Top Attractions at Gardens by the Bay & How to Go by MRT

Gardens by the Bay Attractions and Guide

Gardens by the Bay is the home to the famous Supertree Grove and OCBC Skyway, along with the Floral Fantasy, Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.

This is also where you’ll catch the magical light show―Garden Rhapsody.

To make your trip more convenient, I’ve included some detailed tips on how to go to Gardens by the Bay by MRT in this guide.

I will also share the 15 attractions at Gardens by the Bay that I have personally visited together with my wife and kids. 🙂

Each of these attractions comes with photos and relevant tips. And for your reference, the first 6 attractions are the most popular ones so you shouldn’t miss them out.

If you’re done visiting this beautiful park, you’ve got more options to explore. Just check out my article on the 15 best things to do in Marina Bay Sands for other attractions near Gardens by the Bay.

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1. Supertree Grove

Supertree Grove
The vibrant colors of the Supertree

It’s very easy to notice the Supertree Grove. In fact, these might just be the very first thing you’ll see once you enter the park.

See these vertical gardens that feature more than 158,000 plant species such as orchids, tropical flowers, and bromeliads.

These eye-catching giants come with canopies that also act as sunshades. You can take shelter from one of the 12 Supertrees and simply enjoy the scenic surroundings.

People Picnic at Supertree Grove
Relax under the breath-taking Supertree Grove

During evening, you can picnic here with your family and friends.

It’s easy to get entertained by the beautiful and animated view of the Supertree Grove while chitchatting with your loved ones.

And also at night, the Supertrees light up for the grand Garden Rhapsody show.

2. OCBC Skyway

OCBC Skyway
Stroll along the panoramic OCBC Skyway

The scenic OCBC Skyway is another favorite among visitors.

Take a walk around this 128-metre long path that is encircled by scenic sights and modern structures.

More than its spectacular views, this walkway actually serves as a bridge that connects two Supertrees.

See up-close the enchanting plant life the breeds within these towering gardens.

OCBC Skyway
The surrounding views of this famous skywalk

And standing at 22-metre, the OCBC Skyway is such a cosy spot for anyone looking for tranquility. Take your time off as you breathe in the fresh breeze.

Here, you’ll also capture the entirety of Gardens by the Bay along with the scenic Marina Bay skyline.

Likewise, it’s a favored location when watching the Garden Rhapsody at night-time.

3. Garden Rhapsody – Light and Music Show

Gardens by the Bay light show
Don’t miss the ever-magical Garden Rhapsody

Garden Rhapsody is the best way to cap off your visit to Gardens by the Bay.

Witness this outdoor presentation that is dubbed as one of Singapore’s best light shows to date.

As the famous Gardens by the Bay light show, it guarantees all spectators a remarkable performance.

Be entertained with the world-class symphony of music that blends with the glittering lights from the Supertrees.

These giant trees dance in tune with the melody, adding extra animation to the show. Surely, this is a great bonding moment for the entire family and even your pals.

And if you want more fun night activities, don’t worry! Just read my blog post on 21 best things to do in Singapore at night to have an idea of other must-see attractions.

Show Times:
7:45 PM and 8:45 PM

YouTube video

4. Flower Dome

Scenic Spots at Flower Dome
Witness the beauty of Flower Dome

When we talk about scenic spots at Gardens by the Bay, the Flower Dome is definitely top-notch.

As soon as you step into this vast greenhouse, you’ll already be amazed by its vibrant scenes and relaxing atmosphere.

Various Gardens and Flower Fields at Flower Dome
A lovely blend of colors

Explore the various gardens and flower fields that stretch up to 1.2 hectares. Because of its vastness, the Flower Dome can cater to up to 1,000 people!

And for your information, this attraction is actually considered the world’s biggest glass greenhouse. It’s like 75 Olympic-size pools combined!

Australia, South Africa, South American, California, and the Mediterranean at Flower Dome
The calmness of nature

The gardens correspond to different locations across the world.

These include Australia, South Africa, South American, California, and the Mediterranean.

There’s also a specific garden designed for succulent plants as well as an area created for baobabs.

