Visiting Amphawa Floating Market from Bangkok in 2024

Amphawa Floating Market

Amphawa Floating Market is one of the most famous places to go in Thailand. It’s super easy to get to, just a short 1.5-hour trip from Bangkok.

I visited it with my wife and totally loved it! The market is full of beautiful stalls along the canal. It’s so awesome that I’ve put it on my top markets in Bangkok.

Let me tell you about all the cool stuff you can do there and the yummy foods you have to try. Plus, I’ll give you the inside scoop on how to get to the Amphawa Floating Market from Bangkok and some other handy tips.

Get ready, here’s everything you need to know about this amazing market. 😊

Amphawa Floating Market Overview

Amphawa Floating Market Overview
The laid-back yet captivating beauty of Amphawa Floating Market

For traditional floating markets, Amphawa Floating Market ranks high on the list. It’s a key highlight in many Bangkok travel itinerary.

This market stands out in Thailand for its extensive range of food, especially appealing to seafood enthusiasts.

Besides seafood, you’ll find an array of Thai snacks, sweet treats, as well as fashion and souvenir shops.

The vibrant stalls create a picturesque scene, offering plenty of beautiful photo opportunities while you stroll around.

If you’re looking for an exceptional shopping and dining adventure, Amphawa offers one of the best experiences.

Tip: For a direct and convenient route to Amphawa Market, go ahead and book the best shuttle bus online here!

Best Seafood to Try Out at Amphawa

Grilled Fishes, Crabs and Squids in the Floating Market
Enjoy some grilled fishes, crabs, squids, and scallops

Aside from the scenic views, seafood is the main reason why tourists from Bangkok flock to Amphawa Floating Market.

The seafood selection here is simply impressive.

They have lots to offer, from grilled fish to squid to prawns and more! So, if you have some seafood cravings, then this is the great spot to visit.

Recommended Restaurant at Amphawa

Som Tum Seafood Restaurant
Dine in comfort at Som Tum Seafood restaurant

For legit dining in Amphawa Floating Market, head to Som Tum Seafood Restaurant. This is the perfect spot to get away from the busy shops and crowded boats.

Though their mascot is a chicken, they specialize in delectable seafood cuisines.

Their seafood menu is very tempting as it has all sorts of mouth-watering dishes at decent prices.

They have roasted scallop, grilled fish, grilled prawn, steamed crab, oyster, and the famous Tom Yum Kung soup.

Some Popular Thai Snacks to Try

Kick off your Amphawa adventure with some local snacks and special treats that are quite hard to find in the city. There are healthy options as well as sweet foods to choose from.

1. Grilled Treats

Grilled Corn
Start off with the grilled corns

There are plenty of delicious corns grilled along the walkway.

Stop by and take time to delight both in the taste of corn and the sight of the river. If one small cup isn’t enough, might as well buy the bigger grilled corn.

2. Pre-packed Goodies

Banana Chips, Honey Roasted Satay Fishes and Lollipop Display
Banana chips, honey roasted satay fishes, lollipops, and dried fruits to energize you

The market offers an amazing variety of sweets. There are banana chips, lollipops, and dried fruits.

If you want something unique, you can try the honey roasted satay fishes.

Surely, these snacks are the best companion while wandering around the market. You’ll love these goodies even more because these are not just tasty but also very affordable.

3. Local Delights

Crunchy Fish Cakes and Mini Crabs in the market
Don’t miss the crunchy fish cakes and mini crabs

While you’re in Amphawa Floating Market, make sure you try these local treats.

Fish cakes and mini crabs are always crowd-favourites among travellers.

Unfortunately, these are quite hard to find in Bangkok, so grab your chance and enjoy these snacks.

Fresh Fruits and Tasty Drinks to Savour

If you want fresh fruits and other refreshments, Amphawa Floating Market also has an incredible array of choices. These are nice treats while exploring different stalls and shops.

