Train Night Market Ratchada: The Perfect Guide for Visitors

Train Night Market Ratchada (Talad Rot Fai Ratchada)

Train Night Market Ratchada is a very famous destination to visit in Bangkok for travellers. It’s sometimes called Talad Rot Fai Ratchada by the locals because the phrase “Talad Rot Fai” translates into “Train Night Market”.

This market is always a top choice among food lovers and budget shoppers. It’s because of the amazing selection of tasty food choices and expansive market options. That’s why it’s very famous for visitors who want to have an enjoyable night out with their loved ones.

So, let me introduce you to the must-try foods at Train Night Market Ratchada, along with essential information about the night market. 🙂

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Must Try Street Foods at Train Night Market Ratchada

The Bangkok’s Train Night Market Ratchada presents a whole lot of street food treats. From grilled skewers to tasty desserts and fresh fruits, there’s to satisfy your cravings. So, ready your appetite for a day filled with culinary delights.

1. Crispy Fried Chicken

Crispy Fried Chicken
Try the tasty and crispy fried chicken

Craving for chicken? An array of crispy fried chicken is waiting for you! These delectable street foods are everywhere. Surely, you won’t go hungry while strolling around the market. Grab a piece and start exploring for more street food choices!

2. Grilled Skewers

Grilled Skewers
Easy-to-munch grilled skewers

Skewers of all sorts can also be found in the market. Because of the wide variety of skewers in each stall, you might have a hard time picking your bets!

There are grilled pork sausages, chicken, marinated beef, and the list continues. All of these are reasonably priced!

3. Sushi

Delectable sushi presentation

Aside from Thai dishes, the market also features some Japanese dishes and snacks. Move around and you’ll discover food carts filled with tasty sashimi, takoyaki, and sushi.

4. Thai Pancakes

Thai Pancakes
A must-try Thai pancake

Interesting pancake styles are also up for grabs. Unlike traditional, fluffy pancakes, Thai pancakes are crispy with sugary filling. These are then paired with coconut and topped with sweet shrimp or egg yolk.

5. Thai Roti

Thai Roti
Thai roti to please your sugary cravings

Continue your street food exploration and find these famous desserts! Thai roti is one of the best picks in Train Night Market Ratchada for travellers with a sweet tooth.  There are plenty of flavours to choose from such as egg, chocolate, and durian.

6. Veggies and Mangoes

Veggies and Mangoes
Don’t miss the sweet potatoes, corns, and mangoes

Healthy snacks like sweet corn and potatoes are available in the market too. And of course, who would miss the famous Thai mangoes?

7. Grilled Corns

Grilled Corns
Grilled corns to energize you

These are perfect treats for an evening in the market. And you won’t have to worry about the price of the grilled corns because these are very affordable!

8. Tropical Fruits

Tropical Fruits
Healthy and mouthwatering fruits

How about some tasty juicy fruits like mangosteens, pineapples, and durians? Take home these healthy treats that come in pre-packed options.

Aside from this market, I recommend that you visit Asiatique too. This beautiful night market offers many delicious foods for you to try out. If you want, you can also check this detailed guide to Asiatique Bangkok to guide you on the must-do things and must-try foods.

Indulge in Delicious Seafood Dishes

Since seafood is a favourite among locals and travellers, Train Night Market Ratchada offers a great deal of options for everyone. These mouth-watering delights are sold in many stalls and restaurants around the market.

1. Holy Shrimp

Holy Shrimp
Yummy seafood at Holy Shrimp

For the best seafood in Ratchada night market, don’t think twice and go to Holy Shrimp. This is a top-notch destination for seafood lovers. One of its bestsellers is the Holy Shrimp Catch (399 Thai Baht), which comes with shrimps, octopus, New Zealand mussels, corns, and potatoes.

The Holy Shell (369 Thai Baht), on the other hand, features New Zealand mussels, scallops, clams, potatoes, and corns. You can also try their savoring BBQ pork ribs.

