Seoul to Busan by KTX Train: How to Get There Fastest

Seoul to Busan KTX Train

Do you want to know how to get from Seoul to Busan by KTX train? This guide will show you the detailed steps to go there.

As an overview, the Korea Train eXpress (KTX) is a high-speed train system that travels between Seoul and Busan at around 305 km/h speed.

So, if you’re looking for the best and fastest way to get to Busan, this is definitely a great option. 🙂

How to Take KTX Train from Seoul to Busan (In 5 Steps)

Seoul to Busan by KTX Train Guide

Take the KTX train from Seoul Train Station directly to Busan Train Station. The ticket price for adults is 59,800 won, while for children it is 29,900 won. The journey will take roughly 2 hours and 40 minutes.

From Seoul Station, the first KTX train departs at 5:12 AM. The last one leaves at 10:27 PM from Monday to Thursday, and at 10:48 PM from Friday to Sunday. Trains run at intervals ranging from 5 to 60 minutes.

To make it easier to understand, here’s how to go to Busan from Seoul by KTX train in 5 simple steps.

Step 1. Take a Subway to Seoul Metro Station

Subway to Seoul Metro Station

The first step is to take the subway to Seoul Metro Station. You can take the subway Line 1, Line 4, or the Gyeongui-Jungang Line to there. All three are connected to this station.

Step 2. Walk from Seoul Metro Station to Seoul Train Station

Walk from Seoul Metro Station to Seoul Train Station

Once you arrive at Seoul Metro Station, head to Exit 1 and take the escalator up twice. Then turn left, and you will see Seoul Train Station. It’s just that simple.

Or, you just follow the signboards of “Seoul Station” that will lead you to the train station.

Walking from Seoul Metro Station to Seoul Train Station
Walk from Seoul Metro Station to Seoul Train Station

Step 3. Purchase KTX Train Ticket at Seoul Train Station

Ticket Office at Seoul Train Station

Upon arrival at Seoul Train Station, proceed directly to the ticketing office to purchase the KTX train ticket.

The KTX train fare varies depending on the age. It is 59,800 won for adults (13 years old and above) and 29,900 won for children (6 to 12 years old). Please note that tickets come with randomly assigned seats.

Another option is to book the KTX train ticket online, and I’ll show you later how to do it. This option is ideal for a single rider because it assigns seats by random selection.

And if you’re traveling with at least two people, it is highly suggested to purchase the KORAIL PASS. It lets you pick your preferred seats early and easily get your tickets online.

This is especially useful when you’re going to Busan during peak season or school holidays, as KTX train tickets tend to sell out quickly.

Everything about the KORAIL PASS will be explained later. If you want to check it now, just click here and you will be directed to the section on why you should use KORAIL PASS.

Step 4. Board the KTX Train from Seoul Train Station to Busan Train Station

Departure Board Display in Seoul Station
Departure Board

Once you have your KTX train ticket, refer to the big departure board in Seoul Train Station to determine which track to get on the train to Busan.

The display shown in the departure board switches between English and Korean, so nothing to worry about.

Or, you can simply ask the staff in the ticket office to help you find the right track for your train.

Board KTX Train at Seoul Train Station

And don’t forget to bring your passport and train ticket when boarding the train.

Step 5. Walk from Busan Train Station to Busan Metro Station

Walk from Busan Train Station to Busan Metro Station

When you reach Busan Train Station, head to Gate 2 and walk straight. In less than 1 minute, you will see the Busan Metro Station.

From Busan Metro Station, you can take the subway or bus going to other Busan attractions such as Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, Lotte World Busan and Gamcheon Culture Village.

Then for your return journey, just take the KTX train from Busan Station to Seoul Station.

Why You Should Buy KORAIL PASS

The KORAIL PASS is specially designed for foreign visitors using the KTX train. It lets you book your preferred seat in advance, unlike the regular round-trip KTX ticket from Seoul to Busan, which costs 119,600 won but assigns seats randomly.

The KORAIL PASS costs a bit more, an extra 1,400 won per person, but it’s worth it because:
  1. You can choose and reserve your seat online beforehand.
  2. You can print your tickets at home and get on the train right away.
  3. The pass allows for flexible travel dates – you can pick any two days within a 10-day window, giving you the freedom to adjust your travel plans as needed.

If you’re travelling with 2 or more people, I highly recommended to buy KORAIL PASS (Flexible 2-Day Pass).

