SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World: A Full Review with Photos

SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World

SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World, once known as Siam Ocean World, offers an exciting underwater adventure. As the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia, it’s a recommended stop on any Bangkok itinerary.

This amazing aquarium is located in the basement 1 of Siam Paragon mall, it’s easy to find.

In my review, I’ll show you some great photos of the sea creatures and help you decide if it’s worth visiting. I recently went there with my wife and we had a great time.

I’ll give you all the key details to make your visit memorable. 😊

What You Can See at SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World

SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World Fishes
Ready yourself for your SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World adventure

SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World has 12 zones with over 30,000 sea creatures.

You’ll see cool ocean predators like sand tiger sharks and giant pacific octopuses, plus many fish like clownfish and lionfish. There are also seahorses, green sea turtles, and penguins!

We checked out every zone and took lots of great photos of these marine animals.

Below, I’ll show you all 12 zones with my photo collection.

1. Coral Reefs

Vibrant Corals and Clownfish
Admire the vibrant corals and clownfish

Kick off your SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World adventure at Coral Reefs. This section is loaded with many vibrant corals.

And of course, corals are the home to many fishes. So, take time to capture all the fish species here.

Lionfish, Scorpionfish, and Triggerfishes
Go over the display of lionfish, scorpionfish, and triggerfishes

This area is also known for its tricky predators with unique body designs.

Spot these strange-looking creatures navigating through their habitat while hunting small fishes.

To give you an overview, these are the lionfish, scorpionfish, and triggerfishes.

Batfishes, Angelfishes, and Butterflyfishes
Scan through this section filled with batfishes, angelfishes, and butterflyfishes

These fish species are some of the most vivid-looking creatures in the aquarium.

And because of their pulsating colors and delicate features, they are very much admired by aquarium lovers.

Ribbon Eels, Spotted Garden Eels, and Dog-faced Pufferfish
Identify the ribbon eels, spotted garden eels, and dog-faced pufferfish

Also on display are two types of eels―ribbon eels and spotted garden eels.

And of course, you can’t miss the dog-faced pufferfish. These species come with special features that make them highly interesting.

2. Rocky Shore

Jackass Penguins
Meet the jackass penguins

Step into Rocky Shore and witness these adorable creatures doing their daily routines. You can often find them wandering on the ground or swimming under the water.

On top of that, you can catch the jackass penguins being fed with small fishes.

Jackass Penguins Swimming
See these swimming jackass penguins

Just like most penguins, they love to dive deep and spend most of their time swimming―alone or in a group.

Plus, these animals communicate animatedly. You might even be surprised by their donkey sounds!

3. Ocean Tunnel

Sand Tiger Sharks
Come face to face with sand tiger sharks

Stroll around the Ocean Tunnel and have a personal encounter with the famous predators of SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World.

One of the many animals here are the sand tiger sharks, which are known for their creepy eyes and pointed snouts.

Eagle Rays, Leopard Whiprays, Shovel Nose Rays, and Leopard Sharks
Fix your eyes on the eagle rays, leopard whiprays, shovel nose rays, and leopard sharks

Also in this area are different rays such as eagle rays, leopard whiprays, and shovel nose rays. Each of these has its own unique body pattern.

Giant Goliath Groupers and Bluefin Tuna
Gaze at the giant goliath groupers and bluefin tuna

These animals are quite easy to distinguish because of their size.

The giant bluefin tuna, in particular, is the largest tuna species while the giant goliath grouper can grow up to 8 feet.

4. Shark Shipwreck

Shark Shipwreck
Enjoy a thrilling underwater experience at Shark Shipwreck

If you’re interested in large marine predators, simply head to Shark Shipwreck.

In this part, you will have a chance to come across different shark species.

From your seat, you can watch the divers swim together with these dangerous creatures.

Make eye contact with the sharks

Most of these sharks have frightening physical appearance and massive size. However, not all of them are tough predators.

So, if you want an exceptional experience, don’t miss this amazing man-made shipwreck in SEA LIFE Bangkok.

5. Tropical Ocean

Longfin Bannerfish and Yellowfin Surgeonfish
Be in awe with the vibrant longfin bannerfishes and yellowfin surgeonfish

Tropical Ocean is another must-visit aquarium because of its vivid fishes.

Take time to see the Longfin Bannerfishes and appreciate its beautiful colors of white and yellow.

There are also the yellowfin surgeonfishes that change colors as they age.

