Where to Stay in Singapore: Best Areas & Hotels Suggestion

Where to Stay in Singapore

Are you planning on where to stay in Singapore? If yes, then you are on the right page. I will show you the most convenient and best places to stay in Singapore based on my personal experiences of living in this country.

I will also mention my highly recommended hotels in each area of Singapore. With the suggested hotels, this will help you in travelling to Singapore’s top attractions easily by MRT.

Likewise, each hotel option comes with estimated pricing to make your selection more convenient. So, here are the most recommended areas to stay in Singapore according to your needs and budget.

Best Places to Stay in Singapore

Best Places to Stay in Singapore

If you’re travelling to Singapore soon, there are 7 best areas to stay in. These are Orchard, Clarke Quay, Marina Bay, Bugis, Chinatown, Little India, and Sentosa Island.

These places are strategically located to give you easy access to MRT stations and top-rated attractions in Singapore. Likewise, the most popular places to stay in Singapore are Orchard, Clarke Quay and Marina Bay.

Since these three areas are quite famous, most of the hotels here easily sold out. So, it’s advisable that you book in advance to secure your reservation.

To help you decide, I will give an overview of the things you can do in each area. This way, you can evaluate your choices ahead of time.

  • Orchard Road is a great place for luxury and fashion shopping. There are also lots of restaurants in this area, from Asian to Western food, along with some bars and pubs for a fun nightlife.
  • Clarke Quay is the best spot when it comes to amazing food selection. Not only that but it’s also a vibrant nightlife destination. You can find a lot of bars, pubs, and nightclubs here.
  • Marina Bay is a famous luxury area with heaps of entertainment options. You’ll be surrounded by high-end fashion stalls, ultra-chic bars, and stylish pubs.
  • Bugis is the place to go if you’re eyeing for budget shopping and cheap dining. Likewise, this spot is known for its colorful streets, cosy bars, and unique cafes.
  • Chinatown is a top destination for those who want to try some local Chinese food. You can explore the street markets while embracing the Chinese heritage.
  • Little India is a vibrant district that highlight the Indian history and culture. Plus, there are several local Indian eateries on display to fulfill your cravings.
  • Sentosa Island is loaded with fantastic sights for all ages. These include Universal Studios, which is one of the top-notch theme parks in Singapore that you shouldn’t miss. This island is also the home to unique museum, famous beaches, and adventure parks.

My Tips for Staying in Singapore

Budget Travellers (S$ 50 - S$ 100)

First on the list is Bugis, which is suitable for those who want cheaper accommodation. This place is packed with many shopping malls, eateries, and beautiful murals.

Other options for budget travellers are Chinatown and Little India. These two, however, don’t have a lot of shopping options.

Mid-range Travellers (S$ 100 - S$ 200)

If you have an extra budget, I would suggest that you stay either in Orchard or in Clarke Quay. My first choice is Orchard then the second is Clarke Quay.

Orchard is the best place for nonstop shopping. On the contrary, Clarke Quay is ideal for those looking for epic nightlife adventures.

Luxury Travellers (S$ 200 and above)

For fancy accommodations, my recommended places are Orchard, Marina Bay, and Sentosa. Marina Bay is a nice option if you prefer a luxury area with many things to do in Singapore at night.

If you’re interested in beautiful sandy beaches in Singapore, opt for Sentosa. This particular place is also famous for its fun outdoor activities.

So, below are my 7 recommended areas to stay in Singapore, along with its pros and cons. Each option also comes with my top recommended hotels to help you choose conveniently.

1. Why and Where to Stay in Orchard

Orchard Road

Orchard is certainly the best neighborhood to stay in Singapore. This area is loaded with shopping malls such as 313@somerset, ION Orchard, and Paragon. These malls cater to different types of travellers, from budget to luxury.

Orchard is also very popular among travellers because of its strategic location. It’s close to major tourist spots like Canopy Park (Jewel Changi Airport), Singapore Zoo, River Safari, and Night Safari.

And as early as November, Orchard Road is already filled with Christmas vibes. There will be a lot of fancy decorations and bright lights to brighten your mood.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Staying in Orchard Road


  • Many shopping selection from budget to high-end
  • Huge range of fashionable clothing and shoe brands
  • Amazing food selection, with affordable food court stalls
  • Plenty of stylish bars, pubs and restaurants
  • Many mid-range and luxury price hotels


  • A bit crowded at weekends
  • Less choices for budget hotels

Below are some of the best hotels near Orchard and Somerset MRT Stations. These hotels are categorized according to their price range so you can pick wisely.

