Top 10 Cheap Eats in Tokyo with Prices Only Between $4 and $7!

Exploring Tokyo and craving delicious eats that won’t empty your wallet? Look no further!

I’ve found the top 10 spots where you can indulge in mouth-watering meals for just $4 to $7.

From the best ramen bowls to succulent eel donburi, these budget-friendly gems offer a taste of Tokyo’s culinary delights without the big price tag.

Dive in to discover where you can savor the flavors of the city and still save yen! 🙂

1. Ichiran

Photo Credit: Ichiran

At Ichiran, it’s all about the love for ramen. Their classic bowl, with its rich and savory pork broth, is a must-try.

Customize your ramen to your liking, from the noodle’s firmness to the spice level.

All this for about $7, it’s a solo diner’s paradise where you eat in individual booths. Pure bliss for ramen lovers!

2. Unatoto

Photo Credit: 名代宇奈とと

Unatoto is a hidden gem for eel lovers. Their Unagi Donburi, a bowl of rice topped with succulent grilled eel, is a steal starting at around $6.

It’s a quick, delicious meal that showcases the sweet and smoky flavors of eel. Don’t miss this spot if you’re after an affordable taste of luxury.

3. Ramen Nagi

Photo Credit: Ramen Nagi

Ramen Nagi brings you a slice of Tokyo’s ramen culture with its Classic Niboshi Ramen for around $7.

Dive into a bowl of this local dish, where the broth is made from dried sardines for a deep, umami-packed flavor.

It’s a traditional taste that captures the essence of Japanese cuisine, perfect for those looking to enjoy an authentic ramen experience.

4. Uobei

Uobei takes conveyor belt sushi to the next level with high-speed delivery straight to your table.

Savor fresh sushi for as little as $1 per plate. It’s a fun, interactive experience where you order from a touchscreen and watch your sushi zoom to you.

Great for a quick, entertaining meal.

5. Yoshinoya

Photo Credit: Yoshinoya

Yoshinoya is famous for its Gyudon, a bowl of rice topped with tender beef and onion in a mildly sweet sauce, starting at just $4.

It’s a fast-food icon in Japan for a reason – quick, tasty, and incredibly satisfying. Perfect for when you’re on the go.

6. Hanamaru Udon

Photo Credit: Hanamaru Udon

Hanamaru Udon is a haven for udon enthusiasts. Here, you can enjoy a warm bowl of udon noodles in broth, with prices starting around $4.

The noodles are chewy and the broth is comforting. Add tempura toppings for a little extra, making it a customizable and wallet-friendly meal.

7. Matsuya

Photo Credit: Matsuya

Matsuya offers a variety of Japanese comfort food, with their Beef Bowl being a standout for around $5.

It’s hearty, flavorful, and served up fast, making it ideal for a satisfying meal any time of the day. Their set meals are also great value, including miso soup and salad.

8. Tendon Tenya

Tendon Tenya is the go-to spot for Tempura Rice Bowls, where crispy tempura is served over a bowl of rice with a special sauce for around $7.

It’s a deliciously simple dish that highlights the crispiness of the tempura against the soft rice. A must-visit for tempura fans.

9. Sukiya

Photo Credit: Sukiya

Sukiya serves up Gyudon, similar to Yoshinoya, but with its own unique flavor, starting at just $4.

It’s fast, filling, and flavorful, offering a variety of sizes and extra toppings like cheese and kimchi. It’s a cozy spot for a quick bite, especially on chilly days.

10. Hakata Furyu

Photo Credit: Hakata Furyu

Hakata Furyu is a favorite for its Hakata-style Tonkotsu Ramen, with a rich and creamy pork broth, for about $6.

The noodles are thin and the broth is intensely flavorful, with options to add toppings like soft-boiled eggs and pork belly.

A warm, comforting bowl that’s perfect for ramen aficionados.

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