Honeycomb Morays
Observe the honeycomb morays

On the other hand, the honeycomb moray eels are very eye-catching. You won’t have a hard time distinguishing these creatures because of their body pattern.

Surprisingly, these particular eels also come with large teeth that make it easy for them to catch their prey.

6. Seahorse Kingdom

Half-spined Seahorses and Tiger Tail Seahorses
Watch out for the half-spined seahorses and tiger tail seahorses

Now, it’s time to explore the Seahorse Kingdom. This zone is the home to some special marine species―the seahorses.

Catch them swimming upright and copying the color of the sea plant to avoid marine predators.

Big-belly Seahorses and Alligator Pipefishes
Gaze at the big-belly seahorses and alligator pipefishes

This particular area in the SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World aquarium also shelters the big-belly seahorses. Because of their protruding belly, they appear to be pregnant.

Another highlight you’ll see here are the alligator pipefishes.

7. Rainforest Adventure

Green Sea Turtles
Treasure this encounter with the green sea turtles

Continue the fun and visit the Rainforest Adventure. This section takes you to a special experience with various tropical creatures.

And as you wander through the man-made rainforest, you’ll run into the largest turtle species in the world, the green sea turtles.

Arapaimas, Khela Mahseers, Black Diamond Stingrays, and Otters
Get ready to meet the arapaimas, khela mahseers, black diamond stingrays, and otters

Some marine animals inside this tank are the arapaimas, khela mahseers, and black diamond stingrays.

Also in attendance are the oriental small-clawed otters, which are dubbed to be the smallest of its species.

Bumblebee Dart Frogs and Blue Poison Dart Frogs
Take a glance at the bumblebee dart frogs and blue poison dart frogs

Don’t be fooled by their vibrant colors! The bumblebee dart frogs and blue poison dart frogs are some of the most poisonous frogs in the SEA LIFE Bangkok aquarium.

Bullfrog and Argentine Horned Frog
Recognize the bullfrog and Argentine horned frog

The bullfrog and Argentine horned frog are also two of the many frog species you’ll encounter here.

These animals are known for their immense size and unique body features.

Despite their massive structure, these two are quite inactive and often laze around.

Jaguar Carpet Python, Corn Snake, Milk Snake, and Leopard Gecko
Keep an eye on the jaguar carpet python, corn snake, milk snake, and leopard gecko

Aside from fishes and frogs, this place is also loaded with a variety of snakes and lizards.

To give you an overview, these include jaguar carpet python, corn snake, milk snake, as well as leopard gecko. All these creatures vary in size, color, and patterns.

8. Penguin Ice Playground

Gentoo Penguins
Say hi to the gentoo penguins

Have fun with the adorable creatures at Penguin Ice Adventure.

In this SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World zone, you’ll meet the Gentoo penguins.

Watch them swim and showcase their incredible underwater movements. Because of their skills, they can even dive at least 400 times a day!

Penguin Gaming Area
Bring the entire family into this interactive place

Aside from seeing the Gentoo penguins, make sure you drop by the penguin gaming area.

This is a great entertainment site for those families with kids. Let them play with the life-like creatures on the screen.

9. Rocky Hideout

Giant Spider Crabs
Be mesmerized by the giant spider crabs

Rocky Hideout is the beautiful sanctuary of many massive marine creatures like the giant spider crabs.

Because of its remarkable features, it takes the name of both spider and crab!

And there’s nothing to worry about these large marine crabs because they are not poisonous.

Giant Pacific Octopus
Spot the giant pacific octopus hiding between the rocks

Another noteworthy creature to look out for is the giant pacific octopus.

This huge sea mollusk, however, certainly knows how to play hide-and-seek. So, keep your focus and catch sight of this ocean giant!

10. Rockpools

Horseshoe Crab and Sea Star
Take a photo of the horseshoe crabs and sea stars

Be up-close with the horseshoe crabs and sea stars at Rockpools.

In this section, you are given the opportunity to get more personal with these creatures. You can play with them for a couple of minutes too!

Just make sure you just softly touch them and not take them out of the water. Remember to let them stay in their habitat with ease.

11. 4D Cinema

4D Cinema at SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World
SpongeBob Squarepants

The 4D Cinema of SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World adds more fun and excitement to your visit.

Ready yourself as you follow the breath-taking jellyfish journey of SpongeBob Squarepants.

The incredible and realistic effects make this movie highly entertaining.

So, be sure to catch this magical film experience together with your family and friends.