  1. Holiday Inn Express (Orchard): For those with a budget around S$ 140, this hotel offers cosy and modern rooms with complimentary breakfast.
  2. YOTEL Singapore: If you’ve got around S$ 150 to stay per night, you can book at this high-rise hotel that comes with scenic rooms, outdoor pool, and in-house restaurant.
  3. Mandarin Orchard Singapore: With rates starting from S$ 190, this sleek hotel can provide you with an upscale accommodation and fancy amenities.

The Best Area to Stay in Orchard

Best Area to Stay in Orchard
Click here to see a clearer map of Orchard Road

If you want a convenient place to stay, dine, and photoshoot in Singapore’s Orchard, pick a hotel from the highlighted region. This area is well-surrounded by public transportation like Orchard and Somerset MRT Stations.

Plus, there are nearby shopping malls, with lots of eateries and food courts to choose from. Also within this highlighted section is Orchard Main Shopping Street, where shopping choices are endless.

2. Why and Where to Stay in Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay

Known for its vibrant vibes, Singapore’s Clarke Quay is such a fun destination if you want to stay up all night. Here, you’ve got a lot of nightlife options, from bars to nightclubs, and pubs.

On top of that, it is also recognized for its great food selection. There are different restaurants and eateries that cater to different types of travellers. And of course, this place is beautifully surrounded by the scenic Riverside.

So, if you wish to be close to many nightlife activities, riverside views, and food options, this place should be on your priority.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Staying in Clarke Quay


  • Stunning riverside view
  • Remarkable nightlife scene, from pubs to bars to nightclubs
  • Amazing food selection―Japanese, Indian, Korean, Chinese seafood, Western, and Thai dishes
  • Many choices of mid-range and luxury hotels


  • Crowded at night and might be a bit noisy due to many pubs, bars, and nightclubs
  • Food selection here a bit pricey
  • Less shopping malls

If you’ve decided to stay in Clarke Quay Singapore, below are my recommended hotels. All three are very near Clarke Quay MRT Station, so you won’t have a hard time travelling back and forth.

  1. Holiday Inn Express (Clarke Quay): For around S$ 150, you can book a modern room in this classy hotel that is just a 7-minute walk from the MRT station.
  2. Park Regis: A studio-style accommodation, the place offers cosy rooms that start from S$ 180. Besides the stylish lodging, it has its own pool, restaurant, and gym.
  3. Swissotel Merchant Court Singapore: With rates from S$ 210, this luxury hotel provides chic rooms and upscale amenities.

The Best Area to Stay in Clarke Quay

Best Area to Stay in Clarke Quay
Click here to see a clearer map of Clarke Quay

So, if you’re looking for a place to stay in Clarke Quay, then get a hotel within the highlighted region. This is because it’s highly accessible by Singapore’s MRT train―Clarke Quay MRT Station. Here you can also find a lot of picture-perfect spots and tasty foods.

And at night, the riverside gets illuminated by bright lights and colours, making it great for strolling and picture-taking.

3. Why and Where to Stay in Marina Bay Singapore

Marina Bay

Marina Bay is one of the best places to stay in Singapore for luxury travellers. This popular spot shelters some of the most iconic sights in the country.

These include the Gardens by the Bay, ArtScience Museum’s Future World and Sands SkyPark Observation Deck, and a lot more. In addition, it’s an upscale area with many high-end shops and fancy entertainment options.

Without a doubt, Marina Bay is a great choice if you want to stay near to Singapore’s top-rated spots. Plus, this area guarantees you with a variety of posh accommodations.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Staying in Marina Bay


  • Luxury kind of adventure
  • Mid to high-class Chinese, Japanese, and Western restaurants
  • Good for luxury shopping
  • Many stylish bars
  • Beautiful night scene


  • Restaurants can be pricey
  1. Pan Pacific Singapore: Starting from S$ 220, this deluxe hotel is very close to Promenade MRT Station.
  2. The Fullerton Hotel Singapore: For a stylish place near the Singapore Merlion Statue and the Raffles Place MRT Station, this is the best option. Their rates begin at S$ 250.
  3. Marina Bay Sands Hotel: If you want to stay near Gardens by the Bay and Bayfront MRT Station, you can book at this luxurious hotel. You just have to prepare at least S$ 400 to enjoy its upscale accommodation and amenities.