Vivid Flowers and Exotic Plants at Flower Dome
A variety of beautiful flowers

Continue with your adventure and take in all the colorful scenes of nature. Without a doubt, you’ll get loads of captivating backgrounds for your photos.

While strolling around, you’ll come across the ever-vibrant flower field. This area displays all kinds of vivid flowers and exotic plants.

So, make sure you have your cameras ready to capture all these lovely sights.

Pocket Gardens Surprise at Flower Dome
Unique events to hype up the crowd

And of course, there’s the Pocket Gardens Surprise that makes Flower Dome more attractive. With this feature, it gives visitors a changing floral display every fortnight.

Plus, they have events to keep everyone entertained. So, if you want to laze around or get some Instagram-worthy shots, this place is hard to compete with.

5. Cloud Forest

Waterfall at Cloud Forest
Take a photo of Cloud Forest’s grand waterfall

Cloud Forest welcomes you to a unique world enfolded by spectacular nature scenes.

Once you step inside the conservatory, the very first thing that you’ll notice of is the 35-metre tall mountain.

Feel the chilly breeze of the majestic waterfall that perfectly blends with the lush vegetation.

And don’t forget to take a photo of this splendid man-made attraction before you start your adventure.

Treetop Walk of Cloud Forest
Walk your way to the Treetop Walk

If you’re looking for a panoramic view of the Cloud Forest, follow the Treetop Walk trail.

Hike your way up and see different views of the tree canopies and the surrounding foliage.

Cloud Walk of Cloud Forest
Take a closer look at the vibrant flora through Cloud Walk

Carry on with your exploration as you stroll along the scenic Cloud Walk.

From the top-most part of this trail, you’ll witness a breath-taking view of the entire dome.

Feast your eyes on the lush greenery that embraces the conservatory.

Lost World of Cloud Forest
Uncover the beauty of Lost World

The Lost World awaits visitors who have accomplished the long yet equally fulfilling trails.

As the highest spot of Cloud Forest, this place offers you more magical scenery filled with rich plants and exotic flowers.

6. Floral Fantasy

Floral Fantasy
Discover the uniqueness of Floral Fantasy

Come together at Floral Fantasy for a rather exceptional floral experience.

This attraction combines nature with technology and artistry to make your visit to Gardens by the Bay more memorable.

Hop aboard the 4D ride called Flight of the Dragonfly and get the thrill of a dragon fly’s adventure.

Floral Fantasy Garden

Also, inside the Floral Fantasy are beautiful gardens with diverse landscapes. These revolve around physical concepts such as Dance, Waltz, Float, and Drift.

Important Info: Be sure to buy Gardens by the Bay tickets online here, it’s much cheaper than buying tickets on-site.

7. Dragonfly Bridge & Kingfisher Lakes

Dragonfly Bridge & Kingfisher Lakes
Drop by Dragonfly Bridge & Kingfisher Lakes

Dragonfly Bridge & Kingfisher Lakes is a distinct attraction that highlights a rich aquatic life.

Wander around the 440-metre boardwalk, which is a famous photographic spot in the area.

While strolling, you may spot a few dragonflies. If you want to see them clearly, aim for the binoculars and witness how these adorable creatures fly freely.

The Kingfisher lakes
Hang loose as you capture the lovely lake views

The Kingfisher lakes are quite interesting. These aren’t just for visual purposes. The lakes serve as a source of life for the fishes and plants.

Know more about the lakes through the special QR codes scattered around the area. These are highly informative so you gain new knowledge about the ecosystem.

8. Serene Garden

Serene Garden
Wind down as you explore Serene Garden

Serene Garden does not disappoint when it comes to providing serenity to visitors. From the name itself, you are assured of a peaceful retreat in this 2-hectare outdoor garden.

Choose from one of the many cosy spots in the area and simply laze around like there’s no tomorrow.

Uniquely, the gardens are minimalistic as these follow the traditional Japanese Zen landscape.

Charming Views of Serene Garden
Take a breather and be one with nature

More so, this tranquil destination offers charming views of the cityscape.

So, if you’re looking for an intimate moment with nature, this place is highly recommended.

