Careful! 10 Things You Can’t Bring Into Singapore

Things You Can't Bring Into Singapore

Planning a trip to Singapore? Before you pack your bags, know this: there are strict rules on what you can bring. From chewing gum to toy walkie-talkies, some items are a big no-no.

Read on to discover the ten things you must leave behind to avoid fines and enjoy a hassle-free vacation. 😊

1. Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum

The restriction began in 1992 to maintain the cleanliness within the country. This law also ensures the efficiency of the public transport system, specifically the MRT.

So, when visiting Singapore, make sure not to bring chewing gum, or else you’ll face hefty fines.

If chewing gum is a daily necessity, don’t forget to comply with the medical authorizations required by Singapore. Always follow the local regulations and keep public spaces clean.

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2. Controlled Drugs

Controlled Drugs

Singapore is stringent in maintaining the order and public safety of its nation. For this reason, controlled drugs are strictly prohibited.

Don’t think of bringing one into the country or else you’ll face serious consequences. Trafficking large quantities of drugs may even result in the death penalty.

Some of the substances not allowed in the country are cocaine, heroin, and marijuana.

Prescription medications must be declared at customs for approval. This is crucial to prevent legal issues during your trip.

However, common over-the-counter medications like flu medicine, pain relievers (e.g. Panadol), and allergy medicine do not need to be declared.

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3. Firearms and Explosives


When traveling to Singapore, leave all firearms and explosives behind.

The country prohibits the importation of weapons and ammunition into the country. Unauthorized possession results in legal consequences, including imprisonment.

This stringent regulation is adapted to ensure public safety and national security. Only those with explicit permission from the local authorities are allowed to bring these items into the country.

For those who need to bring these items for specific purposes, comply with the necessary permits. There are clearances you should accomplish before arrival.

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4. Fireworks


Just like firearms and explosives, fireworks are also banned in the country. Singapore has strict rules in terms of fireworks for safety concerns.

If you fail to follow the rules and bring fireworks without a license, be ready for the outcome. Legal consequences or significant fines are waiting for you.

Fireworks may be allowed during official events as long as they comply with proper authorization.

If you have no business in handling fireworks, avoid bringing one during your trip. Adhere to local guidelines to avoid accidents and public disturbances.

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5. Obscene Materials

Obscene Materials
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If you visit Singapore, another thing to know is the prohibition of obscene resources. The country complies with moral standards by setting rules that protect the public.

Therefore, as a traveler, you need to avoid bringing indecent materials. These include explicit magazines, videos, and other media.

Since these are prohibited in the country, breaking the rules means paying the consequences of your actions. Apart from confiscation, you might need to pay fines.

6. Pirated and Counterfeit Goods

Counterfeit Bags

When in Singapore, truthfulness and integrity are part of their local culture. This principle is seemingly in relation to their restriction on counterfeit goods.

Pirated items are not allowed entry into the country to protect brand integrity. The intellectual property laws of Singapore are stringent to protect genuine items.

That’s why avoid bringing pirated items that may cause confiscation and hefty fines.

Always adhere to local rules as a sign of respect for their culture and economy. Choose original goods and support ethical practices.

7. Recreational E-Cigarettes and Vaporisers


Another set of products not permitted in Singapore are recreational e-cigarettes and vaporizers. The local government sets a strict regulation to protect public health, especially among the young ones.

They highly discourage the usage of nicotine to avoid addiction. The country’s strict stance is also related to the possible health risks from the products.

With the country’s stern rules about these banned items, it’s best not to include them in your travel luggage. Leave them behind to prevent material confiscation or even hefty fines.

8. Shisha


Singapore also prohibits items like shisha or hookah. The government always gives priority to public health and safety.

As such, these products are restricted to avoid health concerns among citizens. Local officials set rules to promote good health and reduce smoking rates.

Meanwhile, importation or usage of shisha may be allowed but with certain restrictions.

If you’re to bring shisha without prior approval, expect penalties. But ideally, it’s better not to bring them in the first place for a seamless trip.

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9. Concealed Weapon


Refrain from bringing concealed weapons during your Singapore adventure. The nation firmly forbids carrying and importing these products into the country.

Typical examples include brass knuckles, knives, and other dangerous items. These items may cause fear and chaos among the locals.

This local regulation underscores the country’s commitment to public safety and order. Therefore, you must comply with the regulations for a safe and peaceful environment.

If these weapons are pivotal during your visit, accomplish the proper authorization. Foregoing the rules and requirements causes severe penalties, from fines and imprisonment.

10. Walkie-talkies

Walkie Talkies

One of the most unique items that’s not allowed in Singapore is the walkie-talkie. While some consider these as childhood toys, the country prohibits entry of these products.

The prohibition stems from the possible interference of crucial communication systems. Most of these devices interfere with the network or overall system.

So, if you’re not using this professionally, there’s no reason for you to bring walkie-talkies. Avoid unwanted disruptions to prevent legal issues.

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