How to Go to Shinjuku from Haneda Airport? (4 Options)

Haneda Airport to Shinjuku Guide

If you want a stress-free transportation, here’s a full guide from Haneda Airport to Shinjuku for every traveller.

When travelling between Haneda Airport International Terminal and Shinjuku, you have 4 transport options to choose from.

In this blog, I will discuss all these transport options, including the fastest and easiest way among all 4.

Haneda Airport Transport Options

So, how do you choose the most suitable transport option for you?

Don’t worry because you’ll be able to answer this question with the help of this detailed blog.

Through this full guide, you will speed up the process of finding the most suitable transport mode to reach Shinjuku.

And for you to easily pick your best option, I will highlight the main differences of these 4 transport modes.

I will also include the travel duration and the travel costs for each transport option.

All in all, this will not just lessen your research time but will also save you money and travel time.

Do take note that choosing the right transport mode to Shinjuku is very important. It largely creates an impact to your entire itinerary and spending duration.

So, when you pick your preferred transport mode from the airport to Shinjuku, be sure you know the schedules ahead.

Take into account the start and last operating hours of the train and bus located at the airport.

Most trains and buses operate until late night or midnight only. So, in case you won’t catch the last trip, don’t panic because I will also provide an alternative solution.

Now, it’s time to dive into the 4 transport options that will take you to Shinjuku from Haneda Airport.

The 4 Transport Options from Haneda Airport to Shinjuku – Which one is the best for you?


Option 1: Limousine Bus (The Easiest and Fastest Way with ZERO transfer – Highly Recommended)

Haneda Airport Limousine Bus Transfer

If you want a less stressful airport transfer, pick the limousine bus, which is a direct shuttle going to Shinjuku.

Through this direct bus, you’ll be able to transfer between Haneda Airport and Shinjuku conveniently.

This transport option is ideal for everyone, from solo travellers to couples and even families with children and elderly.

One of the best things about this one is that you reach Shinjuku without transferring from one train to another.

Limousine Bus Interior

You simply just hop aboard the bus, sit back, and relax on the wide and comfy seat spaces inside.

Not only that, this direct transport bus is air-conditioned, clean, and well-maintained.

This means it’s a perfect option for those who had a long hour flight or those suffering with a jetlag.

Limousine Bus Interior

You can take a good rest and even sleep on the bus. Plus, there is a built-in toilet inside, making it more ideal for those travelling with kids.

The screen on the bus that features both Japanese and English languages is very helpful. It provides the current destination and the next stop so you’ll be updated with your location.

Since this directly transports you to Shinjuku, you won’t have a problem with bringing your luggage everywhere you go.

Thus, you will save time and effort in figuring out the right train route from Haneda Airport to Tokyo City.

Inside the bus, there’s big storage for your luggage so you can keep your things secured and intact all throughout.

Plus, the friendly staff assigned in the bus will help you load and unload your luggage.

They even issue tag numbers to remind you of your stuff and to ensure there won’t be mix-up of luggage. It’s almost the same as the ones in the airport check-in luggage that comes with tag number.

So, if you have any concerns, you can easily ask assistance from the staff who can converse in English.

Truly, this direct shuttle bus is the fastest and comfiest transport option going to Shinjuku.

It would just take around 30 minutes to reach Shinjuku from Haneda Airport.

Not only that, the price is quite affordable too!

If you’ve decided to choose option 1, then you don’t have to worry about the location of the bus stop. It’s super easy to find at the airport and it regularly arrives on time for departing.

Moreover, the limousine bus offers multiple drop-off locations in Shinjuku so you just pick the one closest to your hotel. These are as follows:

  1. Shinjuku Station (West Exit)
  2. Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal
  3. Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku
  4. Keio Plaza Hotel
  5. Century Southern Tower
  6. Hyatt Regency Tokyo
  7. Shinjuku Washington Hotel
  8. Park Hyatt Tokyo
  9. Hilton Tokyo
  10. Higashi-Shinjuku Station

If you want to know more about limousine bus reputation, you can read the Limousine Bus reviews here. This will give you an idea of the feedback noted by previous travellers who avail of the service.

And for the latest bus ticket prices of Limousine Bus via online booking, see the link below.

Limousine Bus Operating Hours:
First bus depart at Haneda Airport International Terminal is 5:45 AM
Last bus depart at Haneda Airport International Terminal is 2:20 AM

Depart every 5 – 30 minutes from Haneda Airport International Terminal

Travel Cost (One way):
1,250 yen

0 (Direct)

Total travel time required:
Around 30 minutes

Online Booking:
Limousine Bus Tickets Online

Limousine Bus Schedule

Option 2: Tokyo Monorail (Slow and Cheap but Required Transfer)

Tokyo Monorail

Now, let’s have option 2, which is the Tokyo Monorail. If you are on a budget and who wouldn’t mind longer travel duration, then this is for you.