12. Glass Bottom Boat

Glass Bottom Boat
Try the glass bottom boat adventure

Get more personal with the sharks at Glass Bottom Boat. This experience allows you to have fun with the ocean’s predators and other marine species.

So, if you’ve got a daring heart, for sure you’ll love this unique encounter. And don’t worry because this exciting ride is safe for the entire family.

Glass Bottom Boat Shark Encounter
Catch a closer glimpse of the ocean’s predators

In each boat, there will be one or two SEA LIFE staff that will assist you.

And the tour guides will even show you how to feed the fishes by hand! Watch in admiration as hundreds of fishes gather in one area to devour their food.

My Review

Our trip to SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World was something fun and memorable. All the exhibits were worth-visiting.

Plus, there are a lot of aquariums with unique marine creatures to fuel your interest.

Without a doubt, this attraction is highly recommended―most especially to touring families and friends.

During our trip, we spent around 3 hours navigating around the marine displays. This is the suggested time duration if you want to complete all exhibits.

Also, make sure to buy the SEA LIFE Bangkok tickets online here before going so you’ll save up to 40% discount.

Aside from the cheaper rate, online tickets provide you speedy access to the park.

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I have personally visited these 2 famous tourist spots during my Bangkok trip. And I think these 2 attractions also deserve to be part of your itinerary.

For more ideas, don’t forget to read my 30 top things to do in Bangkok here and my perfect 5-day itinerary for Bangkok.

And if you plan to have a holiday in Singapore, do visit the aquarium there. Find out more details about this place in my guide to SEA Aquarium Singapore.

Visitor Information and Ticket Prices

Opening Hours:
10:00 AM – 8:00 PM (Last admission: 7:00 PM)

Normal Ticket Prices:
Adult (11+): 1090 Thai Baht
Child (3 – 11): 890 Thai Baht

Money Saving Tips:
Book discounted SEA LIFE Bangkok tickets here (SAVE up to 40%)

Official Website:

4 Ways to Get to SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World

1. By BTS Skytrain

Take the BTS Skytrain and you’ll reach SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World in no time. This train is the cheapest and easiest way to get to this famous attraction.

The nearest BTS station to the aquarium is at Siam BTS Station. So, simply head to Exit 5, which will take you to Siam Paragon. And conveniently, this aquarium is located at the Basement 1 of Siam Paragon mall.

Here’s a detailed guide in going to SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World from Siam BTS Station.

SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World Direction Board

1. Firstly, take the BTS Silom Line/ BTS Sukhumvit Line to Siam BTS Station. After you get off the BTS Skytrain, follow the direction board of Exit 5. It will lead you to SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World.

Siam BTS Station Exit 5 Escalator

2. Follow the Exit 5 direction board and then take the escalator down at Siam BTS Station.

Siam BTS Station Exit Gate

3. You should go out the ticket gate of Siam BTS Station and then turn left. The Siam Paragon shopping mall just located on your left.

Exit 5 to Siam Paragon

4. Enter the Siam Paragon shopping mall and then take the escalator down which is located on your right-hand side.

Escalator to SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World

5. You’ll see the escalator to SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World. Take the escalator down for you to reach the aquarium.

2. By MRT

If you’re staying near an MRT Station, this one is another option before you take the BTS Skytrain. You can take the MRT to Silom MRT Station/ Sukhumvit MRT Station/ Chatuchak Park MRT Station, depending on your location.

Once you reach one of the MRT Stations, you can now change to BTS Skytrain. Then, follow the guidelines above on how to reach SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World via BTS Skytrain.

3. By Public Bus

Another way is to take the public bus 16, 25, 73, 79, 204, 501, or 508. These public buses stop over Siam Paragon Bus Stop, which is just a walking distance to Siam Paragon. So, once you get to the shopping mall, you simply take the escalator down to Basement 1 where SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World is located.

4. By Taxi

If you want a convenient transportation option, you can also take a cab.

Just let the taxi driver drop you off at Siam Paragon since the SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World is located inside.

And don’t forget to check the meter first before hopping inside to avoid taxi scam.

Now, you’ve reached the end part of my article. I really hope that you find this SEA LIFE Bangkok article easy-to-read and helpful.

SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World is such a great destination for all ages. And all its marine exhibits are totally impressive.

So, make sure to explore this place during your trip to Bangkok.

Thank you and I wish you an enjoyable SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World experience. Goodbye! 🙂

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