Chocolate Ville in Bangkok: A Very Detailed Guide

Chocolate Ville in Bangkok

Chocolate Ville is one of the most charming things to do in Bangkok that you’ve got to visit!

It’s not just a place to eat, but an open-air restaurant designed like a European village, complete with amazing scenery.

The food? It’s yummy, and everyone who goes there loves it. Trust me, you’ll love it from your first visit.

I’m going to show you some awesome photos we took at Chocolate Ville, so you can see just how beautiful it is. Ready to see it? Let’s get started! 😊

Chocolate Ville Overview

Chocolate Ville Overview
See some breath-taking sights at Chocolate Ville

Chocolate Ville is a showcase spot in our 5-day Bangkok itinerary! This colorful, European-style place in Bangkok is a hit with visitors and definitely worth checking out.

The best part? There’s no entry fee, making it accessible for everyone.

Inside the park, you’ll find a large restaurant where you can savor Thai and Western dishes while enjoying the beautiful views.

Plus, there are plenty of perfect photo spots, which I’ll point out below.

Must Do and See Things

There are a total of 12 must-do and must-see things at Chocolate Ville.

So, let me walk you through one by one and make your trip more convenient.

1. Start with the Home Town

Home Town
The ever-bright Home Town

There’s no better way to start your adventure than visiting the Home Town.

Drop by this vibrant spot and take a photo of its bright, pink exterior.

Adorable Stuff
More adorable stuff to check out

Around the area are some artsy designs that are also worth the capture! Stand in between these life-size figures and snap a photo of these striking items.

2. Pop by the Telephone Booth

Telephone Booth
The elegant style of Telephone Booth

The Telephone Booth is another crowd favorite because of its stylish display. So, try to enter the booth and capture some nice shots.

See how the flowers beautifully complement the antique structure.

The designs in the booth, however, differ from time to time. Sometimes, there are bears inside and other cute stuff.

3. Walk around The Conservatory Garden

Conservatory Garden
The relaxing vibes of Conservatory Garden

Another beautiful spot in Chocolate Ville is the Conservatory Garden. Spend some time strolling around the area and enjoy the calming views.

Within this garden are some adorable animal designs and a huge gazebo. Aside from these, you’ll see a fountain that adds up to the charming scenery.

4. Have a look at the Summerset Cottage

Summerset Cottage
The cosy ambience of Summerset Cottage

Hang around the Summerset Cottage and relish in the lovely surroundings. This area has plenty of seating areas to cater to every visitor.

Summerset Cottage Garden
Beautiful structure surrounded by nature

As you explore the place, you’ll come across this charming spot that is perfect for a photo opportunity.

5. Act like you own The Bell House

The Bell House of Chocolate Ville
The classy Bell House

It’s quite easy to distinguish the Bell House because of its simple yet elegant design. Just look for a one-storey house with an all-white exterior.

So, if you’re looking for a monochrome backdrop, this is the place to visit. Don’t forget to pose together with some cute figurines at the front.

6. Be in awe of the Village Post Office

Village Post Office
Check out the Village Post Office

The Village Post Office is such a head-turner. Catch a glimpse of this sophisticated structure with your family and friends.

You can also relax at the seating areas positioned at the front or head near the door and take some beautiful photos.

7. Enjoy shopping at the Souvenirs Store

Chocolate Ville's Souvenirs Store
A lot of charming stuff at Souvenirs Store

Take home some treats from the famous Souvenirs Store of Chocolate Ville.

This spot is loaded with many delightful items available for purchase. Before you go inside, snap a photo of the adorable bears on the porch.

Stuffed Bears
Adorable stuffed bears

If you’re in need of a new stuffed toy, you’ll get lots of options here.

There are plenty of cute bears and other items with different designs and colors.

8. Gaze at the Lighthouse

The towering Lighthouse

As the tallest structure in the park, it’s too hard to ignore Lighthouse. Its height is very striking.

And if you go inside, you’ll see the entire view of the Chocolate Ville. So, be sure to include this in your list.

9. Head to the Farmville Dairy Barn

Farmville Dairy Barn
The fountain surrounding the Farmville Dairy Barn

The Farmville Dairy Barn is another charming spot for every visitor.

Roam around the scenic area and loosen up while you watch the water flowing from the fountain.

Just like other sites in the park, this one comes with seating places. This way, you can relax after all your photo sessions.

10. Chill out at Rosewood Inn

Rosewood Inn
Rosewood Inn and its rustic vibes

The wood décors of Rosewood Inn definitely make it a standout.

So, if you are looking for a timber-like background with some vines on the wall, drop by this beautiful site.

Treasure a cosy experience while wandering around the place. For a more captivating scene, you can explore this area at night.

