10 Most Beautiful Spots in Gardens by the Bay

Most Beautiful Spots in Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay isn’t just a park; it’s a world of wonders nestled in Singapore.

From the towering Supertree Grove to the serene Serene Garden, I’ve explored the 10 most beautiful spots here.

Each one offers a unique slice of paradise, with something for everyone.

Keep reading to discover where adventure meets tranquility, and why you can’t miss these breathtaking views. 🙂

1. Supertree Grove

Supertree Grove
Supertree Grove – Photo Credit: Bennymarty/123RF.com

Have you ever watched a movie where technology meets nature so nicely you wish you were there? Meet Supertree Grove: a futuristic woodland straight out of a sci-fi movie.

Visit in the daytime to walk through gigantic Supertrees that artfully blend tropical plants and rainwater collection systems.

Better yet, bathe in otherworldly light at night and enjoy the enchanting Garden Rhapsody show, a magical light and music spectacle that brings these colossi to life.

This grove is perfect for romantic strolls or Instagram-worthy shots under the starlit sky. So, don’t just sightsee when you come here – immerse yourself in it.

Garden Rhapsody Light Show:
7:45 PM and 8:45 PM

2. Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest
Cloud Forest

Prepare to see a new world when you visit the Cloud Forest. Expect mist and the loud rush of water as the forest’s main attraction comes into view.

With a large waterfall in the center, this chilly, wet conservatory houses uncommon plants and exotic flowers that thrive high in the mountains.

It’s basically a great place to learn about biodiversity and get away from the rush and bustle of the city. Enjoy some serenity and eye-catching sceneries all throughout.

And if you want an easy climb to breathtaking vistas, use the lift to the summit and explore the clouds.

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3. Flower Dome

Flower Dome
Flower Dome

As the largest greenhouse in the world, the Flower Dome is an explosion of hues, fragrances, and vitality.

Thousands of plants and flowers from every continent call this enormous glass greenhouse their home. You can view them in different gardens within the dome.

Enjoy a part of Australia when checking out the dome’s baobabs or pretend you’re in the Mediterranean as you walk among olive trees. There’s so much to see here!

You’ll also never have to worry about repetitiveness. There’s always something fresh to see because of the constantly changing floral displays.

You can’t miss the Flower Dome if you’re a plant enthusiast.

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4. Floral Fantasy

Floral Fantasy
Floral Fantasy

The breathtaking sceneries of Floral Fantasy are like something out of a fairy tale.

This attraction features four inventive gardens, each with a unique theme and feel. You can marvel at a cave filled with paintings or step right into a tropical rainforest.

You can also bask in the awe-inspiring sight of their swaying canopy of floral arrangements in mid-air, which appear to dance.

Best of all, Floral Fantasy features a 4D ride for an even more immersive experience. It’s best for anybody looking to bring a little imagination into their day.

5. OCBC Skyway

OCBC Skyway
OCBC Skyway

If you’ve ever scrolled on Facebook and encountered those breathtaking, interactive bird’s-eye view, you’ll love this place.

Supported by two Supertrees and perched above Gardens by the Bay, the OCBC Skyway provides a panoramic view.

It’s a great opportunity to see the world from a different perspective and enjoy flourishing vegetation and a futuristic skyline.

If you want to make things more magical, visit at night, too. You’ll get to bask in otherworldly light while on the skyway.

6. Serene Garden

Serene Garden
Serene Garden

The Serene Garden is just as its name suggests – it’s a peaceful haven in the middle of a busy metropolis.

Zen gardens in Japan served as inspiration for this minimalist environment, which aims to promote calm and reflection.

You can expect artfully arranged rocks, an assortment of bonsai trees, and tasteful plant and water arrangements all around.

It’s basically a spot that invites you to take a moment to relax and breathe. And since there are fewer people here, it’s the best place for strolling or introspection.

You can also just recharge with nature while unplugging from the world.

7. Floating Baby

Floating Baby
Floating Baby

You’ve probably seen plenty of gravity-defying sculptures or art, but have you ever seen a floating baby?

Marc Quinn’s sculpture, “Planet”, shows just that – a sleeping baby floating above the ground. It’s both fascinating and thought-provoking for most, and it’s by the entrance.

This daring artwork generally begs viewers to reflect on the precariousness of existence and the innocence of its subjects. At the very least, it also makes people stop in awe.

It appears out of place in a garden, but when you take it all in and really stop to think about it, it’s just right in place.

8. Sumatran Tiger Sculpture

Sumatran Tiger Sculpture
Sumatran Tiger Sculpture

This magnificent artwork pays homage to the Sumatran tiger. It asks, how many of us would be lucky enough to still see them in the future?

Located near the Floral Fantasy, this serves as a conversation starter about biodiversity and our role in maintaining it.

It effectively portrays the majestic grandeur of one of the world’s most amazing beasts, helping us rethink our place with nature.

If you need a reminder of our duty to the natural world, you won’t regret visiting this sculpture. Of course, this is also a must-see for animal lovers!

9. Dragonfly Lake Bridge

Dragonfly Lake Bridge
Dragonfly Lake Bridge

Postcard pictures seem like they come from places you won’t easily reach, but that’s not the case with Dragonfly Lake Bridge. Crossing this is like walking into a living postcard!

This gorgeous bridge is framed by a lush garden and a bustling lake, which results in such a spectacular scene.

It also serves as a backdrop for the Singapore Flyer and the world-renowned Marina Bay Sands.

More importantly, its gardens contrast with the imposing Singapore cityscape, so it’s a popular location for photographers and eco-tourists.

You can visit it at night or during the day, and you’ll still be guaranteed wonderful pictures.

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10. Marina Bay Overpass Viewing Point

Marina Bay Overpass Viewing Point
Marina Bay Overpass Viewing Point – Photo Credit: sorincolac/123RF.com

You can’t say you’ve seen the whole Bay if you haven’t been to the Marina Bay Overpass Viewing point. This is the best spot to make the most out of your tour.

Here, you’ll easily see the famous Marina Bay and the lush greenery of the Gardens by the Bay – without any obstruction!

It’s a sight to behold during the daytime, but it’s even more breathtaking at night. This is a dream come true if you want to capture the magnificence of Singapore’s skyline.

It might also be the best place to visit last, where you bask in the privilege of seeing all of the Bay’s beautiful offerings.

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