10 Biggest Mistakes Travelers Make When Visiting Singapore

Mistakes Travelers Make When Visiting Singapore

Planning a trip to Singapore? It’s easy to slip up on your first visit by missing out on the city’s best parts or getting caught in common traps.

This guide covers the top 10 mistakes travelers make, from overlooking local food to forgetting about visa needs.

Keep reading to ensure your Singapore adventure is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

1. Skipping Local Food

When in Singapore, you’ll definitely love the variety of food choices. As a melting pot of cultures, you should try as many local foods as you can during your visit.

Some highly recommended dishes are chicken rice, sambal stingray, and chili crab.

You can find a lot of these tasty treats from different hawker centers. Try Lau Pa Sat, Chinatown Complex Food Centre, or Maxwell Food Centre.

2. Not Following Rules

Just like every country, Singapore has its own set of rules you need to follow. For example, chewing gum on the street is a big no-no.

Littering is also prohibited, and so is jaywalking. When you smoke, make sure that it’s within the designated area.

You should know that Singapore is very strict. Always follow the rules to avoid inconvenience. It’s also a sign of honoring their culture.

3. Not Dressing Right for the Weather

If it’s your first time visiting Singapore, then you need to prepare your outfits in advance.

Singapore is always sunny and humid. So, it’s best that you wear light and comfy clothes while exploring around.

For attractions that require a lot of walking like Universal Studios Singapore or Gardens by the Bay, bring comfortable shoes. Always prioritize your comfort during your travel.

4. Only Using Taxis

While taxis are highly comfortable, these are a bit expensive. Save money by riding a train or a bus. The public transportation in Singapore is top-notch, making your trip more comfortable.

It’s also much cheaper and very easy to use. Tor ride a bus or train, purchase an EZ-Link card. You can find them in ticket offices of MRT stations or convenience stores.

5. Not Getting Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is essential when visiting any country. Anything can happen during your trip, like lost luggage, unwanted sickness, or even accidents.

With your travel insurance, you save money on hefty hospital expenses.

It also gives you peace of mind in case of unexpected problems. So, buy travel insurance before your Singapore adventure.

6. Just Staying in the City

Singapore is such a vibrant city with lots to offer. So, aside from the typical city attractions, explore the other side of the country.

Sentosa Island is one of the best places in Singapore for outdoor adventures. Have fun under the sun and enjoy the beautiful beaches.

Or, head to Mandai if you want a wildlife exploration. Just an hour’s ride from the city, the place is truly a scenic wonderland.

7. Forgetting to Drink Water

Because of the hot weather, it’s easy to get thirsty. Make sure to stay hydrated. Drink lots of water to make your trip even more comfortable.

You can also bring a water bottle with you to save money. There are several drinking fountains around so you just refill the bottle. Bottled water is also available in convenience stores.

8. Not Knowing Local Ways

Aside from the local rules, there are certain guidelines you need to know, especially when eating. It’s prohibited to eat or drink inside the train and bus.

A food etiquette in the hawker center is to put your trays back in their designated area after eating. This is important to show your respect for their culture.

9. Forgetting to Check Visa Needs

Before you visit Singapore, check if a visa is required by your country. Some countries might require one so do your research beforehand to avoid immigration problems.

You can simply check online if there are requirements, though the most common is your passport. Don’t forget to complete the arrival card within 3 days before arrival in the country.

10. Missing Out on Cultural Experiences

Lastly, make the most out of the cultural beauty of Singapore by exploring different places.

There’s a lot to discover in this small yet thriving country. Wander around Little India and try tasty Indian food or stroll the street of Chinatown and go shopping.

Beyond these cultural spots, the futuristic charms of Singapore make it unforgettable. Sightsee unique structures and be in awe of the craftsmanship.

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