From Haneda Airport International Terminal, you take the Tokyo Monorail going to Hamamatsucho Station.

JR Yamanote Line

Then, from Hamamatsucho Station, you transfer to JR Yamanote Line that will take you to Shinjuku Station.

All in all, the total estimated travel time would take around 41 minutes.

Since this isn’t a direct transport, it’s time-consuming and inconvenient.

You need to bring your luggage all throughout your train transfer.

And, the trains have limited space for your stuff, which is an added downside to your trip.

Hence, it’s not recommended for travellers with so many luggage and bags.

But if you are willing to take the multiple train rides, you can choose this option. It’s still a cheap way to travel from the airport to Shinjuku.

Tokyo Monorail Operating Hours:
First train depart at Haneda Airport International Terminal is 5:18 AM
Last train depart at Haneda Airport International Terminal is 12:10 AM

Depart every 3 – 10 minutes from Haneda Airport International Terminal

Haneda Airport International Terminal to Hamamatsucho Station via Tokyo Monorail:
– Around 15 minutes
– 500 yen

Hamamatsucho Station to Shinjuku Station via JR Yamanote Line:
– Around 26 minutes
– 200 yen


Total travel time required:
Around 41 minutes

Tokyo Monorail Schedule

Option 3: Keikyu Line Train (Fast and Cheapest but Required Transfer)

Keikyu Line Train

If you think that option 2 is very time-consuming, you have another train option, which is the Keikyu Line Train.

Surprisingly, this is faster than option 2 and much cheaper. Instead of around 41 minutes estimated travel time, this would take about 35 minutes only.

But just like option 2, you need to deal with transfer before you reach Shinjuku.

So, from Haneda Airport International Terminal, you will take the Keikyu Line going to Shinagawa Station.

JR Yamanote Line

Then, from Shinagawa Station, you ride the JR Yamanote Line going to Shinjuku Station.

Aside from the train transfer, you will also need to consider your luggage.

Most of the trains have limited storage area for your luggage. Therefore, this one is also not suitable for those carrying plenty of luggage and other stuff.

But if you really want to save money, this is the cheapest way to reach Shinjuku from Haneda Airport.

Keikyu Line Operating Hours:
First train depart at Haneda Airport International Terminal is 5:26 AM
Last train depart at Haneda Airport International Terminal is 12:01 AM

Depart every 5 – 10 minutes from Haneda Airport International Terminal

Haneda Airport International Terminal to Shinagawa Station via Keikyu Line:
– Around 15 minutes
– 300 yen

Shinagawa Station to Shinjuku Station via JR Yamanote Line:
– Around 20 minutes
– 200 yen


Total travel time required:
Around 35 minutes

Option 4: Private Haneda Airport Transfers (Comfortable and Relax Way but Costly)

Private Haneda Airport Transfers

If you want to experience a super relaxing ride, then book a private airport transfer from Haneda Airport to Shinjuku.

Featuring 24-hour service, you won’t have to deal with time restrictions upon your arrival at the airport.

This transport option offers service to those who arrive at the airport during late night or at midnight.

So, there’s no need to worry about the train and bus schedules because you’ll be picked up any time.

For those who are travelling with kids or senior citizens, this option is recommended because of its convenience.

Your luggage will be properly taken care of compared to travelling using public transport modes. No more dragging of big and heavy luggage inside and outside the train.

Plus, the seats are very comfortable, allowing you to unwind and take a good rest while inside the vehicle.

Another impressive feature of private airport transfer is that they offer door to door pick up service.

This means you will be transported directly from the airport to your hotel―without any train transfers.

With that, you won’t have to spend a lot of time searching for the train routes going to Shinjuku. You simply just take your ride and relax.

Furthermore, the private airport transfer provides service from Shinjuku to Haneda Airport. So for those who have bought many souvenirs, this is a great option to make your trip more convenient.

And, to ensure that you have a valid booking, the operator will call or contact you via WhatsApp for re-confirmation.

You can read the reviews of the previous travellers who have availed of the private airport transfer here.

Or, you can click the link below so you’ll have an idea of the latest rates of the private transfer.


I hope that the guide will give you a better understanding of all 4 transport options.

And from there, you can pick the most suitable transport mode for you to reach Shinjuku from Haneda Airport.

Don’t forget to bookmark the page so you can use it as a reference in your future trip.

And, kindly share this guide to your travel buddies so you’ll be able to help them too.

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Thank you so much and I wish you a convenient and awesome holiday in Tokyo!

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