1. Delectable Fruits

Mangosteens, Lychees, Apples, and Limes
A colorful display of mangosteens, lychees, apples, and limes

Choose among the vibrant assortment of fresh fruits sold at decent prices.

Some of the options at hand are lychees, mangosteens, and apples. There are also limes presented in many stalls.

2. Fresh and Cold Drinks

Fruit Juice and Coconut Drinks
Grab some fresh fruit drinks and coconut drinks

If you want more healthy treats, try this mixture of fresh fruits. You can pick your preferred combination, from watermelon and mango to lime and apple.

As you continue strolling around, you’ll find these fresh, cold coconuts ready to satisfy your thirst.

Shopping Choices at Amphawa

Amphawa Floating Market is not just about seafood, snacks, and drinks.

This place is also bursting with trendy clothing and other fashion stuff.

1. Stylish Apparel

Women's and Men's Clothes Display
A collection of women and men’s clothing

Here comes a load of colourful items for everyone. Find a bunch of clothes that are being sold at affordable prices.

Along with these, you’ll discover a lot of Thai clothing that are beautifully crafted into dresses and more. Try fitting some and shop whatever fits your style.

2. Handmade Bags and Wallets

Different Types of Handmade Bags
Lovely local bags

Get the best handmade bags in Thailand straight from the floating market! The lovely details of each bag will surely please your fashion sense.

3. Customized Hats

Conical Hats
Try on some gorgeous hats

Take a look at the conical hats! There are plenty of these hats around the market.

Surely, you may have seen one or even hundreds of similar-looking hats in your life.

However, there’s nothing like these handmade hats adorned with simplistic designs.

4. Cute and Unique Accessories

Headbands and Women Accessories
Adorable hair accessories

There are also shops selling stylish items for fashion lovers.

In some shops, you can spot headbands, ponytails, and other sets of hair accessories.

If you enjoy shopping at Amphawa Floating Market, I suggest that you also visit Chatuchak. This is the largest market in Bangkok that offers a lot of shopping choices.

Here, you can take home the latest clothes, bags, and shoes at a cheaper price. Simply read my article on Chatuchak Market in Bangkok here to get more shopping tips and ideas on what to buy there.

Charming Souvenirs from Amphawa

Go on with your shopping exploration and find these special souvenirs on exhibit.

Some stalls offer animal figurines, while some sell plush toys and wooden items.

1. Animal Figurines

Adorable Dog Figurines
Attractive animal pieces

Once you enter one of the shops in the market, you’ll be met by these adorable animal collectibles. These figurines are all cute and totally handy.

2. Plush Toys

Stuffed Toys
Loveable stuffed toys

Get some fluffy figure dolls for your kids, significant other, or yourself!

You’re never too old to have one, especially if you’re at Amphawa Floating Market. These mini animal stuffed toys have the iconic faces of famous animated characters.

3. Vegetable and Fruit Souvenirs

Colorful Souvenirs
Colorful souvenirs for everyone

If you want something that will last even after your Thailand trip, check out these vibrant souvenirs.

Bursting with colours and patterns, these items will bring to life the memories you’ve spent in the market.

4. Wooden Figurines

Wooden Giraffes
Cute, wooden giraffes

Presented outside this shop is another item which you can’t always find in most shops. These are no other than the beautiful long-neck figurines that are made out of wood. These giraffe collectibles are uniquely crafted in different sizes.

Longtail Boat Ride around the Mae Klong River

Boat Ride Jetty at Amphawa Floating Market
The relaxing view awaiting your boat ride

Complete your visit to Amphawa by taking the longtail boat ride. This is the best way to see the local stalls, restaurants and traditional houses along the scenic canal.

And if you want to better enjoy the water adventure, it’s suggested that you ride the boat around 6 PM. At this time of the day, it’s no longer too hot and the wind is much colder.

Amphawa Wooden Shops
Some lovely sights during your trip

During your water journey, don’t miss the beautiful scenes from the vibrant stalls.

If you opt for a late afternoon ride, you’ll catch these shops lighting up the entire scenery.

