Safari World Bangkok: Review and How to Go Guide

Safari World Bangkok Guide and Review

Calling all animal lovers―here’s the best guide to Safari World Bangkok and a full review of this amazing park!

Safari World Bangkok is one of the best attractions in Bangkok, Thailand. This animal park consists of 2 themes which are Safari Park and Marine Park. Both parks offer different kind of animals and spectacular shows for visitors to enjoy.

You’ll never be disappointed with all the Safari World activities because there’s something for every type of traveller. Whether you are with your family or friends!

In this guide, I’m going to share with you my experience of visiting Safari World Bangkok. And, I’ll list down the beautiful animals and amazing shows that you should watch at there in this blog. Aside from this, you’ll also know how to get to Safari World Bangkok easily.

Let’s get started.

About Safari World Bangkok


Safari Park and Marine Park
Click here to see a clearer Safari World map – Safari Park and Marine Park

Safari World Bangkok was formed in 1988 and it’s located 40 km away from the downtown Bangkok. This zoo consists of two equally spectacular themes―Safari Park and Marine Park.

Feeding Show at Safari Park
Tiger Feeding Show at Safari Park

First on the list is the Safari Park, which is the home to many wild animals. This particular park is meant to open your curiosity to the beauty of the African-like wilderness.

Ride the Coach Bus for around 45 minutes and you’ll closely see the zebras, white rhinos, camels, giraffes, deers, bears, lions, tigers, and more! Aside from seeing the wild animals up-close, the Coach Bus lets you watch the feeding shows for lions and tigers.

You can buy the Safari Park Coach Bus ticket from the ticketing counter for 45 Thai Baht per person.

Dolphin Show at Marine Park
Dolphin Show at Marine Park

Marine Park, on the other hand, is bursting with various fantastic shows. These include the Dolphin Show, Sea Lion Show, Orangutan Show, and Elephant Show. In addition, there’s the Cowboy Stunt, the Egg World, and giraffe-feeding, creating a great assortment of attractions.

Also, in the Marine Park are distinct animals like pelicans, flamingo, parrots, sea lions and walruses. Other creatures you can take notice of are white tigers, elephants, ring-tailed lemurs, Malayan tapirs, capybaras, mandrills, orangutans and more!

In simpler terms, both Safari Park and Marine Park feature animals, shows, and unique attractions. The main difference between these 2 parks are how to witness the animals and shows—Safari Park via bus and Marine Park by foot.

Safari World Bangkok Ticket Prices


Safari World Bangkok Ticket Price at Counter
The normal ticket prices to Safari World Bangkok

Normal Ticket Prices:

Safari Park
Adult: 1,000 Thai Baht
Child (Aged 2 – 12 and 100 – 140 cm Tall): 900 Thai Baht

Marine Park
Adult: 1,300 Thai Baht
Child (Aged 2 – 12 and 100 – 140 cm Tall): 1,100 Thai Baht

Safari Park and Marine Park
Adult: 1,500 Thai Baht
Child (Aged 2 – 12 and 100 – 140 cm Tall): 1,400 Thai Baht

Highly Recommended to Buy Your Safari World Bangkok Tickets Online

If you buy your tickets from the ticketing counter at Safari World Bangkok, the picture above shows the prices. Though you can purchase the Safari World tickets from the ticketing counter, these are much pricier compared to buying online.

So, if you want to save money, then get your tickets in advance via online to get huge discounts. You can enjoy a maximum of 43% discount rate!

Since both Safari Park and Marine Park are located in the same place, take advantage of these two fantastic parks. Each park can give you different and memorable experiences.

The Safari Park unlocks the world of wild animals, which includes feeding shows for lions and tigers via coach bus.

On the contrary, the Marine Park comes with various spectacular shows, including giraffe feeding. And instead of riding a bus, you can explore around Marine Park and meet other animals on foot.

Don’t miss this amazing chance of getting a discounted rate and book your tickets online!