11. Walk toward the Lagoon Bridge

Lagoon Bridge
See the waters below the Lagoon Bridge

Carry on with your adventure and go to the Lagoon Bridge. This structure connects to other must-visit spots in the park.

And of course, you can take your picture here too. Just make sure you aren’t blocking the way for other visitors.

12. Cap it off at the Waterfront Glasshouse

Waterfront Glasshouse
The sophisticated vibes Waterfront Glasshouse

To complete your adventure, don’t forget the Waterfront Glasshouse. At night, this lights up, giving a magical and romantic view.

The area also has a huge heart-shaped design in its front area, where you can pose together with your partner or friend. And you can’t miss the massive bear figurine beside the heart.

Dining Guide

As mentioned earlier, Chocolate Ville has a large restaurant with remarkable food choices.

To make your dining experience more convenient, here are 3 things you need to know beforehand.

1. Dine at the Riverside

Riverside of Chocolate Ville
The picturesque view from the riverside

First of all, there is only one restaurant in Chocolate Ville.

But on the bright side, you are free to choose where to eat your food. You can opt at the riverside, outdoor, or indoor area.

If you want breath-taking scenery, I highly recommend that you take your dinner at the riverside.

2. Food Options

Food at Chocolate Ville
Impressive food choices

The restaurant offers a wide range of food options, from local dishes to international cuisines.

There also seafood, pasta, and pizza available. Or you can try some western food like German Ham Hock and Australian tenderloin steak.

To help you plan your budget ahead of time, here’s a copy of the restaurant menu you can use as a reference.

3. Make a Reservation in Advance

If you plan to visit during the weekend, it’s advisable that you reserve a table in advance.

According to my friend who visited the park during the weekend, the dining seats get filled up pretty fast, especially after 6 PM.

In our case, me and my wife went to the park on a weekday, so the place is not very crowded. There were plenty of tables available.

However, I opted to make a reservation at the riverside to guarantee us a seat for our dinner at 7 PM. Through this, I was able to secure our preferred seat during our visit.

To guide you, there are 2 effective ways to reserve a table. The staff at Chocolate Ville can speak decent English, so nothing to worry about.

Option1: Make a phone call

To make a reservation via phone, you can use this number +66 81 921 2016.

I recommend that you call at least one day ahead. You can follow what we did for convenience purposes.

First of all, I used a Thailand tourist SIM card to reserve a seat at the riverside. You can book the prepaid SIM card here and collect it at the airport.

By purchasing the prepaid SIM card online, it will help you save nearly 50%. Plus, the SIM already comes with preloaded 100 baht and unlimited internet.

Option 2: Send them a message by Facebook messenger

Another option is to check out their Facebook page at

Then, you can send them a message via messenger and make a reservation. Here’s a sample template you can use.

Hi, I would like to make a reservation for our dinner at Chocolate Ville this coming 21 Jan 2022 at 7:00 PM. Please reserve a table at the riverside, non-smoking area for 2 persons. Thank you.

Chocolate Ville Map

Click here to see a clearer Chocolate Ville map

To assist you in navigating around the area, don’t forget to have a copy of the Chocolate Ville map above.

And if you take a taxi or Grab, you’ll be dropped off at the main entrance of the park, which is No. 37 from the map.

Opening Hours

Chocolate Ville is open from Monday to Friday, 3:00 PM to 12:00 AM, and Saturday to Sunday, 2:00 PM to 12:00 AM.

My Tips

For a more convenient trip to Chocolate Ville, I will share 3 important tips.

1. Make sure to arrive at the park around 5 PM or 6 PM

It’s best that you reach the place between 5 PM to 6 PM. This way, you still have enough time to stroll around and take photos around the park.

2. Spend at least 3 hours exploring the park

The park is quite big and has a lot of beautiful spots.

Hence, it’s suggested that you spend at least 3 hours touring around. This time duration is enough to cover all the must-see and must-do activities in the park.

3. Recommended places to visit

Other than going to Chocolate Ville, there are also fun Bangkok markets that are worth exploring.

First on the list is the scenic Asiatique the Riverfront. The second one is the ever-vibrant Jodd Fairs.

These two markets are known for their amazing variety of delicious foods and shopping options.

Plus, you’ll love the relaxing atmosphere on both sites. Without a doubt, these two marketplaces are definitely worth the visit during your Bangkok holiday.

How to Go to Chocolate Ville in Bangkok

The best way of getting to Chocolate Ville from downtown Bangkok is by taxi or Grab.

If you depart from Pratunam, it will cost about 300 Baht. A one-way trip takes around 35 minutes and bring you directly to the park.

There is no BTS station or MRT station close by, so taxi or Grab are the best method to reach there.

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