Riding the boat allows you to see some beautiful traditional houses. These are palace-like houses that stand out from the surrounding landscape.

Wooden shophouses are also perfectly positioned along the riverside.

Traditional Thai Houses and Restaurants along the Canal
Capture a lot of photo opportunities

The private longtail boat ride is priced at 500 Baht.

If you want to save money, you can share the boat tour with other guests. Through this, you will just pay 50 Baht per person.

You’ll have about 1 hour to enjoy the mesmerizing water scenery and colorful market sights.

See the Magical Fireflies by Riding a Boat

But of course, a trip from Bangkok to the Amphawa Floating Market won’t be complete without seeing the fireflies. This is a great chance to spot these sparkling, flying creatures up-close.

To save money, you can share a boat tour with other guests and simply pay 50 Baht per person.

Amphawa Opening Hours

Amphawa Floating Market Entrance

Unlike most markets that open daily, Amphawa Floating Market is only accessible from Friday to Sunday.

They welcome people from all walks of life from 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

For a livelier and more memorable experience, head to the floating market after 2:00 PM. This time, the market starts to be jam-packed with people, wandering around and eating some local foods.

Amphawa Nearby Attractions

Aside from visiting Amphawa, I suggest that you also explore Damnoen Saduak and Maeklong markets.

These 2 famous Thailand markets are near Amphawa market. This means you can add these two during your trip to Amphawa.

Damnoen Saduak is a very scenic floating market known for its boat noodle and mango sticky rice.

For insights about this famous market, check out my blog post on Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and sort out your plans ahead.

Maeklong is a train market that displays its foods and items along the railway track.

So, if you want to have a unique shopping experience, find out more information in my Maeklong Railway Market post.

I also recommend that you read this detailed Bangkok 5-day itinerary so you’ll learn how to cover these 3 markets and other top-rated attractions. This guide will surely help you visit more tourist spots in Bangkok without wasting time.

3 Ways to Go to Amphawa Floating Market from Bangkok

There are 3 methods to travel to Amphawa Floating Market if you stay in Bangkok.  You can take a minivan, opt for the shuttle bus, or book a private tour. And normally, the travel time going to the market is about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

I personally used the second method, which is the shuttle bus tour. I will let you know why we chose this option. But before that, let’s detail out the 3 options.

1. Ride a Minivan

A Visual Guide to Getting to Amphawa Floating Market from Bangkok by Minivan

First, take the BTS skytrain (Silom Line) to Bang Wa BTS Station and then go out the Exit 1. After that, take a taxi to get to Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai). From there, catch a minivan to Amphawa Floating Market. The single trip costs 70 Baht and take around 90 minutes.

This might be the cheapest way to go there but required multiple transfers and a little bit time consuming.

*The minivan departs every 60 minutes from the bus terminal

2. Take a Shuttle Bus Tour

Amphawa Floating Market Tour by Bus from Bangkok

I personally joined the shuttle bus tour in Bangkok going to Amphawa Floating Market.

I believe this is the best transport option to avoid inconvenient transfers as well as public transport scammers.

The tour I joined was very organized and convenient. It also gave us enough time to tour around the market.

Plus, the local guide gave amazing recommendations on where to dine and what to eat. Because of these, we really enjoyed our trip and even save money.

And if you want to follow what we did, simply check out the tour price here. And there’s nothing to worry about because their rates are quite affordable.

3. Avail of the Private Tour

Another method is by booking a private Amphawa Floating Market tour. This is the fastest method to reach the market.

It also offers hotel pick-up and drop-off services, making it a great option for small groups of travellers or families with senior parents. You can see the private tour price here.

So, we’ve come to the end part of my guide. Thank you so much for taking your time to read the entire article.

I hope that this Amphawa blog post can help you with your itinerary.

Amphawa Floating Market truly deserves to be part of your day trip from Bangkok. This is a must-visit spot in Thailand, especially for first-time travellers and seafood lovers.

So, don’t miss this famous floating market and enjoy your trip! 🙂

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