every first-time traveler.

Nearby the iconic landmark is a beautiful canal with colorful reflections from the vivid structures.

Splurge yourself with mouthwatering street food while wandering around. Savor some Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki, along with different tasty sweets.

Several shops also thrive within the district, offering a variety of products.

Entertainment venues provide a nonstop set of activities to keep you energized all night long. So, don’t miss the pulsating energy of Dotonbori.

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2. Shinsaibashi

Sophisticated buildings surrounding Shinsaibashi
Sophisticated buildings surrounding Shinsaibashi

Go on a shopping spree in the exciting shopping district of Shinsaibashi. Its famous covered arcade spans 600 meters.

Roam around Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street and unravel trendy boutiques and high-end shops.

This premier destination is also known for its fashion stores. Enjoy the nonstop shopping adventure and find all sorts of items.

As a shopper’s paradise, this place carries a wide selection, from global brands to local items.

Stylish cafes and vintage shops elevate the overall vibrance of the district. One renowned spot is the America-Mura. So, for an eclectic retail experience, Shinsaibashi is truly exceptional.

3. Osaka Castle

The elegance of the Osaka Castle
The elegance of the Osaka Castle

A trip to Osaka is never complete without exploring Osaka Castle. The rich history of this cultural landmark is visible through its stunning facade and intricate decor.

Enter the castle museum and learn more about the history of the city. Then, ascend to the top of the castle for some breathtaking views.

Apart from the magnificent architecture, there’s a vast park with panoramic landscapes. The Nishinomaru Garden nearby is a tranquil sanctuary that relaxes your senses.

Take a stroll around the gorgeous expanse and glory in the scenic vistas. Cherry blossoms enthrall the space during spring.

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4. Shinsekai

A peek at the iconic tower of Shinsekai
A peek at the iconic tower of Shinsekai

Dive into Shinsekai, which signifies “New World”. This retro region takes you on a nostalgic escapade through the earlier Osaka era.

See the Tsutenkaku Tower, which serves as a centerpiece in the district. The breathtaking allure of the tower stands out from the vintage scene.

Navigate around the bustling street that’s full of flamboyant signages.

Shop around quirky stores for unique mementos. There are old-school food stalls too that serve local street food, particularly the kushikatsu.

Come nighttime, the place becomes even more vibrant. There’s also an onsen complex for a soothing retreat. So, take a break and head to Shinsekai for an antique escapade.

5. Namba Yasaka Shrine

Striking design of the Namba Yasaka Shrine
Striking design of the Namba Yasaka Shrine

Unravel this hidden gem and see its lion-head-shaped architecture. The Namba Yasaka Shrine stands 12 meters high, creating a spectacular scene for visitors.

The religious structure is said to eliminate evil spirits. Locals pray to the shrine for good fortune. You can also partake in Shinto rituals for a peaceful retreat.

Marvel at the intricate architecture that offers countless photo opportunities.

The temple itself is an awe-inspiring piece, attracting a crowd of tourists. During the Toka Ebisu Festival, more people visit the shrine.

6. Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

Diverse sea creatures inside Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
Diverse sea creatures inside Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

Delve into the largest aquarium in the world and enjoy a fun-filled aquatic adventure. The Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan sits within the Tempozan Harbor Village.

Gaze in wonder as you traverse through the aquarium’s spiral structure.

Don’t miss the Pacific Ocean Tank to see up-close some massive sharks. There’s also a jellyfish area with mesmerizing creatures swimming around their habitat.

Carry on with the underwater escapade and be amazed by different interactive exhibits.

Beyond meeting vibrant sea animals, a trip to the aquarium is a learning experience in itself. Cap off your adventure with a ride at the nearby Tempozan Ferris Wheel.

7. Janjan Yokocho Alley

Jam-packed crowd along Janjan Yokocho Alley
Jam-packed crowd along Janjan Yokocho Alley

Step into the narrow commercial strip of Janjan Yokocho Alley. The alley was named “Janjan”, which refers to the sound that comes from a traditional shamisen instrument.

This covered shopping alley takes you back in time with its nostalgic ambiance. Go on a food trip while navigating the pathway.

Try different varieties of street foods, especially the kushikatsu. This a renowned Osakan dish made of deep-fried vegetables and meat. Carry on with the food adventure as you voyage through a line-up of family-run eateries.

Along the way, you’ll come across locals and even tourists enjoying the serene vibe. Revel in the old-town feel that elevates your overall culinary pursuit.

8. Kuromon Ichiba Market

Local stalls to uncover at Kuromon Ichiba Market
Local stalls to uncover at Kuromon Ichiba Market

Delight in the vibrance of Osaka’s Kitchen. The Kuromon Ichiba Market is a lively food spot with hundreds of local vendors.

This bustling market welcomes visitors with an abundant display of local treats.

Try their fresh seafood, fruits, and meats for an authentic food experience. They have sushi, sashimi, and grilled seafood to satisfy your cravings. For Takoyaki lovers, there are plenty of options around too.

Along with the vibrant exhibit of food stalls, you’ll also come across shops for ingredients. Check out the variety of stores and make the most out your market escapade.

9. Hozenji Yokocho

The ancient allure of the Hozenji Yokocho
The ancient allure of the Hozenji Yokocho

Spend a nostalgic adventure through the narrow alleyway of Hozenji Yokocho.

This charming destination in Osaka comes with cobblestone streets. The traditional lanterns add to the overall nostalgic atmosphere.

During your visit, drop by the Hozenji Temple. This religious site allows visitors to pay homage to Fudo Myoo. Pour a little water over the religious statue and say your prayers.

Come nighttime, discover quaint bars and restaurants. These commercial establishments are perfect spots to unwind after a long day. Glory in the cozy ambiance and savor some local cuisines.

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10. Universal Studios Japan

Colorful scenes from the Super Nintendo World in USJ
Colorful scenes from the Super Nintendo World in USJ

When it comes to Osaka, make sure to include Universal Studios Japan (USJ). This premier theme park is known for its thrilling activities and delightful shows. Have a good time as you try different rides and immersive attractions.

Start by entering The Wizarding World of Harry Potter to see fragments of your favorite series. The Super Nintendo World is another crowd favorite that brings your childhood video games to reality.

Try all sorts of adventures, from exhilarating rollercoasters to realistic 4D rides. Of course, watching the spectacular parades is the best way to cap off the day.

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