What Things to Do at Safari World Bangkok


Witness wild animals roam freely at Safari Park

Safari Park Bangkok

To get around Safari Park of Safari World Bangkok, you need to take the bus that will comfortably tour you to the wilderness.

1. Zebra


Did you know that each zebra features a specific black and white stripe pattern? Because of their stripes, they can blend with the surroundings and get away from their attackers―running on a zigzag motion. And just like most horses and donkeys, zebras have a great sense of sight, allowing them to easily detect predators.

2. Ostrich


Considered as the largest bird in the world, ostrich also holds the reputation of laying the world’s biggest egg. Despite their massive size, they are fast runners and can run over 70 km per hour with their elongated legs. And a fun fact that deserves a mention―ostriches have multiple stomachs, not one, not two, but three!

3. Giraffe


Giraffes are very unique and captivating in so many ways. Unlike other animals, they only sleep around 5 to 30 minutes and just drink water once every few days. Accordingly, their entire life is spent more on standing, walking around, swinging necks, running, and eating leaves.

4. Camel


Camels are some of the oldest animals on Earth as their origin can be traced over 4,000 years ago. They have a unique body structure and features like multiple eyelids and eyelashes, thick skin, and furry ears. Their distinct build and amazing characteristics give them a great advantage, especially during sandstorms.

5. Marabou Stork

Marabou Storks
Marabou Storks

Marabou storks are not usual birds―these are larger bird species that can grow up to 5 ft.! With no feathers on their head down to their neck, they can easily eat everything they want. Surprisingly, marabou storks feed on both live and dead animals, and even poops and garbage.

6. Pelican


In comparison to the previously mentioned marabou storks, the pelicans are more decent as they often eat fresh catches. Through their sword-shaped bill, they can easily catch their prey, which includes fishes, insects, mammals, and even birds. Diving into the waters from at least a 40 ft. drop, pelicans are surely one of the strongest hunting birds.

7. White Rhinoceros

White Rhinoceros
White Rhinoceros

The largest of all five rhino species is the white rhinoceros, which is also the second-largest animal on earth. Don’t get intimidated by their bulging body because white rhinoceros don’t eat meat but rather feast on grass. Nevertheless, you can’t underestimate their strength and speed as they can run up to 40 km/hr!

8. Watusi


Watusis are literal show-stoppers because of their long, sharp horns that they use for protection from predators. And because of their rather unique feature, these cow-like build species are dubbed as the cattle of kings. Even in some local tribes in Africa, watusi are considered to be sacred animals.

9. Gaur


It’s easy to spot gaurs because of their dark skin and upward curved horns that grow up to 45 inches. Gaurs are quite huge creatures that allow them to successfully protect themselves from their main predators like crocodiles and tigers. Despite their massive body structure, gaurs’ diet consists of leaves, grass, fruits, and other plants.

10. Impala


Impalas are speedy, slender animals that can easily run as fast 60 km/hr. Even with their toned structure, unfortunately, they are often the target among many predators. That’s why many impalas gather in groups so that they can confuse attackers and easily run in a zigzag pattern.

11. Blackbuck


Without a doubt, the most striking features of a blackbuck’s body are their elongated, spiral horns and spotted skin colour. Blackbucks, or sometimes called as the Indian antelopes, are not just grass-eaters but also fast-runners and great jumpers. On hot days, you can spot them running around the grassland or resting under trees.

12. Wildebeest


In case you see any cattle-like creature with horns and beards, chances are, you have spotted a wildebeest! As part of the antelope family, wildebeests are plant-eating species that consume leaves and grass. Just like horses and other antelopes, they are amazing runners that can sustain a speed of 80 km/hr.

13. Oryx


Oryx are lovers of dry, warmer season; hence, they are most visible on deserts and grasslands. Their body colour is a combination of light brown, grey, white, and black, depending on the oryx species. But in unison, all oryx, whether male or female, have very long and razor-sharp horns that keep predators away.

