Our SEA Aquarium Singapore Reviews & How to Go Guide

SEA Aquarium Singapore Reviews

In this SEA Aquarium Singapore review, my wife and I will share the experiences and photos from our trip. You’ll get a clear idea of what to expect, helping you decide if it’s worth your time.

We included the SEA Aquarium in our Singapore trip, particularly when exploring Sentosa Island.

Personally, I recommend a visit to the aquarium, as it’s home to a countless of stunning marine animals, which we will showcase in detail below.

Likewise, I will provide a detailed guide on how to get to SEA Aquarium Singapore by MRT or Cable Car, which I hope will save you time in searching for this information.

Our SEA Aquarium Singapore Reviews

Sharks, rays, and colorful fish move through the corals at SEA Aquarium Singapore
See sharks, rays, and colorful fish move through the corals at SEA Aquarium Singapore

Entrance Experience:

We bought our SEA Aquarium tickets online, avoiding long queues. This let us enter directly with our phone’s e-tickets, saving time and hassle. I recommend this for a smooth start to your visit.

Main Attractions:

The Open Ocean Habitat is breathtaking, showcasing a vast variety of marine life from tiny neon fish to majestic manta rays.

Also, don’t miss the jellyfish, dolphins, sharks, blue tangs, and clownfish.

The jellyfish exhibit is enchanting, dolphins are captivating with their playful antics, and the “Dory” like blue tangs add vibrant colors.

The clownfish, familiar as “Nemo”, are a delight for all ages. Each exhibit is unique, offering an unforgettable experience of the underwater world.

Interactive Zones:

The Touch Pool was a favorite, allowing us to gently touch starfish. It’s both educational and interactive, particularly engaging for children. The experience provides a hands-on understanding of marine life.

Duration of Visit:

We spent around 1.5 hours exploring the SEA Aquarium. This was ample time to enjoy all the main exhibits without feeling rushed.

Overall Experience:

Our visit to the SEA Aquarium was exceptional. The variety of marine life, from the vast Open Ocean Habitat to the playful dolphins, left us in awe.

The focus on marine conservation was both informative and inspiring. This visit is a must for anyone in Singapore, ideal for a family outing or a romantic escape.

What Marine Animals You Can See at SEA Aquarium

Various Marine Animals at SEA Aquarium Singapore
Get ready to meet various marine animals at SEA Aquarium

Visiting the SEA Aquarium Singapore is like entering a vibrant underwater world.

Here, you’ll find 7 unique habitats, each home to a part of the aquarium’s extensive collection of over 100,000 marine animals, representing more than 1,000 different species.

Imagine being surrounded by dolphins, sharks, manta rays, and multi-colored jellyfish, not to mention the myriad of beautiful fish and delicate coral reefs.

During my visit, I explored each of these 7 habitats, capturing the beauty of these marine creatures in stunning photos.

Let me walk you through what to expect in each habitat with the photos I took during my trip.

1. Shipwrecked: Explore Shipwrecks Turned into Tropical Marine Fish Homes

Visitors captivated by the serene Shipwrecked habitat
Visitors captivated by the serene Shipwrecked habitat

Right when you enter SEA Aquarium Singapore, you’ll see the Shipwrecked habitat. Here, Snubnose Pompano fishes swarm around a sunken ship, creating a lively underwater scene.

Look for the zebra sharks, with their unique stripes, swimming smoothly among the fish.

Also, spot the rare Bowmouth Guitarfish, often confused with sharks due to its shape.

Another highlight is the Black-blotched Fantail Ray. Its fan-like swimming is truly a sight to behold.

2. School of Fish: Meet 5,000 Fish and Touch Sea Stars!

Tropical fishes swarm around a coral
Schools of tropical fish swarm around a coral

In the School of Fish habitat, you’ll see a beautiful tank filled with colorful fishes. It’s a stunning display of different species swimming in harmony.

Two clownfish with vivid orange and white stripes hiding in wavy sea plants
Look for the ever-vibrant clownfish

One of the main attractions here is the Clownfish. These bright orange fish are fun to watch as they zip around the sea plants they call home.

Visitors interact with sea stars at a touch pool
Enjoy an interactive encounter with some sea stars

Another highlight here is the touch pool. This special feature allows you to gently touch and feel the texture of sea stars.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to connect more closely with marine life and learn through direct experience.

3. Ocean Diversity: See Dolphins, and 1,000 Sea Jellies

An Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin swimming in the clear blue water
Have a moment with some Dolphins

In the Ocean Diversity habitat at SEA Aquarium, start by marveling at the Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin. These intelligent dolphins captivate with their playful antics and social interactions.