Plus, this lush space is just a walk away from the famous Supertree Grove, which means you can visit this one right after.

9. The Canyon

The Canyon
Sightsee in the Canyon with your loved ones

Take a glimpse of some ancient rocks with different styles and shapes.

The Canyon features a display of sculptural rocks obtained from Shandong, China.

And making the place more intriguing are the unique plant species that surround the rocks.

There are over 200 plant varieties that keep the Canyon extra vibrant. These include some Beaked Yucca, Doum Palm, Cockspur Coral Tree, Moore’s Cycad, and Pochote.

Walk Around The Canyon
Vast space for strolling around or doing some exercises

You can also walk around the lush area and simply absorb the beautiful views.

Or if you’re up for more fun, look for the four eye-catching sculptures. These are the giant dragonfly, metal dragon, and Chinese totems

10. Golden Garden

Golden Garden
Stroll around the Golden Garden

The Golden Garden is another scenic location at Gardens by the Bay.

Venture to its beautiful nature scenes that can be picture-perfect backgrounds. There are also attention-grabbing structures in this area that deserve a space in your gallery.

And if you think all Supertrees are situated in Supertree Grove, you got it all wrong. Capture one of these giant trees in the Golden Garden!

11. Web of Life

Topiary Creatures at Web of Life
Meet some life-sized topiary creatures at Web of Life

Surely, Gardens by the Bay never runs of brilliant attractions. And one of its most exceptional spots is the Web of Life.

Peep at these decorative shrubs with animal shapes like orangutan, hornbill, and pangolin.

12. Heritage Garden

Heritage Garden is another highlight destination that is worth your visit. It showcases the rich history of Singapore through various landscapes.

Unearth all of its four themed gardens that follow the diverse cultures of the country. These are the Chinese, Malay, India, and Colonial gardens.

i. Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden
Discover the nature-like Chinese Garden

The Chinese Garden beautifully mimics the charming Chinese cultural arts and design.

Here, you’ll see how art resembles different nature scenes.

For instance, the rocks look a lot like mountains and the water features take after some waterfalls and rivers.

Clearly, it’s easy to appreciate the things you’ll witness in this garden. So, take your time to capture these lovely scenes and enjoy nature at its finest.

And if you want to learn more about the Chinese culture, walk around Chinatown Singapore and drop by its popular sites.

ii. Malay Garden

Malay Garden
Walk around like a local at the Malay Garden

The Malay community holds a great part in the country’s culture. Hence, it’s nothing short of amazing to have a garden that highlights the individuality of the Malay people.

Tour this cosy spot filled with tropical vibes.

In this garden, you’ll witness a variety of local trees such as Bread Fruit, Tongkat Ali, and Star Fruit.

There’s also a native hut that further demonstrates the charms of Malay culture.

To get a better understanding of the Malay culture, you can visit Bugis and explore its heritage spots and vibrant streets.

iii. Indian Garden

Indian Garden
Experience the serenity of the Indian Garden

Another significant community that deserves a mention are the Indians.

And since plants are relevant to the Indian culture, you’ll come across this interesting forest-like garden.

Set your eyes on the local Indian plants that surround the place. Some of the must-see trees are the Banyan tree and the Asian Palmyra Palm.

And of course, there’s the Divi-Kadura, which is known as the Forbidden Fruit of India.

To further appreciate the culture of the Indians, tour around Little India Singapore and discover its unique beauty.

iv. Colonial Garden

Colonial Garden
Feel the aromatic vibes of the Colonial Garden

Lastly, there’s the Colonial Garden. Because of the geographical location of Singapore, it has become the trade hub for cash crops and spices.

And as you uncover this particular garden, you’ll catch a glimpse of the aromatic plants that were part of the country’s history.

See some nutmeg, cloves, coffee, cocoa, and rubber trees while strolling around.

13. Floating Baby Sculpture

Floating Baby Sculpture
Capture the Floating Baby Sculpture

One of the many sculptures within Gardens by the Bay expanse is the Floating Baby Sculpture. This featured work of art will surely catch your attention.

With a weight of seven tons, this statue looks like it’s really floating on air.