14. Eld’s Deer and Fallow Deer

Elds Deer and Fallow Deer
Elds Deer and Fallow Deer

Often than not, eld’s deer and fallow deer accompany each other―eating grass together and lazing around together. Still, they are easy to differentiate as fallow deers have more prominent spots and wider horns. These small to medium-sized species are favourites in farms and zoo because of their adaptability and simple diet.

15. Lion


If you’re a fan of the hit movie ‘Lion King’, then you gotta see these powerful creatures at Safari Park. Lions are dubbed as the kings of the jungle for a reason―they are a mix of everything! They are ultimate warriors, powerful leaders, caring mothers, playful beasts, and oftentimes lazy beings.

16. Tiger


These oversized cats are the largest of their species, weighing up to 140 kgs. Distinctively, tigers are the only cats with stripes all over their body, though each of them has different stripe patterns. Compared to lions, they prefer being alone and not in groups so that they can rest conveniently and hunt successfully.

17. Brown Bear

Brown Bear
Brown Bear

Brown bears almost eat everything, from fish to deers to honey and more! These massive creatures easily catch their food using their sharp paws or right from their mouth. Brown bears are not all brown; there are some with cream colour and some with deep brown fur.

18. Black Bear

Black Bears
Black Bears

Black bears, in comparison, are more undersized bear species, making them the smallest among all other bears. Still, they are quite huge compared to humans so don’t take them too lightly, especially that they also eat meat. But frequently, black bears just eat plants, insects, honey, fruits, and fishes.

Feeding giraffe

Giraffe Feeding
Feed giraffes with bananas

One of the best things to do at Safari World Bangkok is giraffe feeding. You can meet these charming and tall creatures at Marine Park. By paying an additional of 100 Thai Baht, you can be closer to the giraffes and feed them with bananas.

Giraffe Feeding Food Counter
Food counter in the giraffe area

Simply go to the food counter in the giraffe area to pay the fee.

See unique animals at Marine Park

1. Orangutan


There are many special and beautiful animals you can see at Safari World Bangkok. One of the animals you shouldn’t miss to see is Orangutan at Marine Park.

There Orangutans feature almost the same features as humans. Well, they are actually like humans, having the same number of teeth and nearly the same level of intelligence. However, orangutans are much stronger than humans, so don’t stay too close to them!

2. Douc Langur

Douc Langur
Douc Langur

With their cute face, you can’t resist a douc langur’s charm. These unique monkey species feature a combination of fur colours, including white, grey, black, and brown. Unfortunately, because of their distinctiveness, they are on a high level of extinction.

3. Prairie Dog

Prairie Dog
Prairie Dog

You can find these lovable small creatures often on underground holes. Their below-ground homes are well-designed for particular activities like nursery areas for younger ones and even different sleeping areas. And because of their daily routine of soil digging and mixing, prairie dogs improve soil quality.

4. Ring-tailed Lemur

Ring-tailed Lemur
Ring-tailed Lemur

Have you seen the movie Madagascar? If yes, then you’d be seeing some of King Julien’s species―the ring-tailed lemurs! These intelligent animals have a unique tail, which is actually longer than its entire body.

5. White Tiger

White Tiger
White Tiger

Because of their breath-taking colour, white tigers are such a sight to behold. They stand out because of their light brown fur, brown stripes, and blue eyes.

6. Malayan Tiger

Malayan Tigers
Malayan Tigers

If you’re looking for tigers with unique abilities, then no need to look further because you’re on the right track. Malayan tigers are not just great hunters but also amazing swimmers!

7. Capybara


Capybaras are like oversized rodents with the features of your pet dog. Since they are rodents, they’d prefer to relax near water areas, though you can also find them on grasslands.

8. Mandrill


Mandrills are not just known for their multi-coloured face but also their gigantic size. They grow as tall as 3 ft. and can weigh up to 77 pounds, making them the largest monkey species.