Changing colors of Moon jellyfish
The changing colors of Moon jellyfish

Then, turn your attention to the Moon jellyfish. These jellyfish float gracefully, creating a serene underwater scene. Their gentle, rhythmic movements are truly mesmerizing.

Bright shades of Pacific sea nettle
The bright shades of Pacific sea nettle

Don’t miss the Pacific Sea Nettle jellyfish, known for their long, flowing tentacles and dramatic appearance. They add a touch of elegance to the habitat.

Blue blubber jellyfish floating in a tank, like a cloud of underwater balloons
Witness this magical assembly of blue blubber jellyfish

Also, look out for the Blue Blubber Jellyfish. These jellyfish stand out with their unique, blue-tinted bell and tranquil movements, adding another layer of beauty to the exhibit.

A giant spider crab with long legs and a spiky shell
The commanding aura of the giant spider crab

It’s almost impossible to let these giant crabs out of your sight. Their sizes are unmatched as they comfortably sit on top of the rocks. So, be sure to check them out as well.

4. Open Ocean Habitat: Watch 40,000 Sea Animals Swim in the Big Tank

Sit and stare at the breath-taking Open Ocean Habitat
Sit and stare at the breath-taking Open Ocean Habitat

The Open Ocean habitat is a breathtaking experience. This vast space is home to some of the most majestic creatures of the sea.

A cluster of manta rays, groupers, and zebra sharks
A cluster of manta rays, groupers, and zebra sharks

You’ll be amazed by the manta rays, with their impressive wingspans, gliding effortlessly through the water.

Also, you’ll find groupers, notable for their size and calm demeanor. These large fish add to the grandeur of the habitat.

Zebra sharks also inhabit this space, easily recognized by their distinct stripes and patterns. Watching them navigate the waters with a smooth, unhurried grace is captivating.

People watch fish in the Ocean Dome
Discover the charms of Ocean Dome

Don’t miss the Ocean Dome, featuring a massive viewing panel that provides a clear and immersive view of marine movements. It’s an unforgettable experience that brings you up close to the underwater world.

5. Quirky Adaptations: Spot Weird Fish, Sea Dragons, and Poison Frogs

A colorful Queen Angelfish swims by in SEA Aquarium Singapore
A colorful Queen Angelfish swims by in SEA Aquarium Singapore

When you visit the Quirky Adaptation habitat, you’ll be in for a treat with some truly unique creatures.

First up is the Queen Angelfish, a real head-turner with its striking colors and intricate patterns.

Leafy sea dragons
Spot the leafy sea dragons

Then, there’s the mysterious Sea Dragon, which is a master of camouflage. Spotting one is like finding a hidden treasure.

Blue Poison Dart Frog and Bumblebee Dart Frog
Don’t miss the blue poison dart frog and bumblebee dart frog

And don’t underestimate the tiny Poison Dart Frog. Despite its size, its bright colors serve as a warning sign of its toxicity, showcasing a clever adaptation.

6. Underwater City: A Dive into the Diverse Marine Life

Colorful Fishes and Corals at SEA Aquarium Singapore
Capture these colorful fishes and vibrant corals

At the SEA Aquarium Singapore’s Underwater City habitat, discover a range of fascinating marine life.

Surgeonfish, unicornfish, pufferfish, and globefish
Take a photo of the surgeonfish, unicornfish, pufferfish, and globefish

Look for surgeonfish, unicornfish, pufferfish, and globefish, each with unique shapes and behaviors.

Whitespotted Filefish, Honeycomb Cowfish, Lionfish And Mauritius Triggerfish
Meet some whitespotted filefish, honeycomb cowfish, lionfish, and Mauritius triggerfish

Also, spot the distinctive whitespotted filefish, honeycomb cowfish, lionfish, and Mauritius triggerfish.

Leopard Moray
The spotted skin of leopard moray

Don’t miss the Leopard moray, known for its striking, leopard-like spots. This habitat offers a glimpse into the diverse and colorful world of these marine species.

7. Apex Predators of the Sea: Encounter 12 Types of Sharks Up Close

People walking through a curved glass tunnel looking at large fish and sharks swimming overhead
Visitors enjoy an underwater journey surrounded by sharks

When you step into the Apex Predators of the Sea habitat, it’s like entering another world.

The tunnel walk-through is an incredible experience, where you’re surrounded by some of the most awe-inspiring sharks.