2. Kung Thep

Kung Thep
Enjoy Kung Thep’s seafood buckets

If you’re travelling with your family or friends, Kung Thep is also a great option. Ready to dig into the seafood buckets filled with delectable crabs, clams, mussels, prawns, and squid.

These come in small and big sizes, with different spiciness levels, including mild, medium, and hot. For the rates, this starts from 389 Thai Baht to 689 Thai Baht.

3. Leng Zabb

Leng Zabb
Local seafood dishes to try at Leng Zabb

Another crowd favourite is the Leng Zabb, which serves all kinds of seafood cuisines. For a lip-smacking food experience, don’t forget to try their pork spine broth topped with green chilies. Their food prices range from 150 Thai Baht to 599 Thai Baht.

4. Others

Others Seafood at Ratchada
Tasty treats along the stalls of Train Night Market Ratchada

In general, the seafood prices range starts from 200 Thai Baht to 700 Thai Baht, depending on the sizes. While going around the market, try some grilled crabs or prawns, which are actually very delicious.

And if you are a huge seafood fan, make sure to also add Amphawa Floating Market into your Bangkok itinerary. This market offers impressive varieties of seafood dishes, which is why it’s highly recommended to visit this place.

Another spot that you shouldn’t miss is the Chocolate Ville in Bangkok, a charming European village theme park. This attraction has its own open-air restaurant that offers both Thai and International dishes. Here, you can experience an enjoyable dinner with stunning views and plenty of photo opportunities.

Replenish Your Thirst with Some Refreshing Drinks

Fruit Smoothies
Cool, healthy drinks after your food trip

Fruit smoothies, anyone? Pair your favourite seafood dish or sweet snacks with a refreshing fruit shake. Pick your own flavour from the display of fruits, including mango, pineapples, banana, watermelon, avocado, and melon.

Coconut juice to satisfy your thirst

If you want fresh coconut juice, you’re lucky enough because you won’t run out of choices here. There are also coconut shakes if you want variation!

Unique Bars at Ratchada

B52 Cafe and Bistro
Grab a drink at B52 Cafe and Bistro

Train Night Market Ratchada also features a wide selection of chill spots. First on the list is B52 Cafe and Bistro, a cozy venue for some cheap drinks and cocktails. This bar comes with a relaxing rooftop area for an awesome night.

Squid Bar
Head to Squid Bar and unwind

Squid Bar is another choice if you want warm conversations and cheerful cocktails. The open-air space above is such a perfect way to cap off your busy shopping day.

Hello Korea Dessert Cafe
Artistic aesthetics from Hello Korea Dessert Cafe

Skip the full-on clubbing and go for something more calming. Treat yourself with some sweet treats served at Hello Korea Dessert Cafe. This glass-covered cafe not just offers tasty desserts but also sophisticated photo backdrops.

Things You Can Buy at Ratchada

After your food adventure, it’s time to go shopping at Train Night Market Ratchada. Grab some trendy clothes and accessories while exploring the stalls. And the best thing when buying from this market is that you save lots of money!

1. Trendy Fashion Pieces

Fashion Pieces
Pick your new fashion item

Step up your style without breaking the bank. There are plenty of stylish pieces in the market that are actually much cheaper than those in malls. Take your time strolling around and find the ones that you like the most.

And if you want to buy trendy clothes at very affordable prices, check out Chatuchak as well. This market offers a lot of cheap and beautiful clothing, bags, and shoes to fulfill all your fashion needs. So, don’t forget to see my Bangkok Chatuchak Weekend Market article and learn more information about this popular shopping place.

2. Comfy Shirts

Shop for some casual shirts

If there are stylish women’s clothes and accessories, there are also trendy men’s apparel! You can find comfy shirts and shorts, as well as cool caps.

3. Stylish Caps and Hats

Caps and Hats
Caps and hats in different colors and sizes

To match your fashion statement or beach attire, stop by some stalls selling fancy hats. Surely, you won’t be disappointed with the abundant collections at hand.

4. Kids’ Wear

Kids’ Clothes
Bring home some kids’ apparel

The market is also an incredible place to shop for kids’ clothes. These range from cute dresses for girls and adorable ternos for boys. Don’t forget to strike a bargain to save more money!

