17 Fun Things to Do in Odaiba with My Complete Itinerary

Things to Do in Odaiba Guide

Here’s a complete list of fun things to do in Odaiba that you might want to include in your itinerary.

Odaiba is definitely one of the highly-visited attractions in Tokyo. Unlike other tourist locations, you’ll be surprised that this artificial district has almost everything under the sun.

So, let me introduce what you must not miss during your visit.

I’ll also show you how to organize your Odaiba itinerary, including the best routes to save you time while exploring. 😊

1. Go to the Fuji Television Building

The incredible views from the Fuji Television Building observation deck
The incredible views from the Fuji Television Building

If you’re looking for the best things to do in Odaiba, head to the Fuji Television Building.

This is dubbed as Japan’s largest commercial TV network, which features an observatory sphere called the “Hachitama”.

While at the top, capture the 360-degree panoramic view of Odaiba, which is surrounded by the vastness of Tokyo Bay.

Make sure you also catch a glimpse of the Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge, and other top-rated sites.

And if you visit the place on a clear day, you might see the ever-beautiful Mount Fuji from afar.

2. Have fun at Tokyo Joypolis

Exciting rides and games at Tokyo Joypolis, an indoor amusement park in Odaiba
Fun-filled sections of Tokyo Joypolis

When visiting Odaiba, don’t miss the exciting attractions at Tokyo Joypolis. This indoor park, managed by the gaming giant SEGA, is a haven of fun for families and friends alike.

Imagine playing arcade games that you can’t find anywhere else!

If you’re into immersive experiences, give their Virtual Reality (VR) games a try. It feels like stepping into a whole new world.

But that’s not all; they have rides that mix video games with real-life thrills.

One more tip is to remember to buy your Tokyo Joypolis tickets online to get up to an additional 20% discount!

3. Drop by the Odaiba Statue of Liberty

Replica of the Statue of Liberty in Odaiba, a symbol of freedom and friendship
The commanding aura of the Odaiba Statue of Liberty

There’s no need to go to New York just to witness the ever-popular Statue of Liberty. You can find a replica of this well-liked structure in Odaiba.

Every day, you can find lots of people, waiting for their turn to capture that winning-shot of the famous statue.

In this place, you can also get a glimpse of the Rainbow Bridge. So, make sure you feature the bridge, together with the Statue of Liberty, when you take a photo.

4. Capture the Rainbow Bridge

Breathtaking night view of the Rainbow Bridge, connecting Odaiba to Tokyo
Illuminating colors surrounding the Rainbow Bridge – Photo by Wei-Te Wong

One of the must-see things during your exploration around Odaiba is the Rainbow Bridge.

This remarkable structure connects the high-tech island of Odaiba to mainland Tokyo. Because of this, it is often called the Tokyo Bay Connector Bridge.

So, be sure to take some photos while enjoying the beautiful views around.

My Suggestion:
There’s no need to waste time walking across the bridge just to get a great picture.

Just go to Statue of Liberty, Fuji Television, or Odaiba Seaside Park, which are the best spots to capture the colourful bridge.

5. Revel in the beauty of teamLab Planets TOKYO

Odaiba's teamLab Planets TOKYO offers immersive art experiences
The spectacular sections at teamLab Planets TOKYO

TeamLab Planets TOKYO is a very popular spot in Odaiba that you should definitely include on your list of things to do.

Explore the immersive exhibits and be fascinated by the world-class digital arts.

There’s a place surrounded by breathtaking flowers, a section full of glittering crystals, and so much more! Surely, you won’t regret visiting the museum!

One tip to consider is to book your teamLab Planets tickets here in advance because the tickets to the museum sell out very quickly.

6. Get mesmerized by the Giant Unicorn Gundam Statue

Impressive life-sized Unicorn Gundam Statue, a mecha icon in Odaiba
The towering scene of the Giant Unicorn Gundam Statue

Another amazing thing to do when you go to Odaiba is to see the Giant Unicorn Gundam Statue.

Be amazed by this towering structure and try to snap some photos.

Then, explore around and you’ll find a landscape full of flowers. The expanse of colourful tulips gives a laid-back ambience to this fun and modern facility.

7. Do the shopping at DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

Shopping, dining, and entertainment at DiverCity Tokyo Plaza
Impressive selection of items inside DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

Go on a shopping spree at DiverCity Tokyo Plaza. This famous mall sells almost everything, including fashion essentials, home tools, gadgets, and so on.

You are surrounded by a variety of brands, from local products to international ones.

Aside from the shopping options, the mall’s second floor features a vibrant food court with plenty of dining choices for all ages.

Here, you can indulge in a variety of delectable dishes, including takoyaki, ramen, burgers, and a range of other culinary delights.

8. Relax at the Odaiba Seaside Park

Scenic Odaiba Seaside Park bathed in golden light during late afternoon
Some picturesque views at Odaiba Seaside Park

Odaiba Seaside Park is such a beautiful park to unwind. Here, you can see the spectacular waterscape as well as some impressive views of the Fuji TV.

