Top 17 Things to Do in Ginza

Things to Do in Ginza

Looking for the top things to do in Ginza? Dive into Tokyo’s most vibrant district, where luxury shopping, delicious food, and unique cultural experiences await.

From exploring high-end boutiques to savoring top-notch sushi, Ginza has something for everyone.

Keep reading to discover 17 must-visit spots that will make your Ginza adventure unforgettable. 😊

1. Ginza High-Street

Sophisticated allure of Ginza High-Street
Sophisticated allure of Ginza High-Street – Photo Credit: VTT Studio /

Ready yourself for an exciting adventure at Ginza High-Street. This premier shopping district sits right in the vibrant heart of Tokyo, enticing locals and tourists.

Dive into this luxury area and uncover its variety of shops. Here, you’ll find high-end boutiques, flagship international brands, and upscale department stores.

Discover brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Chanel, along with top-rated local favorites.

Trendy cafes and fancy restaurants are also dotted along the iconic street. Come weekend, the street transforms into a shopping paradise for a free-of-traffic escapade.

The architectural charm of Ginza is also a sight to see. Bask in the sophisticated vibes while checking out the variety of shops.

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2. Ginza Itoya

Stunning interior of Ginza Itoya
Stunning interior of Ginza Itoya – Photo Credit: Carolyne Parent /

Are you interested in colorful and functional stationery? Make your way to Ginza Itoya, a haven for stationery lovers. This long-running store has been in the business for a century, starting in 1904.

Apart from its history, the wide product selection creates a unique appeal to visitors. Explore the 12 floors and unravel different types of stationery in each section.

You’ll find all sorts of products in this shop, from charming notebooks to luxurious pens.

There are plenty of craft materials, greeting cards, and fancy supplies to spark your creativity. Afterward, unwind at their café or attend their crafting sessions.

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3. Ginza Six

The facade of Ginza Six
The facade of Ginza Six – Photo Credit: picture cells /

If you’re into luxury shopping, head to Ginza Six. Wander around this sprawling complex with hundreds of stores. This place is filled with high-end brands and exclusive boutiques with sophisticated aesthetics.

Discover a variety of fashion items, home goods, and cosmetics from different stores. As the epitome of premier shopping in the capital, Ginza Six boasts of its stunning architecture.

See panoramic city views from its lovely rooftop garden. The vibrant art installations around the area are also something to look forward to.

Don’t miss their food hall in the basement for some local and international delicacies.

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4. Uniqlo Ginza

Different levels of Uniqlo Ginza
Different levels of Uniqlo Ginza

A staple in the local fashion scene is none other than Uniqlo Ginza. Here, you’ll come across the flagship store of Uniqlo, a famous casual wear brand.

As the forerunner of all other Uniqlo stores, this place impresses visitors with its sprawling selection of products. Stroll around a vast expanse that spans across 12 floors.

Each section delivers a unique set of stylish and comfy clothing. Find the perfect casual outfit and everyday essentials.

Explore various categories, from women’s to men’s and children. There are plenty of exclusive items from collaborations on display, too.

Apart from the vast array of products, the store’s sophisticated aesthetics are bound to entice you.

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5. GU Ginza

A peek at the displays in GU Ginza
A peek at the displays in GU Ginza

Another renowned clothing brand found in Tokyo is GU Ginza. This is the sister brand of Uniqlo that leans more on trendy fashion.

Check out their wide array of stylish clothing for men and women. They also have several shoes and accessories to cater to different people.

Oftentimes, GU Ginza collaborates with designers and brands for exclusive collections. Keep up with the latest Japanese trends with their budget-friendly products.

The store’s bright and airy ambiance also makes shopping here more pleasurable. So, shop around and enjoy the welcoming vibes.

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6. Tokyu Plaza Ginza

Tokyu Plaza Ginza and its marvelous exteriors
Tokyu Plaza Ginza and its marvelous exteriors – Photo Credit: yu_photo /

Carry on with your shopping escapade and visit Tokyu Plaza Ginza. This shopping complex seamlessly blends sophistication and culture.

Luxuriate in the fancy glass facade that highlights Japanese craftsmanship.

The stunning kiriko glass beautifully welcomes visitors to a posh shopping experience.

Enter the store and discover the curated display of premier boutiques and high-end salons. You’ll also find a series of gourmet dining options.

Right after, head to the rooftop terrace for some drinks and fancy relaxation. The Kiriko Lounge treats you to some breathtaking city views.

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7. Hakuhinkan Toy Park

Impressive toy displays in Hakuhinkan Toy Park
Impressive toy displays in Hakuhinkan Toy Park

Whether you’re a kid or young at heart, you’ll surely fall in love with Hakuhinkan Toy Park. This is the ultimate paradise for toy enthusiasts.

Revel in the wide selection of toys, hobby items, and game essentials. The products are displayed across four floors to excite your senses. If you want some plushies and character products, go to the first level.

The upper floors are allocated for board games, puzzles, and model kits. Explore the variety of options, from international designs to local styles. Make the most out of your visit by playing at their arcade area.

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8. Manneken

Delectable treats from Manneken
Delectable treats from Manneken

If you’re a self-confessed sweet tooth, the Manneken in Ginza is your ultimate destination. This charming shop treats you with some tasty waffles that are bound to delight your senses.

Savor these freshly baked desserts that are perfect as afternoon snacks. The crispy exterior and fluffy interior create an exceptional experience. Plus, the aroma of this sweet treat is truly captivating.

Find your favorite from the selection of flavors, which include plain and chocolate. They also have seasonal specials that you shouldn’t miss.