The Best Areas to Stay in Marina Bay

Best Area to Stay in Marina Bay
Click here to see a clearer map of Marina Bay

There are 3 best places to stay in Singapore’s Marina Bay. So, it’s suggested that you choose a hotel that is located within the above-highlighted regions. This way, you can have easy access to MRT stations, eateries, and attractions around Marina Bay.

Most travellers opt to stay in Marina Bay Sands Hotel because of its proximity to shopping malls and other tourist spots. In fact, the stunning Spectra light show is presented right in front of this hotel.

And also, at the back of the hotel is the Gardens by the Bay. Because of this, Marina Bay Sands Hotel is really popular among people who want luxury and convenience.

4. Why and Where to Stay in Bugis


Bugis is a top area to stay in Singapore for budget travellers. Besides that, it’s a vibrant spot that is meant for those looking for budget shopping and historical tripping. This place has an abundant selection of fashion stalls, cultural sites, and colorful murals.

Aside from its casual vibes, this area is also jam-packed with all kinds of eateries. These restaurants serve local dishes, Japanese foods, Western treats, and more.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Staying in Bugis


  • Bursting with history and cultural heritage
  • Vibrant even at night
  • Plenty choices of fashion clothes, shoes, bag and women accessories with cheap prices at Bugis Street Market
  • Many modern shopping malls for fashion shopping
  • Affordable selection of Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Malaysian, Vietnamese, and Western foods at Bugis Junction Shopping Centre
  • Plenty of hawker stalls at Albert Centre Market & Food Centre
  • Extensive range of budget and mid-range price hotels


  • Bugis is a little bit far from Sentosa Island, though manageable
  1. Hotel G Singapore: If your budget is around S$ 99, this sleek hotel can offer you a range of contemporary rooms with cosy facilities.
  2. Ibis Singapore on Bencoolen: For business and leisure travellers, the place is highly recommended because of its location. Rates start from S$ 135.
  3. Mercure Singapore Bugis: This accommodation is known for its heritage-inspired rooms. At S$ 150, you can stay in a modern hotel with cultural charms.

The Best Area to Stay in Bugis

Best Area to Stay in Bugis
Click here to see a clearer map of Bugis

For the best spot to stay in Bugis, I would highly recommend staying near Bugis MRT Station. It’s because this area is close to major shopping malls like the Bugis Junction and Bugis+. This makes it easier for you to shop around and explore different food stalls.

5. Why and Where to Stay in Chinatown Singapore


When it comes to historical sites in Singapore, Chinatown is certainly on the top list.  This area is loaded with many Singapore’s ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples waiting to be discovered.

Likewise, the place has a lot of interesting murals and street markets on display. So, if you’re a history buff or an art fanatic, then it’s best that you choose a hotel in this area.

Along with its cultural wonders, Chinatown is also recognized for its laid-back vibes. It’s not hard to fall in love with this area, especially if you prefer a more peaceful atmosphere with lots of ancient buildings.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Staying in Chinatown


  • Cultural heritage
  • Religious sights
  • Cheap hawker foods―Chinese, Indian, and Malay dishes
  • Affordable souvenirs
  • Many budget and mid-range price hotels
  • Historical spots


  • Few out-dated shopping malls
  • Jam-packed during evening time
  • Might be a bit noisy

Below are some of my top recommended hotels to stay in Chinatown Singapore. These hotels are very near Chinatown MRT Station. Aside from its convenient location, these three are well-recognized because of their unique features.

  1. Wink Capsule Hostel: At S$ 57, you can relax in a modern dormitory-type room with shared kitchenette and laundry.
  2. Capsule Pod Boutique Hostel: You can’t miss this vibrant pink-and-yellow hostel offering elegant rooms. Their rates begin at S$ 95.
  3. Parkroyal Collection Pickering: This is one of the sophisticated hotels in the area that comes with sizable and sleek rooms. So, if you have at least S$ 220, this is a great option.