But if you watch closely, the baby’s right hand actually carries the entire weight of the structure.

14. Sun Pavilion

Sun Pavilion
Journey through the lush Sun Pavilion

Who would’ve thought that Singapore also has dryland and desert-like scenes?

Schedule your visit to Sun Pavilion and see various landscapes filled with desert plants.

There are more than 1,000 plant varieties on display, including cacti and succulents.

Some of the garden’s must-see plants are Turk’s Cap, African Euphorbias, and Mexican Columnar Cacti.

15. Far East Organization Children’s Garden

Far East Organization Children's Garden
Have fun at Far East Organization Children’s Garden

If you’re looking for a nice spot for your kids to play around, take them to Far East Organization Children’s Garden.

This is included in some of the best kid-friendly water theme parks in Singapore because of its unique amenities.

Let your kids enjoy the interactive water features and tree houses. Plus, there are educational events held at the covered amphitheater.

Summary of Top Things to See at Gardens by the Bay

Things to See at Gardens by the Bay

Here’s the summary of things to do and see at Gardens by the Bay.

The list below will help you decide on what to visit according to your preferences. Also, it will make your planning easier and efficient.

  • The most beautiful photography spots at Gardens by the Bay: Supertree Grove (#1), OCBC Skyway (#2), Garden Rhapsody (#3), Flower Dome (#4), Cloud Forest (#5), Floral Fantasy (#6), Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lakes (#7), Serene Garden (#8), Floating Baby Sculpture (#13)
  • Must visit spots at Gardens by the Bay: Supertree Grove (#1), OCBC Skyway (#2), Garden Rhapsody (#3), Flower Dome (#4), Cloud Forest (#5), Floral Fantasy (#6)
  • Paid attractions at Gardens by the Bay: OCBC Skyway (#2), Flower Dome (#4), Cloud Forest (#5), Floral Fantasy (#6)
  • Free attractions at Gardens by the Bay: Supertree Grove (#1), Garden Rhapsody (#3), Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lakes (#7), Serene Garden (#8), The Canyon (#9), Golden Garden (#10), Web of Life (#11), Heritage Garden (#12), Floating Baby Sculpture (#13), Sun Pavilion (#14), Far East Organization Children’s Garden (#15)
Money Saving Tips:
When visiting the beautiful attractions of Gardens by the Bay, it’s highly suggested to buy your tickets online.Online tickets are much cheaper than those purchased on-site.

Below are the links that help you save money and even skip long queues at the ticketing counter.

Gardens by the Bay AttractionDiscounted Ticket
Flower Dome + Cloud Forest + Floral FantasyCheck Out Here
Flower Dome + Cloud Forest + OCBC SkywayCheck Out Here

Visitor Information

Opening Hours:
9:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Normal Ticket Prices:
Flower Dome and Cloud Forest
Adult (13+): SGD $28
Child (3 – 12): SGD $15
Child (Under 2): Free

OCBC Skyway
Adult (13+): SGD $8
Child (3 – 12): SGD $5
Child (Under 2): Free

Floral Fantasy
Adult (13+): SGD $20
Child (3 – 12): SGD $12
Child (Under 2): Free

Where to Eat

Supertree Food Hall
Satisfy your appetite at Supertree Food Hall

After all the explorations at Gardens by the Bay, you deserve a treat! And nothing to worry about because there are several food spots to choose from.

The first option is the Supertree Food Hall, which is just located beside Supertree Grove and OCBC Skyway.

If you’re looking for some fast food delights, walk your way to the McDonald’s at the Golden Garden area.

There’s also the Cafe Aster that is positioned next to Floral Fantasy.

Or you can go around the Far East Organization Children’s Garden area and dine in at Petit Coco @ Children’s Garden Cafe.

Satay by the Bay
Fill your cravings at Satay by the Bay

If you want another foodie destination, head to Satay by the Bay. However, this place is quite far from Supertree Grove. So make sure that you are willing to spend extra time to travel just to visit this place.

Gardens by the Bay Map

Gardens by the Bay Guide Map
Click here to see an interactive map of Gardens by the Bay

For you to navigate easily and save time, you can refer to the Google Maps above.