9. Walrus


Because of their long tusks, walruses are fondly called as the “tooth-walking sea horses”. Their chubby skin may look quite adorable but they are pretty great fighters, especially when danger strikes. During mating season, male walrus produces high-pitched sounds to attract females.

10. Sea Lion

Sea Lion
Sea Lion

Sea lions love to laze around, whether underwater or even on the ground. These cute marine mammals are not just oozing with charms but also with unique features. They can dive up to 1000 ft., hold their breath for up 20 minutes, and swim around 22 miles per hour!

11. Agile Wallaby

Agile Wallaby
Agile Wallaby

Agile wallabies are some of the most common wallabies in existence. They have sandy brown fur, with some body parts outlined in black.

12. Malayan Tapir

Malayan Tapir
Malayan Tapir

Their black and white colour combination makes them a rather unique tapir species. Malayan tapirs are pretty heavy despite having a plant-based diet. It’s because they indulge themselves with leaves and fruits twice a day.

13. Kudu


From the antelope family, kudus are characterized by their spiral horns and striped fur pattern. These plant-eating animals often communicate through loud barks and other noises.

14. Fallow Deer

Fallow Deers
Fallow Deers

Fallow deers seriously have a thing for plants and fruits as they spend most of their time wandering around grasslands. They love to hunt some acorns, berries, young shoots, and other leafy and fruity treats.

15. Crocodile


While there’s a famous expression that goes like “crocodile tears”, crocodiles really do shed tears! However, don’t get too amazed by their tears because these big reptiles are dangerous. They can easily catch their prey with their hunting skills and unique features.

16. Manatee


Manatees are quite like sea lions and seals, except they prefer to be underwater, especially in shallow parts. As a result, manatees are more graceful when it comes to swimming. Unlike other marine mammals, they are not territorials and do not follow groups.

17. Carp Feeding

Carp Feeding

These bright coloured carps are popularly known as koi. And to keep you busy while exploring the park, you can feed the carps that gather in massive groups.

18. Cassowary


A cassowary is not just a large bird but also an exceptional animal. These huge bird species feature razor-sharp feet, hidden spikes on their wings, and human-like feathers. And if they aren’t eating fruits and nuts, they would sometimes eat their own poop!

19. Eclectus Parrot

Eclectus Parrots
Eclectus Parrots

Eclectus parrots are not hard to recognize because of their vibrant-coloured feathers and their nonstop chatters. These parrots are considered as one of the best talkers, making them a good pet or companion. Aside from nuts, seeds, and fruits, their favourite food is pomegranate.

20. Moluccan Cockatoo

Moluccan Cockatoo
Moluccan Cockatoo

An attention-seeker, Moluccan cockatoos need your complete attention. But even with their possessive attitude, they are amazing pets with elegant and impressive features. Whenever they are full of emotions―like angry, excited, or afraid―they would display upright their vibrant head crest.

21. Blue-and-Yellow Macaw

Blue-and-Yellow Macaw
Blue-and-Yellow Macaw

Their bright, beautiful colours make the blue-and-yellow macaws a nature stunner. They are also talking birds that can mimic human sounds in a loud and sometimes annoying manner. But still, these are great pet options because of their social skills and alertness.

22. African Grey Parrot

African Grey Parrots
African Grey Parrots

With a strong personality and high intelligence, African grey parrots can be a very challenging yet fulfilling bird to pet. They have active social lives and amazing characteristics, allowing them to live up to 60 years. So, for owners of these parrots, it’s easy to create a strong bond with these lovable creatures.

23. Pony


Look at these adorable ponies, eating their favourite grass and relaxing on the ground. Ponies are small, cute horses sporting shorter legs but thicker hair and tail. With their size, they are suitable for children learning how to ride horses.