5. Colourful Bags and Wallets

Bags and Wallets
Bags and wallets as perfect souvenirs

Take a look at these handheld bags in full, bright colours. You’ll find several options at Ratchada night market. Along with the bags, there are also numerous wallets in a variety of colours.

6. Chic, Comfortable Footwear

Pick your favourite footwear

Surround yourself with more sandals that will match all kinds of occasions. There are wooden sandals and plastic sandals for beach trips. Or, you can purchase a new pair of slippers for everyday use.

7. Socks

Low-cut socks in various colors

These cute socks are too hard to ignore! From animal patterns to adorable monster designs, it’s not enough to own just one pair of socks!

8. Mobile Accessories and Other Electronic

Mobile Accessories
Cheap mobile accessories

As you explore the stalls, you’ll come across all kinds of mobile accessories. These include phone cases, headset, power banks, phone grips, and more. Handheld fans are also widely available in this market.

9. Unique Souvenirs

Animal Figurines
Shop for some special souvenirs

Find a nice deal of affordable yet unique items openly displayed in the market. There are cute animal figurines, along with some wooden kitchenware and homemade decors.

Where to Capture the Multi-coloured Rooftops of Ratchada

Colourful Rooftops of Train Night Market Ratchada
Colourful rooftops of Train Night Market Ratchada – Photo by aotaro/ CC BY 2.0

Every time Train Night Market Ratchada (Talad Rot Fai Ratchada) is mentioned, it’s always associated with colourful and lively market scene.

And if you want to capture the vibrant atmosphere surrounding the market, head to the car park of Esplanade Mall. This shopping mall is located just beside the night market. And to reach the car park, simply take the lift going to the mall’s level 4.

From the car park’s ledge area, you can get a panoramic view of the entire market. See the brightly-coloured tents filled with busy people from all walks of life. The best time to go to the car park is around sunset or during night-time.

Train Night Market Ratchada Opening Hours

Open daily 5:00 PM – 1:00 AM (Next day)

Normally, the Ratchada night market is open every day, from late afternoon until past midnight. To confirm their opening hours, you can check the schedule here.

My Tips

1. Visit the market on a weekday

As one of the most visited places in Bangkok, Train Night Market Ratchada can get crowded, especially on weekends.

So, if you want to avoid the jam-packed crowd of locals and tourists, it’s recommended to explore the place during weekdays. This way, you have more space to move around the market for you to shop and dine conveniently.

2. Schedule your visit to the market early in the evening, around 7 PM

Most of the stalls will open around 7 PM, particularly the restaurants and food stands. So, if you want to be accommodated before the crowd gets busy, it’s best to visit the place during late afternoon.

Also by night time, most of the seats are already fully occupied. Hence, you have to wait for your turn before you can eat. But if you arrive earlier, you have more than enough space to explore and pick your preferred dishes and drinks.

3. Spend at least 2 hours at the night market

With the wide-ranging selection of food to eat and things to buy, it’s suggested to allocate at least 2 hours at the market.

But if you have extra time, you can sightsee for around 3 to 4 hours. With this, you get to try all the tasty street foods as well as fully enjoy the vibrant market atmosphere. Without a doubt, the time spent at this night market is really worth it!

How to Get to Train Night Market Ratchada by MRT

The nearest MRT Station to Train Night Market Ratchada is Thailand Cultural Centre MRT Station, Exit 3. This MRT Station is just 2 minutes away from the night market.

If you have alighted from Thailand Cultural Centre MRT Station, Exit 3, you can simply refer to the Google Maps below. This will give you the exact way to reach the market.

Ratchada Night Market Map
Click here to see an interactive map

So, we’ve reached the end section of the article. I hope that this blog post has been helpful with everything you need about this market.

Train Night Market Ratchada truly offers a great selection of foods, particularly its seafood cuisines. And of course, there are a lot of things to shop too. So, make sure not to miss this famous food and shopping destination.

Thank you and I wish you an enjoyable trip to Bangkok Ratchada night market with your family and friends. 😊

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