There are seats along the walkway so you can comfortably watch the beautiful scenes.

And if you visit late in the afternoon, try to catch the breath-taking sunset. At this time of the day, the beautiful birds fly freely across the beach and through the sky.

Surely, this is a perfect place to see the sun fading from the skyline.

9. Dine in at Eggs ’n Things in Odaiba

Delicious brunch at Eggs ’n Things in Odaiba
Delectable delights from Eggs ’n Things

Eggs ‘n Things is another must-go place on your Odaiba trip.

This is one of the best restaurants to take your breakfast in the morning or snacks in the afternoon, or even at night.

Take a look at their extensive variety of food choices, from waffles to omelettes and French toasts!

Don’t miss their bestsellers, which are the strawberry whipped cream and macadamia nuts pancakes.

10. Enjoy the LEGOLAND Discovery Center Tokyo

Experience interactive LEGO adventures at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Tokyo, Odaiba
The vibrant colors of LEGOLAND Discovery Center Tokyo

Take your kids to LEGOLAND Discovery Center Tokyo and enjoy an immersive activity!

Begin your adventure by stepping into MINILAND, where you can marvel at iconic Tokyo landmarks made entirely out of LEGO bricks.

Craving some action? Jump aboard the Kingdom Quest ride and go on a mission to save the princess, zapping away the baddies with your trusty laser gun.

In short, the center offers a range of activities, from miniatures and master classes to rides and 4D cinema, ensuring an adventure for all.

You may get your LEGOLAND admission tickets online for convenient access to the center.

11. Stroll around Madame Tussaud’s Tokyo

Meet lifelike wax figures at Madame Tussaud’s Tokyo
Realistic wax characters at Madame Tussaud’s Tokyo

As you travel to Odaiba, don’t miss Madame Tussaud’s Tokyo, which stands out as a top and unique museum destination.

Capture a glimpse of your favourite stars in their wax figures. See lifelike models of Tom Cruise, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, and Brad Pitt among others.

Also, you can see famous sports icons, and other reputable people around the world. There are also a couple of interactive activities around.

12. Satisfy your hunger at Odaiba Takoyaki Museum

Takoyaki delights from various vendors at Odaiba Takoyaki Museum
The one-of-a-kind Odaiba Takoyaki Museum

Head to Odaiba Takoyaki Museum and check out the yummy local treats.

You might think this a real museum but it’s actually a place for all Takoyaki lovers!

Takoyaki balls are definitely a staple when visiting the country, so be sure to grab a bite of these yummy and on-the-go snacks.

Explore the different stalls and choose from the tasty variety of Takoyaki balls for everyone.

13. Discover the innovations at Miraikan Science Museum

Explore science and technology exhibits at Miraikan Science Museum
The unique displays at Miraikan – Photo by Miraikan

Miraikan or National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation is such a fun destination to visit.

In fact, it is the most educational museum to visit when touring Odaiba.

So, take your kids and discover the spectacular things inside this exhibition hall.

  • Explore the Frontiers: Learn more about the solar system, the Earth, and other scientific subjects in this section.
  • Create your Future: Welcome to a world where technology meets nature. Here, you’ll catch a glimpse of the future and some human-like robots. Try to interact with Asimo, the Humanoid Robot.
  • Discover your Earth: If you’re interested in discovering more about the Earth, head to this zone and uncover different exhibits. You’ll also enjoy a lot of interactive activities related to Geo-. These include Geo-Cosmos, Geo-Scope, Geo-Prism, Geo-Cockpit, and Geo-Palette.
  • Dome Theater: Watch two incredible programs inside this 121-seater theater. The cinema features a very advanced image system to provide a high-precision 3D experience.

14. Be entertained at Tokyo Trick Art Museum

Mind-bending optical illusions at Tokyo Trick Art Museum
Mind-boggling arts at Tokyo Trick Art Museum

For fun and artsy adventure, pop by Tokyo Trick Art Museum. This is definitely an entertaining spot to explore with its collection of fascinating art exhibits.

As you walk around, you’ll come across different virtual illusions that are too good to be true.

Check out the 3D art displays with your family and friends, and prepare your poses beforehand.

15. Immerse yourself inside Small Worlds Tokyo

Detailed miniature worlds come to life at Small Worlds Tokyo
Marvelous creations at Small Worlds Tokyo

While plotting out activities for your Odaiba adventure, consider adding Small Worlds Tokyo.

As the biggest indoor miniature theme park in the world, this place is surely one of a kind.

Uncover the miniature designs of different realistic areas, from the space center to the global village.

There’s also a section dedicated to the worlds of sailor moon and Evangelion.

Aside from the realistic creations, you are given the opportunity to make your own miniatures too!

16. Uncover the mysteries of Daiba Haunted School

Spooky thrills and haunted adventures at Daiba Haunted School
Daiba’s haunted entrance, where mysteries and tales await

Venture into the scary Daiba Haunted School on the 4th floor of DECKS Tokyo Beach Seaside Mall for a thrilling experience.