These will help you know the exact locations of the attractions and the places to dine at Gardens by the Bay.

Where to Go after Gardens by the Bay

Continue with your adventure as you explore other top-rated spots in the country.

Below are some of the attractions in Singapore that are highly recommended. ArtScience Museum and Sands SkyPark Observation are very close to Gardens by the Bay.

For other popular destinations, here’s my full list of the best places to visit in Singapore that can assist you when planning.

1. ArtScience Museum

See all the digital artworks of ArtScience Museum’s very own Future World exhibit. This museum is loaded with fascinating galleries and exhibitions for all ages. And through my complete guide to ArtScience Museum’s Future World exhibition, you can easily prepare for your upcoming tour.

2. Sands SkyPark Observation Deck

Take in all the picturesque views surrounding the Sands SkyPark Observation Deck. This place is also known for sunset watching. Get help from this detailed guide to Sands SkyPark Observation Deck and review if you’re planning to visit the place soon.

3. Universal Studios Singapore

Enjoy the thrill at Universal Studios Singapore. This place offers unique entertainment, from rollercoasters to unique shows to live characters. So, don’t forget to check out my complete list of top Universal Studios Singapore rides and attractions for a more detailed discussion.

How to Go to Gardens by the Bay by MRT

Bayfront MRT Station

The cheapest and convenient ways to go to Gardens by the Bay is via MRT train. Bayfront MRT Station is the nearest MRT Station to Gardens by the Bay.

You can take the Circle Line or Downtown Line to Bayfront MRT Station. Once you arrived at Bayfront MRT Station, you should go out the Exit B. From there, you just need to walk to Gardens by the Bay in 3 to 5 minutes.

Now, let me show you in pictures how to walk to Gardens by the Bay’s Supertree Grove, Flower Dome and Cloud Forest from the Exit B of Bayfront MRT Station.

Guide to Gardens by the Bay via MRT Train Step 1

1. Take the Circle Line/ Downtown Line to Bayfront MRT Station and then go out the Exit B. Follow the signpost for Gardens by the Bay. You should go straight on until you see the lift and stairs on your left.

Guide to Gardens by the Bay via MRT Train Step 2

2. Take the stairs or lift up.

Guide to Gardens by the Bay via MRT Train Step 3

3. After you go up the stairs or lift, you’ll spot the Gardens by the Bay map on ahead. Take a photo on the Gardens by the Bay map to assist you navigate around the garden later. After finished taking photo on the map, go along the walking trail.

Guide to Gardens by the Bay via MRT Train Step 4

4. Walk until the end and then turn left.

Guide to Gardens by the Bay via MRT Train Step 5

5. Go along the walkway, you’ll see a Dragonfly bridge on ahead soon.

Guide to Gardens by the Bay via MRT Train Step 6

6. Walk across the Dragonfly bridge and you’ll reach Gardens by the Bay.

Guide to Gardens by the Bay via MRT Train Step 7

7. After you cross the bridge, you should turn left.

Guide to Gardens by the Bay via MRT Train Step 8

8. When you turn left, you’ll see the Malay Garden. It’s one of the tourist spots at Gardens by the Bay.

If you plan to visit Supertree Grove, you should turn right at this point. After you turn right, you’ll see the Supertree Grove on ahead.

If you want to go to Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, you should go straight. Let’s continue the following steps to help you reach Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.

Guide to Gardens by the Bay via MRT Train Step 9

9. Go along the walkway and you’ll reach Chinese Garden

Guide to Gardens by the Bay via MRT Train Step 10

10. When you arrive at Chinese Garden, you should turn right and then continue straight again. Soon, you’ll spot the Indian Garden on ahead.

Guide to Gardens by the Bay via MRT Train Step 11

11. Walk through the Indian Garden.

Guide to Gardens by the Bay via MRT Train Step 12

12. After you pass through the Indian Garden, go straight in 1 minute, you’ll see the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.

Guide to Gardens by the Bay via MRT Train Step 13

13. Go straight and you’ll see the ticketing counter of Flower Dome and Cloud Forest on your right.

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