Haneda Airport to Shinjuku: The Fastest and Easiest Ways

Haneda Airport to Shinjuku Guide

This detailed guide will teach you how to get from Haneda Airport to Shinjuku easily using options like the Limousine Bus, Tokyo Monorail, Keikyu Airport Line Train, or Private Airport Car Service.

Haneda is about 22 km from Shinjuku Station and takes approximately 45 minutes to reach. Costs can range from 1,400 yen to 7,860 yen, depending on the transport you choose.

Let me guide you through the 4 transport options for reaching Shinjuku, including the fastest and easiest one.

I’ll also share my top recommendation for transportation with you to save time on your Tokyo itinerary. Let’s get started! 😊

1. Getting to Shinjuku from Haneda Airport by Limousine Bus

Haneda Airport to Shinjuku by Limousine Bus

The fastest way to travel from Haneda Airport to Shinjuku is by taking the Limousine Bus. The journey takes just 45 minutes and costs only 1,400 yen. Buses depart from the airport every 10 to 30 minutes.

For precise departure times, you can refer to the online bus schedule. Simply view the “Haneda Airport Route” section, find the “Shinjuku Area”, and click the “From Airport” button to see the timetable for buses heading to Shinjuku.

a. Your Guide to Buying Bus Tickets

Bus Ticketing Counter Location
The location of the bus ticket counter and the bus ticket machine.

For those arriving at Terminal 3, you can purchase your bus tickets from either the bus ticket counter or the bus ticket machine in the second-floor arrival hall.

Alternatively, you can buy the bus tickets online for convenience. To purchase the bus tickets online, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Limousine Bus ticket reservation website here.
  2. In the “Package options” field, select “One Way” ticket.
  3. Choose “Haneda Airport (HND)” from the “Departing from” area.
  4. For the “Drop-off location”, you can select “Downtown Tokyo” since it includes the Shinjuku area. You will only need to board the bus at the correct bus stop, which I will show you below.

b. Bus Boarding Location

The Bus Stop No. 3 bound for Shinjuku
Board the bus at Bus Stop No. 3

To catch the bus to Shinjuku, go to Bus Stop No. 3 on the first floor of Terminal 3 at Haneda Airport.

c. The Bus Drop-off Locations

The limousine bus offers multiple drop-off locations in Shinjuku so you just pick the one closest to your hotel. These locations are as follows:

  • Shinjuku Station
  • Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal (Busta Shinjuku)
  • Keio Plaza Hotel
  • Hyatt Regency Tokyo
  • Hotel Century Southern Tower
  • Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku
  • Shinjuku Washington Hotel
  • Park Hyatt Tokyo
  • Hilton Tokyo

d. Why You Should Take the Limousine Bus?

The Inside Look of Limousine Bus
An inside look at the Limousine Bus

I highly recommend choosing the limousine bus because it offers great convenience and direct transportation between Haneda Airport and Shinjuku. Additionally, it provides:

  • Air-conditioning and clean, comfortable seats.
  • A comfortable environment for resting or sleeping during the journey.
  • A built-in toilet, making it convenient for travelers with children.
  • An information screen displaying the current destination and next stop in both Japanese and English.
  • Plenty of storage space for your luggage.
  • Friendly staff who are ready to assist with loading and unloading your luggage.

2. Haneda Airport to Shinjuku by Tokyo Monorail

Tokyo Monorail and JR Yamanote Line Train Routes from Haneda Airport to Shinjuku
Photo by Nyohoho/ CC BY-SA 4.0

From Haneda Airport, take the Tokyo Monorail to Hamamatsucho Station. Then, transfer to the JR Yamanote Line to reach Shinjuku Station. The total estimated travel time will be 52 minutes, with a total train fare of 710 yen.

The train leaves the airport every 4 to 10 minutes, and you can see the Tokyo Monorail train schedule here.

a. Where to Buy the Train Ticket?

You can buy Tokyo Monorail and JR Yamanote Line tickets from the ticket vending machine that is close to the entry gate of the monorail station.

The one-way trip to Hamamatsucho Station from Haneda Airport costs 500 yen, while the fare for the JR Yamanote Line to Shinjuku is 210 yen.

Alternatively, you can use the Suica Card to board the trains without needing to buy physical tickets.

b. Where to Ride the Train?