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9. Tsukiji Outer Market

Busy section in Tsukiji Outer Market
Busy section in Tsukiji Outer Market – Photo Credit: kylauf /

Step into the bustling area of Tsukiji Outer Market. This vibrant market is just a walking distance from Ginza. Witness an exceptional culinary experience through the local stalls and laid-back restaurants.

These food spots are known for their fresh seafood and sushi. While traversing through the alleys, indulge in some Japanese street food.

Try their seafood skewers and traditional omelette. Along the way, check out some unique items for souvenirs. Some popular finds are the Japanese kitchenware and knives.

10. Sushi no Midori

Mouthwatering platter from Sushi no Midori
Mouthwatering platter from Sushi no Midori – Photo Credit: 梅丘寿司の美登利

Treat yourself to a delectable platter of fresh sushi from Sushi no Midori in Ginza. This renowned restaurant is often the top choice when it comes to high-quality sushi.

Aside from the seafood freshness, visitors love their reasonable prices. Check out their extensive menu of sushi and sashimi or order from their set menus. Some of their classic favorites are tuna and salmon.

They also have seasonal specialties to elevate your dining experience. So, make sure not to miss these Japanese dishes during your Ginza adventure.

11. Ginza Kagari Honten

A bowl of ramen from Ginza Kagari Honten
A bowl of ramen from Ginza Kagari Honten

Calling all ramen lovers! The Ginza Kagari Honten is one of the best spots for a hearty ramen encounter. This quaint restaurant is commendable if you want high-quality ingredients and a cozy dining setup.

Delight your palate with the exquisite chicken broth and delicate noodles. The fresh toppings made of char siu pork, chicken wontons, and green onion are cherry on top.

You’ll love the flavors that stem from premier ingredients and traditional techniques. Take your time as you savor the chicken ramen of your choice.

12. Oreno Yakiniku Ginza

Fresh and tasty meat served at Oreno Yakiniku Ginza
Fresh and tasty meat served at Oreno Yakiniku Ginza – Photo Credit: 俺の株式会社

Taste the culinary goodness of premium yakiniku through Oreno Yakiniku Ginza. This is a top-rated Japanese BBQ restaurant that serves high-quality meat at a decent price.

Explore their wide meat selection, from Wagyu beef to pork and chicken. Grill the fresh meat at the table and pair it with some side dishes. They also have mouthwatering sauces to complement each bite.

Plus, the vibrant atmosphere makes the place even more exciting. You’ll love the grilling experience that’s perfect for families and groups of friends.

If you’re on the hunt for the best BBQ feast, this place is the answer.

13. Aux Bacchanales Ginza

Lush surroundings of Aux Bacchanales Ginza
Lush surroundings of Aux Bacchanales Ginza – Photo Credit: DRN Studio /

Experience a taste of Paris in the picturesque district of Ginza. Aux Bacchanales Ginza is one of the most commendable bistros in the area that prides itself on its food and aesthetics.

Make your way to this restaurant and savor some French favorites. Their classic menu features delectable croissants, quiches, and steak frites.

While waiting for your order, bask in the elegant décor. The serene ambiance gorgeously mimics a beautiful Parisian café. There’s also an outdoor terrace for chilling out.

So, if you’re looking for a fancy breakfast or a casual lunch, this is the place to be. The delectable food choices and overall vibes offer a delightful dining experience.

14. Kabukiza Theatre

Fancy architecture of Kabukiza Theatre
Fancy architecture of Kabukiza Theatre – Photo Credit: kuremo /

Dive into a cultural pursuit through a visit to Kabukiza Theatre. This is a renowned venue where traditional kabuki performances are being held.

Set in a historic building, the place transports you back to the old times.

Steal a glance at the ornate facade that beautifully features the Edo period. Of course, don’t miss the main attraction and see a kabuki show firsthand.

This is a cultural experience filled with captivating portrayals and backdrops. There’s an English audio guide to help you enjoy the performance even better.

15. Tsukiji Hongwanji Temple

The majestic beauty of Tsukiji Hongwanji Temple
The majestic beauty of Tsukiji Hongwanji Temple

Situated near the district is a captivating Buddhist temple called the Tsukiji Hongwanji Temple. Beyond its cultural significance, the temple’s architectural allure is one reason for its popularity.

Marvel at the unified fragments of both Japanese and Indian styles. The intricate adornments and stunning carvings create a striking appeal to visitors.

If you step inside the temple, the peaceful atmosphere envelops your senses. Embrace the tranquility and recharge your spirit.

You can meditate within the religious grounds or even participate in local practices. At times, the temple serves as the location for cultural events and concerts.

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16. Art Aquarium Ginza

A burst of colors at Art Aquarium Ginza
A burst of colors at Art Aquarium Ginza – Photo Credit: アートアクアリウム

Spend a fulfilling day at the Art Aquarium Ginza. This unique attraction is a beautiful fusion of marine life and artistic charm. Be in awe of the mesmerizing exhibits of aquariums with vivid goldfish.

The bright and alluring hue of the fish stands out from the backdrop of lights and sounds. See the distinct beauty of each tank, highlighting different creative designs.

Without a doubt, the art aquarium is a seamless representation of art, nature, and elegance. So, don’t hesitate to squeeze this into your itinerary.

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17. Hamarikyu Garden

Scenic pond within Hamarikyu Garden
Scenic pond within Hamarikyu Garden

Wrapping up the list is the serene Hamarikyu Garden. This place is one of the loveliest spots in Ginza to relax your senses.

Journey through the vast garden that once served as the hunting ground of early military leaders.

The meticulously landscaped grounds offer visitors a nice place to chill out. Stop by some traditional tea houses and bridges and take photos of beautiful ponds along the way.

Find the main pond, which connects to Tokyo Bay. Then, continue exploring the winding pathways bounded by seasonal allure.

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