Sharks Swimming Around
Keep an eye on the sharks

You’ll come face to face with blacktip reef sharks and sand tiger sharks, each with their own unique and mesmerizing characteristics.

Nurse sharks and hammerhead sharks
Check out these nurse sharks and hammerhead sharks

Keep an eye out for nurse sharks too. They’re more laid-back than their counterparts, making them a fascinating contrast to the more dynamic hammerhead sharks, easily recognized by their distinctive head shape.

This part of the aquarium really brings you into the heart of the ocean’s food chain, giving you a glimpse of these magnificent predators in their simulated natural habitat.

If you are planning to visit Bangkok, you can check out my guide to SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World for some tips.

Ticketing and Entry

Book your SEA Aquarium tickets here to enjoy exclusive online-only discounts. That’s what we did during our trip.

It not only saves you money but also offers convenience, as you can enter the aquarium using the e-tickets on your phone.

S.E.A. Aquarium, 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269

Where to Go after the Aquarium

After marveling at the SEA Aquarium Singapore, continue your adventure at Universal Studios Singapore, just a short walk away.

It offers a world of thrilling experiences. For a different kind of fun, Madame Tussauds Singapore is also nearby, ready to dazzle you with its celebrity wax figures.

If you have additional days in Singapore, Gardens by the Bay is a must-visit. Its stunning beauty and picturesque spots are perfect for photo enthusiasts.

For those interested in wildlife, the Singapore Zoo awaits. With over 2000 animals, it’s a fantastic journey into the animal kingdom.

3 Easy Ways to Get to SEA Aquarium

SEA Aquarium Singapore Google Maps Guide
Click here to see an interactive map of getting to SEA Aquarium

The nearest MRT station to SEA Aquarium is HarbourFront MRT Station. From this station, you have 3 options to go to SEA Aquarium Singapore―by Sentosa Express (monorail), walking, and cable car.

The first option is the fastest and easiest one while the second option is the cheapest because it’s for free. The last option is the slowest but offers beautiful scenery while travelling to the aquarium.

The guide below will show you more detailed information on how to reach the aquarium through the 3 options I have mentioned above.

1. How to Go to SEA Aquarium Singapore by MRT and Sentosa Express

Sentosa Express Monorail

The fastest and easiest way of getting to SEA Aquarium Singapore is to take the MRT to HarbourFront MRT Station. From there, go out the Exit E and then head to the level 3 of VivoCity shopping mall for you to take the Sentosa Express (monorail) to the aquarium. The whole trip takes about 8 minutes and the monorail fare is SGD $4.

The instruction below will show you in a step-by-step manner how to take the MRT and Sentosa Express to the aquarium.

HarbourFront MRT Station Exit E

1. Board the North East Line or Circle Line to HarbourFront MRT Station. Once you alight at HarbourFront MRT Station, look for the Exit E and then turn left.

VivoCity Escalators

2. After you turn left, go up the escalator until you reach the level 3.

VivoCity Level 3

3. Once you reach the level 3, make a U-turn.

Sentosa Express Ticketing Counter

4. After you make a U-turn, you will see the Sentosa Express ticketing counter on ahead. You can purchase the monorail ticket from there and it costs SGD $4 per person. The ticket can be paid by cash, NETS and credit cards.

If you have EZ-Link card or NETS Flash card, you can skip the queue to buy the monorail ticket. You can use one of these cards to ride the monorail directly.

VivoCity Station Boarding Gate

5. Scan your monorail ticket or EZ-Link card/NETS Flash card at the boarding gate of VivoCity Station.

VivoCity Station

Sentosa Express Monorail Line
The route map of Sentosa Express

6. Board the monorail from VivoCity Station to Resorts World Station.

Resorts World Station

7. At Resorts World Station, take the escalator down.

SEA Aquarium Singapore Direction Board

8. After you go down the escalator, follow the signboard of SEA Aquarium. Continue straight until you see the water fountain.

Walkway to SEA Aquarium Singapore

9. At the water fountain, keep left and then go straight.

Walkway to SEA Aquarium Singapore

10. At this point, you should turn left.

SEA Aquarium

11. After you turn left, you will spot the SEA Aquarium on ahead. The ticketing booth of the aquarium is located on your right.

SEA Aquarium Ticket Booth

12. This is the ticketing booth of the aquarium. For the return trip, just reverse the step above.

2. How to Walk to SEA Aquarium via Sentosa Boardwalk

Getting to SEA Aquarium Singapore by Sentosa Boardwalk
The connection of Sentosa Boardwalk between the VivoCity and Sentosa Island

The cheapest way of getting to SEA Aquarium is through Sentosa Boardwalk because it’s free. The entire journey takes about 14 minutes’ walk from VivoCity shopping mall to the aquarium through Sentosa Boardwalk.