24. Cuban Flamingo

Cuban Flamingo
Cuban Flamingo

It’s such a beautiful sight to see these pink flamingos together. Cuban flamingos have a long-life expectancy that can go up to 40 years. You can find these vibrant birds along damp areas or muddy stretches.

25. Green Iguana

Green Iguana
Green Iguana

Great iguanas have amazing jumping skills and swimming abilities. These big lizards, because of their uniqueness and lovable characteristics, are favourite domestic pets.

Discover the Eggs World

Eggs World
Eggs World

Welcome to Eggs World―a spectacular egg discovery centre loaded with eggs and more eggs! One of the attractions at Safari World is the development of a chicken embryo.

Parrot Egg Incubator
Parrot egg incubator

Aside from chicken, the place also generates parrots through this parrot egg incubator.

Parrot Growing Process
The process of parrot growing

Here you can see the initial process of growing a parrot. The second phase illustrates the early stages of this bird, with its petite body and minimal feathers. On the third process, you will differentiate several changes in their physical appearance. Lastly, these parrots have grown to be healthy and ready to fly.

Get a chance to feed a Baby Tiger

Feeding a Baby Tiger
Feeding a baby tiger

Aside from meeting various animals, don’t miss this chance to feed a baby tiger when you visit Safari World Bangkok!

Watch 7 amazing shows at Safari World Bangkok

1. Lions Feeding Show

Lions Feeding Show at Safari Park
Lions Feeding Show

Location: Safari Park

Witness a live lion-feeding show from the bus at Safari World Bangkok. Watching these massive beasts consume their daily meat is quite a sight to see! As playful as they are, lions would climb on the feeding vehicles to get their tasty share.

2. Tigers Feeding Show

Tigers Feeding Show at Safari Park
Tigers Feeding Show

Location: Safari Park

Other wild creatures that are also fun to watch when they eat are the tigers. Watch in awe as the park staff feeds these powerful animals with their favourite meat from the steel cage.

3. Dolphin Show

Dolphin Show at Marine Park
Dolphin Show at Marine Park

Location: Marine Park

There’s never a dull moment when you spend your time at the Dolphin Show at Marine Park. This show reveals the impressive skills and natural mental power of these adorable sea creatures―the dolphins.

Dolphins are considered one of the most intelligent marine animals that can do a lot of tricks. These species follow instructions carefully and ultimately act it out―like jumping up in the air to touch the ball. Be amazed by their impressive leaping skills that will surely keep you off your seat.

Dolphins Jumping Up

And of course, dolphins don’t just do these fantastic moves by their selves. Often than not, they’d entertain the crowd with their spectacular group coordination. They would jump, twirl, dive, and even sing unison!

Dolphins and Instructor Jumping

Look at how the dolphin instructor stands upright with the help of his ever-steady dolphin friend. Certainly, the instructor and the dolphin really make a good combination to watch!

4. Elephant Show

Elephant Show at Marine Park
Elephant Show

Location: Marine Park

The Elephant Show is another must-see exhibition while you are at Marine Park. The elephants are not just gentle giants but also extremely talented mammals!

Even with their massive size, the elephants can easily balance themselves―on both feet or even with just one foot! Look how good they are with their balancing skills.

Elephant Show

Elephants are also very playful. They’d love to pop colourful balloons. And, they can even shoot balls using their long trunks.

Aside from basketball, they are great at playing soccer. Give the ball to them and they can easily score a goal!

Do you think that’s just all these giant animals can do? Well, they can even walk above a person without stepping on them―that’s how amazing they are!

5. Orangutan Show

Orangutan Show at Marine Park
Orangutan Show

Location: Marine Park

Another crowd favourite at Safari World Bangkok are the orangutans! They are simply entertaining and act like humans.

Wearing human garments, orangutans would show their incredible moves as they dance to the musical beat.

Orangutan Show

On the other side, orangutans show their impressive sports ability through a boxing match. Before the match, these human-like creatures would poke fun to the courtside staff.

