7 Beautiful Spots to Explore Inside the Flower Dome

Flower Dome

Welcome to the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay, where 7 spectacular gardens await your discovery.

From the vibrant Flower Field to the ancient Baobabs, each garden tells a unique story of nature’s resilience and beauty.

Dive into this guide to explore exotic plants and breathtaking landscapes that promise to enchant and educate. Why wait? Adventure begins here! 😊

1. Flower Field

Flower Field

Kick off with your Flower Dome adventure at the lovely the Flower Field. With breathtaking landscapes of seasonal flowers, there’s so much to fascinate your eyes.

Take a cozy stroll along the picturesque floral displays and capture its charms with a click.

Each section surprises you with various mosaics of hues and shapes. Delight in the changing blooms that vary depending on the season and major festivals.

2. Mediterranean Garden

Mediterranean Garden

For a sunny escapade, head to the Mediterranean Garden and bask in its coastal landscapes. The section welcomes you to a series of olive trees and diverse vegetation.

Feel the warmth and serenity that exude from the colorful sceneries. The majority of the floral presentations are fragrant herbs and exotic foliage.

These are species that thrive during mild winters and arid summers. See how these gorgeous plants complement the gravel lawns and outdoor vibes.

3. South African Garden

South African Garden

Carry on with the floral pursuit with a visit to the South African Garden. This region walks you through vivid flowers, special shrubs, and evergreen succulents.

Wander around the garden and discover the beauty of the South African wilderness. Here, you’ll see a lot of Fynbos plants that are exclusive to this region. These shrubs are recognized for their needle-shaped leaves.

Flowers and plants in this section easily adapt to challenging natural environments. Thanks to their smaller, darker leaves with a waxy covering.

So, take your time to unravel the uniqueness of the garden. For sure, there’s so much to keep you entertained.

4. South American Garden

South American Garden

Now, it’s time to journey through the South American Garden. Ready yourself with a peek at the breathtaking Chilean floral scenery.

The garden beautifully highlights exotic and diverse plants that thrive in Central Chile. Catch a glimpse of the renowned Monkey Puzzle Tree.

There’s also a wide array of Puya plants that flourish amidst the dry rock landscapes.

Roam around the stunning and meet the mesmerizing line-up of Chilean Wine Palms. These lofty plants tower over the garden, creating a captivating aura that deserves notice.

5. Australian Garden

Australian Garden

Venture into the Australian Garden for a glimpse of the region’s arid landscapes.

The woolly bush and kangaroo paw take up a wide portion of the garden. Marvel at how these plants and other special species bloom even in tough Australian settings.

This particular section showcases nature’s resilience even in harsh outback environments. So, keep an eye on these tough plants that are bound to survive whatever the conditions.

6. Baobabs (Bottle Trees)


Go on with the scenic exploration and be in awe of the giant Baobabs. These giant bottle trees dominate the section with their enormous trunks and sprawling branches.

Beyond their iconic figures, the Baobabs are known for their survival mastery. They can easily store water to help them last during the hot summer spells.

Walk along these lofty trees and relax under their towering shades.

7. Succulent Garden

Succulent Garden

Complete the Flower Dome adventure with a visit to the Succulent Garden. The region gives you a chance to see a variety of desert plants in the most comfortable way.

Wander around the breathtaking garden without the scorching temperature. Witness different water-storing flora and plant species that adapt to harsh weather conditions.

Some of the famous plants to look forward to in this section include the Cacti, Crassulas, and Aloes. Most of these come with sharp spines and waxy leaves to survive the heat.

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