As you enter, you’re transported to an old, ghostly school, echoing with tales of a tragic past involving its headteacher and students.

With only a flickering torch, you’ll navigate the dark, fear-filled corridors, attempting to save the lost souls that linger.

This isn’t just a haunted house walkthrough; it’s an immersive, interactive horror challenge.

Are you brave enough to try it? Every corner will test your nerves.

17. Dive into the fun world of Unko Museum!

Whimsical and unusual exhibits at Unko Museum in Odaiba
Colorful wonders at Unko Museum

Visit the Unko Museum for a unique and colorful experience!

As soon as you step in, you’ll see that this isn’t your typical museum. It’s all about poop, but in the most fun and playful way.

Imagine taking selfies with bright and quirky poop sculptures or sliding down a massive toilet slide.

You can also create digital poop fireworks, and then watch them burst on a large screen.

My Suggested Itinerary for Odaiba

I completely understand that preparing a proper Odaiba itinerary can be quite challenging, especially with your busy work schedule and first-time visit.

But don’t give up because I’m going to give my suggested half-day and full-day itineraries of Odaiba to you in here.

For tips on how to tour around Tokyo without rushing on time, just look at my 7 days itinerary in Tokyo to help you out!

Option 1: Half-Day (8 Hours – Start from Morning)

Option 1 - Half Day Itinerary
Option 1 – Half Day Itinerary
  • 10:00 AM – teamLab Planets TOKYO
  • 12:00 PM – Small Worlds Tokyo
  • 1:00 PM – Unicorn Gundam Statue
  • 1:05 PM – DiverCity Tokyo Plaza (Food Court)
  • 1:35 PM – Unko Museum
  • 2:35 PM – Fuji Television Building
  • 3:35 PM – Odaiba Statue of Liberty + Capture Rainbow Bridge
  • 3:40 PM – Tokyo Joypolis/ LEGOLAND Discovery Center
  • 5:40 PM – Odaiba Takoyaki Museum

Option 2: Half-Day (7 Hours – Start from Afternoon)

Option 2 - Half Day Itinerary
Option 2 – Half Day Itinerary
  • 1:00 PM – teamLab Planets TOKYO
  • 3:00 PM – Unicorn Gundam Statue
  • 3:05 PM – Fuji Television Building
  • 4:05 PM – Odaiba Statue of Liberty + Capture Rainbow Bridge
  • 4:10 PM – Tokyo Joypolis/ LEGOLAND Discovery Center/ Madame Tussaud’s Tokyo
  • 6:10 PM – Odaiba Seaside Park
  • 7:10 PM – Eggs ’n Things Odaiba

Option 1: Full-Day (10 Hours)

Option 1 - Full Day Itinerary
Option 1 – Full Day Itinerary
  • 10:00 AM – teamLab Planets TOKYO
  • 12:00 PM – Unicorn Gundam Statue
  • 12:05 PM – Fuji Television Building
  • 1:05 PM – Kua Aina Aqua City Odaiba
  • 1:35 PM – Odaiba Statue of Liberty + Capture Rainbow Bridge
  • 1:40 PM – Tokyo Joypolis/ Daiba Haunted School
  • 3:40 PM – Madame Tussaud’s Tokyo/ LEGOLAND Discovery Center
  • 5:40 PM – Odaiba Takoyaki Museum
  • 6:10 PM – Odaiba Seaside Park
  • 7:10 PM – Eggs ’n Things Odaiba

Option 2: Full-Day (10 Hours)

Option 2 - Full Day Itinerary
Option 2 – Full Day Itinerary
  • 9:00 AM – teamLab Planets TOKYO
  • 11:00 AM – Unicorn Gundam Statue
  • 11:05 AM – Unko Museum
  • 11:55 AM – DiverCity Tokyo Plaza (Food Court)
  • 12:25 PM – Miraikan
  • 2:25 PM – Fuji Television Building
  • 3:25 PM – Odaiba Statue of Liberty + Capture Rainbow Bridge
  • 3:30 PM – Tokyo Joypolis/ Madame Tussaud’s Tokyo/ LEGOLAND Discovery Center
  • 5:30 PM – Odaiba Seaside Park
  • 6:30 PM – Eggs ’n Things Odaiba

Where to Go Next

Aside from exploring Odaiba, don’t miss to visit Tokyo Disneyland, which is a world-famous amusement park.

This offers a lot of incredible roller-coasters for you to ride and plenty of adorable Disney characters for you to take photos with.

I also recommend you to visit Asakusa, a very beautiful historical location in Tokyo. So, go over my article on the best things to do in Asakusa and find out the must-see sights there.

Things to Do in Odaiba, Tokyo (Map)

Odaiba Map
Click here to see an interactive map of Odaiba

The map above highlights nearby train stations and the best things to do. Before your visit to Odaiba, check it out to familiarize yourself with the locations in advance.

Train Station Exits

Train Station Exits for Odaiba Attractions

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