There are several types available: 2-Day PASS, 3-Day PASS, 4-Day PASS, and 5-Day PASS. So, if you’re considering buying the pass, here’s my suggestion to help you choose the right one.
  1. Group Type: Choose “Saver (Group of 2-5)”
  2. Pass Type: Choose “Flexible”
  3. Package Options: Choose “Regular Pass”
  4. Validity: Choose “2 Days”

My suggestion above is suitable for those who are travelling to Busan from Seoul, and vice versa.

Don’t get confused with the “2 Days” validity though. This simply means that you can choose any 2 days within the 10-day validity, starting from the date you used the pass.

You can check and book the KORAIL PASS here.

How to Book KTX Train Ticket Online

Step 1. Visit the KORAIL Website and check the TICKET RESERVATION page


To book a KTX train ticket to Busan, visit the TICKET RESERVATION page on the KORAIL website. The best place to board the train is Seoul Station due to its central location and accessibility.

Simply follow the steps below to assist you further in searching the available KTX train departure times.

  1. Travel Type – Choose “Normal Type”
  2. Travel Path (Direct/Transfer) – Choose “Direct”
  3. Date of Departure – You can choose your preferred departure date and time. It’s highly recommended that you set the “Hour” to “0” so you get a full list of the departure times on that specific date.
  4. Departure / Arrival – Choose departure as “Seoul” and arrival as “Busan”
  5. Type of Train – Choose “KTX”
  6. (Type and Number of) Passengers – Input the number of people you are travelling with.
  7. Click the “Inquiry” button.

If you encounter difficulties booking through the KORAIL website, you can easily book via the Seoul-Busan KTX website as an alternative.

Step 2. Be sure to check the KTX Departure schedule

KTX Departure Times

After clicking the “Inquiry” button, you will now see the full list of available KTX train departure times from Seoul.

You can click on the “Magnifying Glass” icon to know the different train fares for adults and children.

Once you confirm your preferred departure time, proceed to click on the “Select” link. Then, it will direct you to the next page, which will allow you to fill in your personal information.

Step 3. Fill in all your personal details

Fill in Personal Details Page

For this step, you will need to fill in your personal details. The main purpose of having a password is that it allows you to access your ticket online. This means you can easily cancel it or re-print your ticket.

Another option to cancel or re-print your ticket is by using your email address.

After inputting all relevant information, proceed to the next step and click the “NEXT” button.

Step 4. Complete your KTX train ticket payment

Complete KTX Train Ticket Payment Page

Before paying for the KTX train ticket, double-check that you have set Seoul as your departure city and Busan as your destination. Also, ensure all your personal information is correct.

If everything is good, choose “(Credit card) issued overseas (VISA, MASTER, JCB)” option. Then, click the “NEXT” button to fill in your credit card information.

Step 5. Print your KTX train ticket

Print KTX Train Ticket Page

After completing your payment successfully, click the “PRINT” button to get an electronic copy of your KTX train ticket. There’s no need to redeem your ticket at Seoul Station.

Just book online and present your e-ticket together with your passport when boarding the KTX train. As easy as that! Likewise, you can reserve your KTX train ticket a month before your travel date.

Make sure you book your return train ticket as well if you plan to go back to Seoul. The process of booking the return trip is just the same. Simply repeat steps 1 to step 5, with your departure as “Busan” and arrival as “Seoul”.

How to Cancel Your KTX Train Ticket

In case you change your mind and decide to use the KORAIL PASS to ride the KTX train for additional savings, don’t worry. Below are the steps on how to cancel your train ticket and get a refund.

Step 1. Visit the KORAIL website and click the REISSUE/REFUND tab


The first step is to click the REISSUE/REFUND tab on the KORAIL website.

Then, select the “Refund” option and fill in your personal details. For your information, the “Reissue” option is used to re-print lost tickets. After that, click the “Inquiry” button.

Step 2. Cancel your KTX train ticket and then request for a refund

Cancel KTX Train Ticket

The next step is to choose the ticket you want to cancel and then click the “Refund” button. Very simple, right? If you want to know how much the refund amount is, you can check the refund information here.

My Final Thought

If you want to save time, the quickest and easiest way to get to Busan from downtown Seoul is by taking the KTX train. As a reminder, don’t forget to buy KORAIL PASS (Flexible 2-Day Pass) if you are travelling with 2 or more people. This will surely help you save money for a round trip to Busan.

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