Don’t blink an eye as two orangutans battle their way to greatness. These two are not just good at throwing punches but also at entertaining the crowd. See who wins the battle at the end of the fight.

6. Sea Lion Show

Sea Lion Show at Marine Park
Sea Lion Show

Location: Marine Park

Sea lions are always one of the best sea entertainers at Marine Park. Just like dolphins, sea lions present their incredible marine moves before the hundreds of spectators.

Part of their incredible show of talents is how they balance the ball. Further, it’s so easy for these animals to balance their own body.

Sea Lion Show

And of course, they are up for more challenges as they balance both their body and the ball.

Look at how the sea lions do their daily exercise―at the same time funny tactics. Enjoy all their amazing tricks that represent their natural talents. Surely, sea lions deserve a standing ovation!

7. Hollywood Cowboy Stunt Show

Hollywood Cowboy Stunt Show at Marine Park
Hollywood Cowboy Stunt Show

Location: Marine Park

If you want to take a break from all-animal shows, well there’s something to look forward to at Marine Park. See the Hollywood Cowboy Stunt Show and be immersed in a funny, live presentation of a cowboy’s life.

Lay your eyes on their exciting routines that include battling other cowboys.

Hollywood Cowboy Stunt Show

But of course, there are still animal intermission numbers―like these pigs who stole the spotlight.

A cowboy life wouldn’t be complete without their horses―and some other farm animals.

All these cowboys, together with their pet horses, demonstrate their life in one, amusing exhibition.

Fake gunshots and smokes are also part of the show! Without a doubt, this attraction is great for all ages.

Safari World Bangkok Guide Map


Safari World Bangkok Map
View here for a clearer guide map of Safari World

Get an overview of the entire Safari World Bangkok with the help of the guide map above. The map will assist you in navigating the park easily.

Safari World Bangkok Show Timings Sheet
Safari World Bangkok Show Timings Sheet

Also, don’t forget to get a copy of the schedule sheet that will help you plan your day. You can get this, together with the guide map, at the front deck of the ticketing counter.

Safari World Map Signboard
Safari World Map

In case you failed to get a copy of the Safari World guide map, there’s no need to worry! You can find many large maps installed inside the park. Plus, direction boards are all over for smooth park navigation.

Safari World Show Times Signboard
Signboard for daily showtimes

Aside from the Safari World map signboards, there are also signboards for the daily showtimes.

Opening Hours of Safari World Bangkok


Monday to Friday
Safari Park: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Marine Park: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Saturday to Sunday
Safari Park: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Marine Park: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Safari World Bangkok Show Timings


Safari World Show Timings

Safari Park

Tiger and Lion Feeding Show: 10:00 AM

Marine Park

Monday to Friday
Hollywood Cowboy Stunt Show: 10:45 AM
Elephant Show: 11:30 AM
Orangutan Show: 10:40 AM & 2:00 PM
Sea Lion Show: 2:00 PM
Dolphin Show: 10:00 AM and 3:40 PM
Spy War: 2:50 PM
Bird Show: 2:40 PM & 4:10 PM

Saturday to Sunday
Hollywood Cowboy Stunt Show: 10:45 AM
Elephant Show: 11:30 AM
Orangutan Show: 10:40 AM & 2:00 PM
Sea Lion Show: 2:00 PM & 3:45 PM
Dolphin Show: 10:00 AM & 4:30 PM
Spy War: 2:50 PM
Bird Show: 2:40 PM & 5:10 PM

5 Tips for Visiting Safari World Bangkok


1. Visit the Safari World in the Morning and on a Weekend

Orangutan at Safari World

Come across this adorable orangutan, which is much more energetic in the morning compared in the evening. By starting your trip to the zoo in the morning, you can meet the animals in their most active state.

And, since you need a full day to see all attractions and popular shows, it’s practical to start in the morning.

For a more memorable park adventure, visit Safari World Bangkok during weekends. During these days, you have more time to explore the two parts of the park―Safari Park and Marine Park. It’s because weekends operate on longer hours.