The Best Area to Stay in Chinatown

Best Area to Stay in Chinatown
Click here to see a clearer map of Chinatown

Chinatown is another beautiful area to stay in Singapore, especially for food lovers and history buffs. And if you want to be close to Chinatown sights and MRT Station, choose a hotel within the highlighted region. More than that, this strategic location offers a wide range of food selection.

6. Why and Where to Stay in Little India Singapore

Little India

If you are looking for a budget place to stay in Singapore, Little India is a great option. Aside from its affordable hotels, this place is always considered a vibrant district.

It gathers the beautiful Indian heritage through an array of unique attractions. There are colorful temples, traditional murals, and cultural centres within this historical spot.

You’ll also find a lot of quirky cafes and local eateries that feature the distinctive Indian cuisine. And to make it more interesting, the shopping malls here offer a variety of products at a cheaper price.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Staying in Little India


  • Plenty choice for Indian food lovers, like tasty curry served on banana leafs
  • Pretty low prices on grocery foods, clothes, electronics products, and household items.
  • Many budget and mid-range price hotels


  • Doesn’t have modern shopping malls
  • Limited choices for fashion and trending clothes
  • Limited night-life activity
  • Busy street and a little bit noisy

Below are the top hotels in Little India. These two are highly suitable for those who are on a budget and those who want to be near the Little India MRT Station.

  1. Ibis Budget Singapore Selegie: If you want a functional room at S$ 90, you’ll get your money’s worth here. This economical hotel is suitable for everyday travellers.
  2. Hilton Garden Inn: Another option is this mid-range hotel with rates starting from S$ 130. Their rooms and suites are beautifully polished and furnished.

The Best Area to Stay in Little India

Best Area to Stay in Little India
Click here to see a clearer map of Little India

It’s very convenient if you stay within the highlighted region in Little India Singapore because it’s near Little India MRT Station. In addition, the highlighted section from the picture above is covered with all sorts of foods to eat.

7. Why and Where to Stay in Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island

For beach and outdoor lovers, Sentosa Island is definitely the best location to stay in Singapore. The beaches surrounding this island are very picturesque. Aside from the beautiful views, there are also a lot of fun activities on offer.

Here, you’ll catch the Universal Studios Singapore, Madame Tussauds Singapore, and SEA Aquarium Singapore. The island also comes with adventure parks and other scenic spots.

So, if you want to stay in a place with beach scenery and lively activities, you won’t get disappointed here. You can consult my guide on how to go to Sentosa Island by MRT for detailed instructions on how to reach the island.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Staying in Sentosa Island


  • Family-friendly destination
  • Many fun activities for kids and adults
  • Ideal for beach and aquatic animal lovers
  • Amazing outdoor displays at night


  • A bit far from major city attractions
  • Expensive for accommodation
  • Quite crowded during weekends and public holidays
  • Less shopping
  • Pricier foods

To help you with the planning, here are my four recommended hotels in Sentosa Island. The first two options are very near Universal Studios Singapore and S.E.A. Aquarium. On the other hand, the third and fourth choices are close to different Sentosa beaches.

  1. Festive Hotel: A high-end resort, this place is located close to the top Sentosa attractions. From S$ 250, you can enjoy their roomy and vibrant rooms with modern vibes.
  2. Hard Rock Hotel: If you’re looking for rock ’n’ roll‒theme rooms, you can pick this hotel. Their rates begin from S$ 280.
  3. Village Hotel Sentosa: This accommodation is very close to Siloso Beach.  At S$ 230, the hotel offers you village-like amenities like pools, retail shops, and fitness classes.
  4. Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort and Spa: For those who want to be close to Tanjong Beach, this should be on your list. Their price starts at S$ 350.

The Best Areas to Stay in Sentosa Island

Best Area to Stay in Sentosa
Click here to see a clearer map of Sentosa Island

There are two different yet equally recommended places to stay in Sentosa Island, Singapore.

The top highlighted region is meant for those who want to spend more time at top Sentosa sights. These include Universal Studios Singapore, Adventure Cove Waterpark, and S.E.A. Aquarium. Also, in this zone are numerous food options from various restaurants at Resorts World Sentosa.

For those who prefer the beach, then the bottom highlighted region is for you. Based on the picture above, this spot is bordered by waters. There are free beach trams so that it would be stress-free to get to the hotels along the beach.

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