The Entrance Gate of Tokyo Monorail
The way to catch the Tokyo Monorail

Upon arriving at Terminal 3, you’ll find the arrival hall on the second floor. To catch the Tokyo Monorail, proceed to the train station’s entrance gate, also on the second floor.

From there, take the escalator or elevator to level 3, where you can board the Tokyo Monorail.

c. Factors to Consider Before Taking the Tokyo Monorail and JR Yamanote Line

  • Not a direct transport to Shinjuku; can be time-consuming and inconvenient.
  • You’ll need to carry your luggage through the train transfer process.
  • Limited space available on both trains for your belongings.

3. Getting to Shinjuku from Haneda by Keikyu Airport Line

Keikyu Line and JR Yamanote Line Train Routes from Haneda to Shinjuku
Photo by HonAtsu/ CC BY-SA 4.0

For an economical trip from Haneda to Shinjuku, take the Keikyu Airport Line from Terminal 3 of the airport to Shinagawa Station. Then, switch to the JR Yamanote Line bound for Shinjuku. The ride costs 540 yen and takes roughly 54 minutes.

a. Where to Board the Train?

The Entrance Gate of Keikyu Airport Line
Entry Point for Keikyu Airport Line

The entrance gate for the Keikyu Airport Line is located on the second floor of the arrival lobby in Terminal 3. Beside this gate, you’ll find ticket vending machines for purchasing your train tickets.

b. Important Factors to Consider

Although it’s the cheapest option, similar to option 2, you’ll have to manage a transfer before arriving at Shinjuku.

Aside from the train transfer, luggage considerations are essential, as these trains provide limited storage space for baggage.

I believe this option is not suitable for those carrying numerous bags.

4. Private Haneda Airport Transfers

Private Haneda Airport Transfers
Photo by Klook

The easiest method to get between Haneda and Shinjuku is definitely by private airport car transfer, with a price of about 7,860 yen. However, you are required to book in advance.

Do take note that the price may vary depending on the season and your chosen pickup time.

To confirm the prices or make a booking, simply follow the steps provided below:

  1. Go to the airport car service website here.
  2. Select “Haneda International Airport (HND)” in the “From” section.
  3. Enter your hotel name in the “To” section.
  4. Specify the date and time you want to be picked up.
  5. Indicate the number of passengers who will be taking the car.
  6. Click the “Search Private transfers” button.

Why Is Airport Car Service Great for Travelers?

  • 24-hour service available, eliminating worries about time restrictions upon airport arrival.
  • Accommodates passengers arriving late at night or at midnight.
  • Picks you up and drops you off right in front of your hotel.
  • Features extremely comfortable seats, allowing passengers to rest during the journey.
  • No need to carry heavy bags on and off a train.

Haneda to Shinjuku: A Quick Guide to Comparing Transport Options

Summary of Transportation Options between Haneda and Shinjuku

  • Limousine Bus: A great choice. It’s fast, big luggage space, no transfers, and takes about 45 minutes. It costs 1,400 yen.
  • Tokyo Monorail and JR Yamanote Line: Slightly slower. There’s one transfer, limited luggage space, and it takes 52 minutes. It’s cheaper at 710 yen.
  • Keikyu Airport Line and JR Yamanote Line: Similarly slower with one transfer needed. Luggage space is limited, and the journey takes 54 minutes. The fare is 540 yen.
  • Private Haneda Airport Transfers: The best choice for speed and convenience. No transfers needed, offers generous luggage space, and takes between 40-50 minutes. Pricing begins at 7,860 yen.

Start Your Tokyo Trip at These Great Places

Kick off your Tokyo adventure in three exciting places! Each offers unique fun, sights, and memories. Here’s where to start:

  • Tokyo Disneyland: Have a magical time at Tokyo Disneyland. Enjoy fun rides, meet Disney characters, and watch amazing shows.
  • Shinjuku: Enjoy tall buildings and great views in Shinjuku. Shop in cool stores, relax in beautiful parks, and have fun at night with bright lights and lots of activities in Kabukicho.
  • Shibuya: Feel the energy at the crowded Shibuya Crossing. Visit Shibuya Sky for an amazing city view. You’ll find lots of shopping spots and tasty food to eat everywhere you turn.

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