And, the marine park provides two time slots for most shows on Saturdays and Sunday. So, if you miss the first one, you still have the chance to see the second time slot shows.

2. Skip the Jungle Cruise at Marine Park

The Jungle Cruise is one of the attractions at Marine Park. It allows you to take a boat through the river to see crocodiles, gorillas, snakes and elephants.

But all these are not real animals. That’s mean through the boat ride you only able to see some animal statues and sculptures. These all animal statues and sculptures are not attractive. Thus, it’s not worth to spend your time at this attraction.

3. Prepare Your Mosquito Repellent Ahead

Mosquito Repellent

Take precaution by applying mosquito repellent before you visit Safari World Bangkok. It’s better safe than sorry―especially you’ll be outside most of the time, making you more prone to mosquito bites.

4. Take Your Lunch Before 12:00 PM

Safari World Aviary Restaurant

Enjoy every bite as you dine in Safari World Aviary Restaurant. This buffet restaurant serves a wide range of international and local cuisines.

The Safari World Aviary Restaurant and all other restaurants around the park are quite jam-packed during lunch. So, if you want to skip the long queues and avoid the crowd, you can take your lunch earlier.

Dining earlier also saves time so you can spend more time to explore the zoo.

5. No Outside Foods and Drinks are allowed to be taken into the Park

For safety purposes, you will be checked upon entry at the gate. Even if you cannot bring outside foods and drinks, there’s no need to worry! There are plenty of food stalls inside the park, with different snacks and beverages to choose from.

Also, there are water stations inside the restaurants. So, you can just bring your own, reusable water bottle and refill it anytime.

Please take note that mineral water bottle (recycle bottle) is not allowed to bring into the park. They only allow for reusable water bottle.

How to Get to Safari World Bangkok


Once you’ve decided to visit Safari World Bangkok, you’re given 3 transportation options, with downtown Bangkok as the starting point. These 3 ways are: By BTS skytrain and public bus, direct shuttle bus and taxi. Let’s check out now.

1. By BTS Skytrain and Public Bus

Bangkok BTS Train
Bangkok BTS Skytrain
Why you should take the BTS Skytrain and Public Bus?
Cheapest but slowest and required transfers several times

If you’re on a tight budget, you may want to consider this cheap transportation option. However, do take note that you’ll have to allocate at least 2 hours to reach Safari World Bangkok.

There’s no direct BTS or MRT train going to Safari World Bangkok, so you need to take the train first. Right after, hop aboard the public bus.

Hence, this may be the cheapest yet also the slowest manner to go to the park.

Refer to the step-by-step guide below to go to Safari World Bangkok via BTS train, then public bus:

A Visual Guide on Getting to Safari World from Bangkok
A Visual Guide on Getting to Safari World Bangkok
  1. Take the Sukhumvit Line to Mo Chit BTS Station.
  2. From Mo Chit BTS Station, go out the Exit 1 or 3.
  3. Hop on the Bus No. 26 going to Fashion Island Shopping Mall.
  4. Get off at Fashion Island Shopping Mall.
  5. Take Bus No. 197 to Safari World Bus Stop.
  6. From the Safari World Bus Stop, walk around 10 minutes to Safari Word Bangkok.

Time required to Safari World Bangkok = Around 2 hours

2. By Shuttle Bus

Shuttle Bus to Safari World Bangkok
Shuttle Bus to Safari World Bangkok
Why you should take the direct shuttle bus?
Easiest, fast and save time plus affordable price

The best option is the direct shuttle bus from downtown Bangkok to Safari World. This air-con ride is not just the most convenient but also the safest mode of transportation. It’s because this shuttle bus service already includes Safari World entry ticket.