Now, let me show you in very details on how to walk to the aquarium from VivoCity shopping mall.

Walk to SEA Aquarium from Step 1 to 4

1. Catch the North East Line or Circle Line to HarbourFront MRT Station. After you get off the MRT at HarbourFront MRT Station, take the Exit E. Go up the staircase and then turn left.

2. After you turn left, go up the escalator to level 1 of VivoCity shopping mall.

3. After that you should keep left and then go straight on until you find the cross-junction.

4. At the cross-junction, you should turn left.

Walk to SEA Aquarium from Step 5 to 8

5. Go straight until the end of the VivoCity shopping mall.

6. You should keep left and go straight until the end after you go out the door of the VivoCity.

7. Go straight and you’ll reach the Sentosa Boardwalk soon.

8. This is Sentosa Boardwalk. Go straight until you reach the entry gate.

Walk to SEA Aquarium from Step 9 to 12

9. After you pass through the entry gate, you should turn right and then go straight.

10. Continue straight and you’ll see the staircase on your left soon.

11. Go up the staircase and then continue straight. You’ll spot the aquarium soon.

12. Go toward this direction and you’ll reach the SEA Aquarium.

3. How to Get to SEA Aquarium by Cable Car

Getting to SEA Aquarium Singapore by Cable Car

Another way to get to SEA Aquarium Singapore is by taking a cable car. The best location for you to ride a cable car to the aquarium is HarbourFront Cable Car Station. The entire trip will take about 28 minutes and costs SGD $35. You can refer below to know in detail of taking cable car to aquarium.

This is the slowest method to reach aquarium but it can offer you to see the beautiful views of Singapore and Sentosa Island. Here’s are some of the pictures I took when I ride the cable car.

Singapore Cable Car View 1

Singapore Cable Car View 2

The pictures below will show you in details how to take a cable car to the aquarium.

Guide to SEA Aquarium Singapore by Cable Car
A guide on getting to SEA Aquarium Singapore via Cable Car

Take Cable Car to SEA Aquarium from Step 1 to 4

1. First, take the North East Line or Circle Line to HarbourFront MRT Station. At HarbourFront MRT Station, you should go out the Exit B and then turn left.

2. Turn right and then go straight.

3. Continue straight until the end and then take the escalator up.

4. After you go up the escalator, you should go straight and then take the escalator up again.

Take Cable Car to SEA Aquarium from Step 5 to 8

5. Turn right and cross the link bridge on ahead.

6. Take the escalator down after you cross the link bridge.

7. Keep right and then go straight.

8. Turn left and then go straight on until you see the main entrance of Harbourfront Tower 2. It’s just 1-minute walk to there. The HarbourFront Cable Car Station is located at the 15-floor of Harbourfront Tower 2.

Take Cable Car to SEA Aquarium from Step 9 to 12

9. This is the main entrance of Harbourfront Tower 2, go in and you’ll spot the cable car ticketing counter at there.

10. The cable car ticket prices are SGD $35 for Adult (13 and above) and SGD $25 for Child (4-12) if you buy it at the ticketing counter.

Do you want to save more money?

You can book your cable car ticket online to get a 20% discount. The online ticket is much cheaper than you buy the ticket on-site.

11. After you get your cable car ticket, take the lift to the level 15. From there, you can board the Mount Faber Line to Sentosa Cable Car Station.

12. When you arrived at the Sentosa Cable Car Station, go out the exit gate and then turn right.

Take Cable Car to SEA Aquarium from Step 13 to 16

13. Go straight and then turn right again.

14. Continue straight until you’ll see the Imbiah Lookout Cable Car Station.

15. Turn left after you go in the Imbiah Lookout Cable Car Station.

16. Take the escalator up and then board the Sentosa Line cable car from Imbiah Lookout Cable Car Station to Merlion Cable Car Station.

Take Cable Car to SEA Aquarium from Step 17 to 20

17. After you leave the Merlion Cable Car Station, take the escalator down. Then, head toward the Imbiah Station which is just opposite of you.

18. Take the Sentosa Express Monorail from Imbiah Station to Resorts World Station. The Resorts World Station just one stop away from Imbiah Station.

19. When you reach the Resorts World Station, go down the escalator.

20. Follow the direction board of SEA Aquarium. You’ll reach the aquarium in less than 5 minutes.

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