Here are 6 reasons why you should take the shuttle bus to Safari World Bangkok:

  1. Super convenient. If you want less travel time and less stress, then the shuttle bus is the answer.
  2. Direct transportation. Compared to the first option, there’s no need to walk from the designated bus stop to the Safari World entrance.
  3. Skip the crowded public bus. Often than not, the public bus can get too crowded, especially during peak hours.
  4. Avoid taxi scam. Sadly, there are taxi drivers who do not use their meter. Instead, they would give you fixed and higher rate.
  5. Skip the ticketing counter queue at Safari World. Since the shuttle bus already includes entrance ticket for Safari World, no need to line up at the ticketing counter.
  6. Secured, comfortable, and cheap. Above all, the shuttle bus is cheaper than taking a taxi and even more secure than taking the public bus. So, you just hop aboard, relax, and prepare yourself for a fun-filled day at Safari World.

Assembly Location:
Conveniently, the assembly location for the shuttle bus is just located outside of Victory Monument BTS Station, Exit 2.

Here’s my feedback on the shuttle bus I joined during my trip to Safari World Bangkok

This shuttle bus service offer multiple packages. During my visit to Safari World Bangkok, I availed of the package that already includes a lunch buffet.

The foods served at the lunch buffet were quite plain. So, if you’re not a fan of buffets, you can just choose Single Day Pass + Join In Transfers package. This package consists of the shuttle bus transfer as well as the Safari Park and Marine Park tickets.

With or without the lunch buffet, these packages are actually much cheaper compared to buying your tickets on-site. The tickets purchased at Safari World ticketing counter is 1,500 Thai Baht, with no inclusion of shuttle bus services.

This shuttle bus service also come with the “drive through Safari Park”. The “drive through Safari Park” gives you a scenic yet comfy view of the animals at the Safari Park.

Not only that, this bus lets you watch the feeding show for lions and tigers at a closer distance. So, you don’t need to spend 45 Thai Baht to ride a Coach Bus at Safari World for you to experience the “drive through Safari Park”. This is because the shuttle bus already covered this service.

Know more about the prices, assembly location, and actual schedule of the shuttle bus service through the link below.

3. By Taxi

Taxi from Bangkok to Safari World
Bangkok Taxi
Why you should take the taxi?
Fastest but expensive

The last option is by taking a taxi to Safari World Bangkok. This is the comfortable and fastest way of getting there. Unfortunately, this is also the priciest, considering the traffic jam in Bangkok.

So, if you’re planning to take a cab, better check with the driver first if their meter is working. If not or if they refuse to use the taxi meter, find another one―it’s better safe than sorry.

Is Safari World Bangkok Worth Visiting

Safari World Bangkok

On the whole, Safari World Bangkok is such a spectacular place to visit, especially for families and groups of friends.

This top-rated attraction has 2 parks that are definitely worth visiting. These are the Safari and Marine Parks, each of which featuring different sets of animals and shows.

Our personal experience of the Safari World Bangkok was memorable. My wife and I had fun with the variety of animals in the parks. We enjoyed the close encounters with some adorable creatures, marine species, and even wild animals.

Aside from that, we loved the amazing shows with the dolphins, elephants, sea lions. The orangutan and cowboys shows, on the other hand, are also very funny!

All these shows were amazing, so make sure to watch these when you visit Safari World! And of course, you can’t miss the tiger and lion feeding shows, together with the giraffe feeding that has a very interesting presentation.

We visited the zoo on a weekend because of more time slots for the shows and longer operating hours. And also, we almost spent the entire day exploring the place.

Without a doubt, we totally enjoyed our visit to Safari World Bangkok. So, if you’re in Bangkok, don’t forget to visit Safari World and get your tickets online to enjoy 43% discount. And, it’s highly recommended to take the direct shuttle bus to Safari Wold for a comfortable and safer trip.

Availing of the shuttle bus with entry ticket is not just convenient but also cheaper compared to buying ticket on-site.

Thank you for reading everything, from start to finish. I hope you get valuable tips and tricks you can apply during your visit to Safari World Bangkok.

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